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Spring Disorders

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in the spring of the ypar pill makers reap rioh karvests froia tho ealo of their nostrums. A siuglu dealer lias informad tía that ia a town of 5,000 people, between the iirst of March and the ürst of June, Le sold as many as 900 boxes of pilla. Of course tbey bad been puffed well by almanacs devoted to that purpose. Tlid reasoo why there is always such a deinaud for physio in the spring, is Iooausa when the warin weather of Maren and April comes, people keep ou eating toomuch food,moro than can be nianaged by the stoniaoh except during the cold winter weather. The result is, the 8tomach is overtaxed, the liver and bowels obsiructed, the blood detcriorated nud the patiënt, for want of knowlodgo, knows no betler than to reaort to physio. Tbo true method to bo observod iu such cases is, on the approach of spring, to oat less food, and that of a milder nature. The brown bread ebould take tho place of the white rT white is used in the winter. More fruit should bo taken. Avoid stale vegetables. If you have not good potatoes eat nono, for poor potatoes are very unwholefiome. If you have good potatoes bake or boil theui, and not fry or hash ; eat with fresh cream iustead of gravy or biuter. U?e freely of eanned fruit, or well kept apples ; at leaft one meal. Aroid fat meat, paatry, cakes, ricb puddings and livo simply and naturally. - Eery family should put by for spring use fufSeier.t good fruit, to have it abundaui ia Miirob, April end ilay, and as soon as Btrawbornes ripen they ehould be used freely. Strawberriesfor tiioge who have a'tacks of tbe disorders incident to spriug, are one of tha besl remedies tbat cfin be used. We pity the family that does uot have them in abundanee and early ones too. Mature seoras to have made them on purpose to meet a demand of the system in early Bummer, and we have known many caBes of invalide beiug greatly improved by their free use. Wilson, tho orniti.ologist, was onco ordered by aa Lidian doctor to live on strawberriee in order to care au obstinate dysentery, and to his surprise be was curcd in less than a week. The tomato, which can be eanned üi almost unlimited quuntities, eo as to be as fresh and good in the spring as in auturan, should also be used freely, and not as occasional luxury, but as a regular article of diet. They ore eEpecially wbolesome at this teason of tho year. - Theso simple rules followed, will in most cases prevent much riisease auc fiuütring. - Jlerald of Ilealth.


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