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pnblished 'ivery Frlday mornlng,ln thn thlrdstor} , .hu jrick Wock, corner of Muin and lluron Sircelf AÏNAKBOR, MIOÍÍ. Eutraucü üu Uurou Streel ,,poiitotne fost Uillce.. EfclIfU B. P0., Editor andJFublisher. lernis, $'i.00 a Year in Advatice. BATES OF ADVERTISING: n% liues or lesB ccin6idered a square] TpIÓx. lw, 8. w. 8m. 6m. 1 y. "ïmnarë ($ .7". " $4,(H) $6.00 i 9.00 -;s'l:iris I 1.50 S.COI X.'.l'l iM K.ÖÓ 1 18.00 j sguares I 8.001 3.001 LM' I T.6Ö 110.00 18.00 li ' cnluiiii. I 2.S0 í ::..-i' I r,." I "'■'■'(' 1 12.00 I 20,00 ■.l-ahimn 8.001 4.601 6.00 1 10.00 1 18.00 1 86.00 f.! column 4.00 9M 18.00 80.00 30.C -ïiMÜnninnrÖÖ i [ 8.Öo"yïÖTb7T 18.00 1 8.0C 10.00 -Ulll„m:l i ■;.-.. dn 7.',.oo "cAHKSIN DIRECTORY, uottoexceeafonrllne t4.00nyrAdvctiscrftothcnxtontof aqnnrter colnnm ona J,JTCOBtrct,wlll be entttled tohave theircardEin jlreetory without extra charge. Tocfll Notlcrs ten centH per line forthc nretinner.. ,nrt 5!x cents :i line for each subseqpnt iuser(ion but no notlce iosertod for less than $1. Spccl-il Notices o))ce-and-a half the ratee ofordïnify ïdverttaement. fearly advertlMr have the privllej-e of i-hansrin htir advertiscmeiitu thrce times. Additional chan.% ,1U 1 chnrerert for. tff Advcrtiscmoits tinaceomp.iuirrï by written or rbfll clirt'Ctions will bcpublished threc monthiJ,and irsedaccoraing!y. ', cal A.h'eru.-wmonts.flrst ioeertion TO cents per il SSCénta pet folio rr ëacfa subsequentinsortion. Hunapostponemeni Isadded to an advnrtisement JVwbolewlllbecIiaraedthesame as for flrstinser. ioa. . JOB PRINTING. _ „.lets.Piwtors. llm.l Bills, OlroaUn, Cards r 11 Tickets. L'!li, Blnnks. liill Heads, and other riiticsof Plaln and Fancy Job Prhitlng, oxeented ':„' DromptneB,and in the beetposslblcstyle. PAROS -We hsvea Rnsirles Uotary Oard Press, ialafcvarii-ty of the lateet styles of Card type LiijühcnablesiiKto print C:iril? of all kind in the V.ioit ooslble Btyle. and eheapar tban any other i!ine In the City. Buílneí Cards for men of nll av. o ■itions ind protseriona, Ball, Wedding and Vleltlng 'r,K innted on short notlce. Cali and seesamplcs.


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