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O. T. MARTIN, DEALER IN FURNITl'UR of all kindi, Parlorsnd ed Room Sets, Mirrors, &c. 33 South Maiu Strtftíí . FARMERS' STORE, 41 South Mala Street. Evcrjthing kept in a firetclnss 8iorc II be fouud herí?. MACK & SC11MID, DEALERS in Dry Ooods, Groceries, Crockery, te 4 South Main Street. C. A. LEITEH & CO., DEALERS IX DRÜQ8 nnd Medicines, Piire Wincs and Liquors for Medicinal Purposcs, Ciyars &c.. No. 1 Qr jjory Block. A. WJDEN51ANN, F0REI5X Exchange Broker. Real Entatc andFire Insurance Aciit. No. 'ó South Main StreetTRAC Y V. KOÜT, C0NDENSK1) Kfcords of Washtenaw Couníy, and Real Estáte Exchange. No. 1 Gregory Block. Bil. KUkljOGG, FRCr?ÍCING PhysícJan, and Proprl-tor of Dr. K ]ío-;gtí CeJbrat d Jicmeüies, Aun Arbor, Mlch. MORRIS HALE, M. D. RE3IDENCE and Ofiice No. IS, corner Williams and TUjmpson streets Resillar office honre, 1 to 0 1'. M Advice aud Prescrlptlona from C to I P. M. cacli duj , freo gratis to the. poor. 1SC4 6. E . FRÜT H I NG H A M , M. D., PHYSICIAX AND 8ÜEGR0N. Office over Drapr Store, No. 1 Harón streH. Eosiilencc, No. 35 Thompson street. Oflwx honre, StollA.M ,and ! to 8 P. M, FIULL, ROBINSON & CO. BROCEES, Produce and CommJssion Merchante, No. 43 South Maiu Street. ELLIS & KISSELL, 08UUGISTS, and do.ikrs in I'aiuts, Olls, etc. No. 2 Soítb Main Street, Aau Arbor. joizñ'keck & co., DEALERS in Fornitura of all kinds, No. 33 South Ulam Street, Aim Arbor. J. Q. A. SE8SI0NS, ''NEV and Counsellor at Law, Real Estáte anc! insurance Agent. Conveyancing and Collection oí Claims prompt ly attented to on libcnil teruiü. Uföce onc door south of First National Bauk, np etairg.SoELth Main Stryet, Aun Arbor. W. H. JACKSON, ÖEN'TIST, sucecssor to C. B. Potter. Office, corner Main and lluron Streets, oyer the store of R. W. Bilis & Co , Anr. Arbor, Mich. Auesthcticsadminisiercd if requircd. W. F. BREAKEY, M. D. FHTSICIAN ANDSUROEOX. Office at residence, corner of Hurun nnd División Streets, flrst door E:iiof Prcsbyterian Church. Aun Arbor, Mich. E. 3. JOHNSON, DEALER IN HATS and Caps. Fura, Straw OoodnGents' Ftirnishing Goodtt, &c, No. 7 South Main Slreet, Ana Arbor. SUTHERLAÑb & WHEDON, lIPE and FIre Ineurance Agents and dealer in Real Kstate. Office on Hurou Street. Alsu uell flrstcls Scwing Mochmue. W. D. HOLMES, AQEXT for the Florence Sewing Machine, and dealer in Picture. Frames, &c. No. 32 East Huron Street LEWIS C. RISDON, SEALER In Murdvvare. Stoves, Honse FurLishing Qoode, TIn Ware, Ac. No. 31 South Muin Stroet. BACH & ABEL, DEALERS In Dry Ooodn, Orocerles. &c, Ac. No. ÍS South Main Street, Ann Arbor. C. H. MILLEN, DEALER in Dry Goods, Grocerle, &., &o. No Sonth Maip Street, Ann Aibor. SLAWSON & SON, 8R0CEHS, Provialoji and Commlesion Merchante mi dealers In Water Lime, Land Piaster, and Piaster Pari6, No. 14 East Uuoo Street. S. SONDHEÍMJ f HOLK8ALE and retall dealer in Iteady Made Cloth1E, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, and Gents' FurBdiliij doods. No. 9 Soath Maiü Street. WM. WAGNJËÏÏT" 8EM.ER In Heady Made Clothinpr. ClothB, Cawloeres and VvstiiiK's, Hats, Caps, Trauks, Carpet E'.Ac, 21 .South Main Street. GILMORE & FI8KE, MOKSELLEIIS and StatUincr, Meilcnl, Law aod Collego Tert Books, School and Miacellaneoas Mkg. No. 3 Nortii Maiu Street, Qregory Block, Aon Arbor. FINLEY & LËWIS, KALERS in Bootf, Shocs, Gaitcrs, Slippeie &c , ni Baet Hroa Street. R. TA KRANT, UDIE8' Paehionable Shoe Jloase, No. 2-t Soath in Street. - - - QROCKE Eï, 5LASSWARE & GFOCERIES. J. & P. DONNELLY rÏÏuVÏ,"totaIlr(teto!k of Crockery.CíUí.ware, id.. '('utler)íGrocerie8' &c-' &c-, aH tobe !8 EitlluronStet, Ann Arbor. f J . k i-. DONNELLY . John o. gall, - ,_ DEALEE I3XT TOSH AND SALT MEATS. LARD SAUSAGES, Etc, ' "eati'íñ'l'i"'"6'1 ""''promptly mi4 with the best 10 the markft. 31 EaM Washington street. JW.Sept. 16th,13B9. 1235tf LlVEñY AND SALE STABLE. CornA?TKLL & RAMAGK. áonrp,; 1!',"1Kl athii'-inestreets. Horsciboard!ï&.ta01Id hand buïS56;!cutDairpORTER ■ ia th NEW BA1TK BLOCK, ANN AEBOR. 1 Peraons on the Natural Teet; tlo PL"OMLD UITH CARE. USURPASSED FACILITIES _AND EXPBRIENCE WniSG ARTÏFICiAL TEETII, BWJ2aiVEEACHINDIviDüALV 'hc praper „, ,hapc,color, Jirmneu and KUural expreitioH. m MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. COMPANY OF DETROIT, MI0H. (ESTABLISHED IN 1867. JOHN J. BAfil.EY, Prksidkst, JACOH 3. KAIÍKAMD, Vice Pretident. JNO. T. LIG'ïETT, Secretrr. JAMES C. WATSON, Actuary. D. O.FARRAND.M.D., Medical Cxnuiiui. A SuccesRful Michigan I.ife Tnsurauco Company, organizad for the purpoe of furuishing Iofturance upon iives at THE LOWEST COST COMPATIBLE WIIH Absolute Security, and for the further purpose of KEEPÍM löBfBÏ AT HOME, which heretofore has been ent East, RATES AS LOW AS SAFKTY PERMITS. EMIR E MUTAL1TY AND STRICT EQUITY Hark the system and prerail in Xhê distributiun ol ANNUAL DIYIDENDS TO THE IKSURKD 1 rovieions of the State L&T, anü by ;heir own terms, &LL P0LIC1ES ARE JSTON-FOEFEITABLE. INURA.CE FOBKISHED ITON ALL DESIRABLE PLANS. All the BEST FEATURES of the Old Companiei ADOMFED.alUheir KKROKS AVOIDED. SECÜRITY, ECONQMY, EQUITY AND THE WEST, ITS MOfTO. L3L" For Agencies apply at the HOME OFFICE, Bank Blook, Griswold Sueet. JE3Í L. M. TUAYER.Gin'l gent. FSEP. L. HAJIN', Agent. 1239yl A. WIDENMANN, REAL ESTÁTE AGENT, ANN ARBOR, MICJI;' OFKEES FOil SALE: 53 acres of land, withln one half roils from the city, tobe sold in whole, or pareéis, 8 follows : 24 acres on ection 19, in the town of Ano Arbor1 lj"nirrin $ tu t)e fiM on tbe road leaOing to Coniwí.-llíi' paper mili, and on th soa'.h on 15.V aeren situated on the northwest cerner of the tíurham road aud the said Cornwell Facto ry ro id . f Ti ie ia one of tho handsomeEt situations in the neighborbood of Aun Arbor.) 13a acres improved land joining tbe above 15% acres aad fronting Oorham Road. Forty acre of Fírfit Clasi Farming Laod, with good Orcbard and Barn, 2á niilen from tUt; Cuurt Hous(,on tbe upper Dixboro road. 1 -ere of land with a new two tory fíame hoaso on TbompBon, Spoor & Thompta' addítion to the City of Aon Arbor . 7Iotiof % acre each.on Thompson, SpQof&Xb-ompíoii's AdditioD. 9 acres of land, with a íplendid grove, joining tlic Firemen! Park on tlie Wwt. 1 Houm and % lots of land.wiíh Barn, WaghKitcbpn, Carnaje Houtte, and a number of modern iiiij.rovt-jut-Nts, on the northwt corner of Foarth p.á Packard Street. 1 ffouseand Lot in the 2d Ward, on Soutli Uberty Street. 1 HouRe and 3 Lota in the 2d Ward, ncar 2d War] School Ilouse, 1 Houieand i Lota,neartho U.C.R.R. Depot. 320 acres of land in the louth of the State of Missouri , near the Uanmbal -St. Jsph Railroad, 2 City I ots near 2d Ward ScboolHouse. A. WIDENMANN, FOREIGN EXCHANGE BROKER, ANN ARBOR, 1iICH. SELLS AND BUYS DEAFTS, ISSUES LETTERS OF CREDIT ON ALL PRINCIPAL PLACES In GREAT BRITAIN" , GERMANY, FRANCE, SWÏTZERLAND, etc. Mj direct counectiuoit with Europe eaable me to ofTer as fa!r ratea any New Yorb House. Remembfir, I am not an agent of any heuse in t hi country , but J am having direct oommuoicatiuu wilh tbe best houie in Eurupe. COLLEOTIONS IN EUKOPE BY POWER OF ATTORN'EY OR OTIIERWISE, W1LL BE PROMl'TLY ATTEXJUKD TO. PASSAGE TICKETS per Steamer to anti from New Yoik to &11 principal po rt of Europe I will sell as lollont : From New York to Sogtfcainpton, Havre, London, Bremeo or ilamburg, lfctClaFi. 2dC!ass. Stccrngo. $Ü0. %T. $25 in Gold. Return tickets, 22S. 135 ei a From above placeo to New York, Ut Clas. 2d Class. 3d Clas. 120 72. $40 in Gold. From New Yorkto I.irerpnol, Cabin, 160 to $100 Currency. Steerage, $30 in Currency. From Liverpool to New York, Cabio, $100. Steerage. $37. $ . WIDENMÁNN, EDELE INSURANCE AGENT For the Howard Imurance Co.,in New York, one of the oldestand bchtCompaniesin the couutrj. The í'eutoDia Insurance Company Ín Cleveland. The honorable and safe management of r Lis uHitution has made it one of the mout reiiablc Firc Tnsurance Comra nicin the Weit, I96Tyl


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