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Editors And Prayers

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This is what tlie Christian Union says of editors and iheir inilueuco: In public aud social prayers tbere are frequent petitions for a blessing upoo the clergy, upon niissionaries, upou institu tions of leüruing, upon ruien, in behalf of cvery elass of porsous exeicisiufí a wide LÍlueiioe with uno exception. We rarely hear a prayer offered for tliat class whose thoughls reach a wider circle than do the tboughts of any other, the editor. Many inore persons read the newspaper ihan attüid church ; the BtudeDtSin our colloges aud seminaries aro more largely iufluenced, though Jess directly, by pub!iu opinión than by the private opinioos of their professors; their ruléis aro to a great eïtent, made or unmade by the power of the prese ; and yet how seldom aro tbess facts recoguized in public devotioD. If any man on carth has need of a conscieuce, it is the editor of a popular journal; if any man ueoda divine guidance, it is he. If any human being often$r than anotber is called upon to do justly, and to show mercy, it is the man who must sift an overwheliuiiig vaass of malerials, " gather the good into vessels and cast the bad away." If any man in responsi ble position is more strongly tempted to insiocerity, prejudice, and the thousand other ills that finite miuds are heir to, we should - not - like to heir of him. Pustors who are hard at work attempting to mould religious opinión and conduct, laymen who long for the coming of the kiugdom, do not read your paper as if it were a luxury - it ia a power. It is a mighty power, and the men who decide what voice shall reach our ears, who write oditorials, who mould and color the thoueand items which enter your households, either for good or evil, need your hearty prayere. In this age the preacher can no more ignore the editor than he can gesture without hands. The work done in the pulpit will be undone in a half bour's reading, unloss the same spirit guides them both iato all truth.


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