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Didn't Catch The Train

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Tho most difficult thing (eays a cynical old bach.) in tho world for a wouian to do is to gct ready to go anywhere. And ihere is nothiug a woinan will resent quicker or more fieroely than an intimation tbat she may pofsibly miss the train. Our friend, Brayfogle, gives us an instance of this. Mr. Bray was supposed to take the ten o'cloek train on tho Bee Line, to visit somo relatives in an interior town Having suflered on previous occasions for injudicious suggestiona, Bray thought that for once he would let thiugs tako iheir natural course. So he sipped nis coftue and ate his eggs on toas!, while madame curled and powdered and danced attendance on the looking ghiss, and tied hair on tho back of her hoad. Then Bray sat by the stove for an hour and read tho morning paper, wbile thcmadamo still contiuuod to got ready. At laat, just as he had reached the final paragraph, madame tied her bonnet Btriogs under her chin, took one long, lingeriug, loving look at the image reflected in tbe glass, and amiouneed : "Well, uiy deur, I'm ready." "Ready lor what ?" asked Bray, in well affected asl├╝ui.-.liment. "To go to the depot, to be sure,1' eaid Mrs. Brayfogle, tartly. ".Oh !" said Bray, "I'd forgotten.- Well, madame," coutinucd he, looking at his watch, "that train bns been gone thirteen minutes. Just keep on youi' things, and you'll be ready for tho train to luorrow moruing." We draw a veil over what f'llowed - AVe are a I, however, that thn next morning Mre. B.. was ready ua bour ahead of time. Lovers resemble armies in some respecta. They get along very well till tbey are engagcd. Many a man, when bo oame to paying the bill, found bis wife dearer tbaa his sweetheart.


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