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A L-e-etle Too Smart

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Oíd Kumfeldt was a well-to-do farmer of Steward County, Tenn. He was regular in big atteudance at court at Dover, but seldom turned bis bead honieward untilhe had swallowed more whisky tban bis skin oould well hold, or his legs gconveniently enrry. On one occasion he got on his Jevel early, and about the middle of a bot July afternoon Btarted for Lome. Ho bad uot gone far, bnwever, when Lo was eeizod with an uucontrollable uesire to take a nap. He dismounted from bis horse, turned bim luose to graze, and rolled' uimsclf ia a fenoe córner. He was sleeping very eweetljr, wheo ho was espied by a buzzard, wbicb wag sailing about, in tbe vicinity, huutDg for gomehing to eat. Smaller and smaller grew tbe circlet of tbe buzzaid os he apíroiiohed his victitn, csutiously laking observation. At last, but Btill in soma doubt, the bird Jifc on tho ground near its (Xpeoted fonst. About thia time liurafoldt betííme oivare that something was going wrong, and be partially oponed oiih eye and Eaw tbe buzzari, but was till too to take any active m Basares to drive bim away. lie, bowever kopt a close watch. Tho buzzard strutted nround and round him, all the time nspecting Uumfeidt closely and cautiously to nscertain positively that he was tlead ; he finally booame eatisfied t!iat tlie corpus before hun was iudoed a carenss, and consequently " Lia meet ;" wherenpou ho advancod delibératela to Rumfoldt's Lcau, and gave bím a aovero pack in the face. This aioused ltumfcld!, and strikin; out hizily vvith his hand to' prevent the repttitiou of tho attack, he eielntiued : :ok'er here - yon're a 1-e B-tlo to dú i smart - I aint dead yst." Denn Swift said : " It is with littlesouled people as it is with narrow-Decked bottles- the le?s they have in them, the moro noiie they mko in pourine out." h Washerwomen are great travele. They are continually crossing tho üues and running from pole to pole.


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