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Birds In The Garden

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A few boxes for the blue birds and wreus, put up in the fruit or vegetable garden, will do inuch to check the ravages of iosects, A single pair of wrens were watched last feason for boura while feediDg their young, and it was ascertained that they gathered from the neighbor's grape vines from eeventyfive to ono buudred worms in an hoor. Ten or twenty boxeg put up in proper places io an ordinary garden, will all be appropriated by these birds, who vill pay us many fold for the trouble, by their lively songs and by their constant warfare upon destruotive iusects. ïho wren is such an invetérate housebuilder that he requires a largo box for his nest, one in wbich he can carry stioks of considerable sizc. An ordinary cigar box nnswers the purpoie well, vvith a round hole an inch and a quarter in diameter near the top of one end with a smal! perch below it. A hole an iuch and a half in diameter sbould bo made for the blue birds. To secure peace, nests for the wrens should be made wbich the blue birds can not enter. Both are very pugnacious, and when a pair of each select tha saine quarter the contest for the possession is quite amusiug to üio spectator, but probably is quite annoying to the birds, The wren takes possession eud devotes severnl daya to the construution of n ntat; t tt cd goes off on a bridr.l tour. The bluo bird taktfa possession and in twenty minutes the fragmenta of tho well constructed nest aro gciittered oq ihe ground. 'ibe bluo bird then goes on and builds a nest in acoordanee with bis U.o, und goes off o teil his frienda what a nico littlo hoaic he bas. Tho wren roturu, and 120 tonuo of mortal could equa! tl" iooldiog in wliicii he renta his inuignation at fkdiug a nest iu his'box iu vrhich he vvould goor-: to put an egff, Now tbe iïugtnents of the bluo biid' ;est pour out of ibe bos in a perfect shower whh such a chattering and scuiding as would indieate tbai the wren rm a very tïxoii in Lia domestio relatioDs. 15ut bis scolding is all tbs expreszoo of virtuous indignatiou. He hua only pleasant soügs for hia fainily, and vents bis soolding ocly wben tlie sanctity of tbcir b'niü is invaded or threatcnod. Próvido tbe wren witli boxps the blue bird can Dot enter and he will cbusa theiu iu prcfürencc io tbo ethers, so that a constaut war of races will be avoided. - Summit Co., On JBtaeon,


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