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The Red River Rebellion

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The Eed íliver diTunliy m ubout tbis: 1807 Charles II. grantad the t,err:tory in question to the HacUon a Bay Courpnuy In fee siuiplu, reierviog rdwaya tho soverciguty of tliu cicwu. Iu 18C7 Parliament p8Bed an act to eonsoliJate tho varioua Biitith Noitb Auieiicau posseseions iuto ouc state, to bc kuovu as tho Dominiwi, and, in order U bring Wiunipeg into thu ooafederatioD, Tirtually foroed the Iludsou's ]5ay Company to give up its posdessory right. On tuis the Dominion Parliament proceedd to exteiul its jurisJiotioa ovor the Ked llivor oouutry by tippointiog a Lieuteuant-Governor to rule the eamo. Tho Winnipeggers ineiBted that Üiey should have a provinoial govemment of their own like kki in voguo iu the Caundas, New Bruntwick, and fo on ; or iu other words, in our political phraseology, should bo a Stato of the Uanadian eonfederation, und not a Territory. - From this Kiel and others afterwards sdvance to a c!uim of absoluto iudipendence; but tho general sentiment ecms never to have gons beyond tha .tcmand ; and ou this basis tiio quarrel bas now, as nppears from a statement just made in the biitish Parliament, been settled. Manitoba, as the province ia to fc oalled hcreafter - tho old name?, Winuepcgv Red Kiver, Rupert's Land, AssiüLboiu, the Northwest Territorios, or 8elkirk's Setllement, being put out of rfate - is to havo a local government analogous to that n tho other Btates of the Dominion, and in matters of general import to be, liko tiiem, subject to and represented in tbo Canadian Parliament. Should thia arrangement be carried out - and there seeins no reesou to suppose but that it will he - the design of forming all British North America in one federal unión will be a success. - It is possiblo that thirf success may net injuriously hereafter upon tho United States, and if so tho blame lies at the door of that slujiid incapaeity iu the adtniuistration which has been bo completely nulwitted bv BritisU sagacity. - N. Y. World.


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