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Walk'n ereotly uut only ndds to tho a ilineai . appoarunce, bui devolopes tha ctust ad promotes tho general haalth in a high íTegree, beoausc the longS, bñ T re'iuved %f tho pregsure made by baving the head downward () bendinfit the ctiost in, arlmit the air frooly and fullv dwn to their very bottorn. if an effoit nf the mind is raade to tbrovr ihe slioulders back, a feeling of (irc.aiití'.í :nid awkwardncs is Boon cxperiineed, or it 8 forgotten. Tüe use of braees to hola up the body is necessarily pernioious, for there om be no bracos which do not pross upon somo part of the person more than is quite natural, henoeit cannot fail to impodc riijuriously the circulaüon of that part. But wcre thero nona of theeo objection, the brce woutd sdapt itself to the bodily pnsition, like a hat, or new garmont, ■nd would ceas to be a braco. Toseek to maintain an ereot poñtion, r to recovar "?hcn lost, in a miinner whioh w at onco natural, easy and effioient, il ia only nooessary to walk habitually with the eycs fixcd on an object ahesd, a litt! higher than your own, the eve of a honse, tuc top of a niaa's hat, oí' simply keep yc'.r chin a Rttlo above tbe horizontal ltne, or, it ■will answer to walk with your hands bobiad yon ; i f either of theae thtngs is done, the u:r-3sary, easy and legitímate cíTeot . to relieve the chest from [preesnre, tho air getsin more easily, devolopes t mere fülly, and permeates the lungs more exteneivi ]', causing a moro perfect purificntion of tbe blood, iüiparting a kiffher Lijalth, more color to the cheek. a' ! compolling a throwing out of tbc tos. Ta derive the hihoat benefit frora w:.;king, hoFd up the hed, keep the nioulh ghut and uiove briskly.


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