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Privilege Of Stockholders

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Two gontfemen wc oliatting on the Boulevard : one wa a great spacijlator, derelopir.g the plan of a magnifieent project, the other s dazzled oapitalitt, ready to snp at the Hehesitated a lutle, but was jush yfelding; merely mekíng a w objections for codéoíeaoo sake. Near thesoj two passerf conple or youLgsters of twelve years. TLoy were lookiw nto a tobaoco shop 0I08O by, and one cried out to the oilier : By the piper ? I'd like to moke a íoaTq worth of tobaooo. " WA]," 6aid tko uther, ubuy a sou's worth." '; Ah I as luck will have it, I haven't tha sou." " Hold on ! I've got two ïotfi," 44 That's the ticket ! just the thing ; ene for the pi e oae for the lobacco." " Oh, yes ; but what am I to do ?:' "You? OB! yon sh all be the etockiiolder ; you can spit. " Itwasafiashof light. Tho capitalit thust bid hnndf, iuto bis pocket and fied. Tbo speoulator capí a furious look at the little Uichins, and turuod dowu the etreet. - Paris Zetter.


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