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DETROITAPVERTIgEMEJÜTS Tke Carde it tki column are all of Itgitbnatt cntcrpri f. None of a guestionablc characttr acceptvd. R.McMÏLLEfT, [MPORTEKB and WHOLESALE GROCERS ! Have in Stoel: a fuïl asjortnient of TbaS, CoFFBKg, SirtïARS, 8iün anil Uó&anqm, Agent for BüWTTB CnttBATVD Kxtract. Crosse & 9lftCkWU'l iicktea for sale. Pliysiciaii au'l Drncglstfl cnn ilmyi be Anppüed with íít'nuitu' Wini's, Brandies, ChampngiieB, Scotcb AUs uw) London l';rter. rpO TUOSK UVIL.D1KG. French and Amciicfln Houre Glass. The best ftnortmeat, fch bMt branda, and the bfst discount; a in tlifi Stat o. Stoined Ennmcïed IV.tUt uvl Huhy Cut Gtan tr Prunts Vestibnlw, Oft0M ets. Alo Gla'-td Snsh jol vip in tho niiate5t styte, warrantv.l fJife hoi -ttntrtí, at vry lov ïgures AU dcsoriptioiu ot Doon aad Bliudfl, and h pvrestoekof Píats and Olls. 8fDd forPrletUst wiih .- K . P. EARL, 4S ft 50 JelTorson Are, Detroit. 17 AHM Acius of VnlunbSc Plne and tUUU FarmlitK Imndá on Time, At Prices ranping from $- 1 $10 Por Acre. WitRRK LOCATBI.6,8&) cree of tliPHe I'i Dfl :;ro )catel on tin Wi-cousio Kiver, 7,230 ere? on the Clmhoyan RItWj Mich., loii'üit to 'hpboyfr1111 ot Dïinci:. -á,'-i botm oo th Auffrai i-cr. li,000 acres on Tli undef Hay iwteri leasing o Alpena. X',2'20 acroi on tl. e Maniste Kiver. 850 i n t lie lililjaw i -:ir ri vit . 2,-0í er pb in H&dwla ('o uní y, Micb., for In mis (nd timbr. ,272 aerf clioice Mineral nnl Uari Timbe p lands i6r Oatotttgoa. XfiOQ acrs l'riirip Landsin Nreiras ka, ncar tl e Unión Paciflfl Rail roa '1. 2,500 '■ hite Pine in Schooraft Covatj, L. s„ Micli. 400 aerre on tho Au SauMp. Kor faÜ decriutioti, pricfs n iM tftrms, dfnd for Circular. DAVID PRESTON Si CO., Bank er. Dfltrolt.MIoh. TRY GOODS, WHOLESALE. ALBERT D. PIERCE & Co., rh.olesale Dry Goods 35 AVcodward Avenue, DETROIT, - - MICHIGAN. E E I. Y 'S Exlracts and Toilet Arlicles, For Sale by all int clasa De&leif. man'ufactitred 265 & 267 Woodward Ave., Detroit FRAYMOND & SON, TVholeanloand Ketad BOOKSELLERS AM STATIOXERS, BOOKRIXDKRS asd BLANK BOOK MAlfrUFAOTÜItEfiB, No. 7 Fort Street West, Opposite the new City Hall. DETROIT Ijl B. SMITII &Co , HGand 118 WoodwArd Avcrue. jm Detroit, in their nev and elegant establishment will more thftO ever deaerrfl the encouragirment of all loTern of bofiks in their vicinity, and fiiends of liroraiuro tliroupVont the Country will b g!:itl to lfjirt ih.'it palaiial baok&tutes, likti the ronr.-o of ein lr weitwhrdtftk0 ihfir l'htl Kvquirrr. Detroit OftD non1 t;i!,p prldfl In itü ncw Kookstore, one of t!u largE#t ftnd I thinli tho most beau tïf ui in th? whoU' country.- Itaston Tta-ntcript, The most eh-cant Bookstore ín tho country.- Advertiscr and Tnhunc . An ornament to the city. - Free Press. RE MOV AL. E. Liebrhman, nianiifacturor of Clothing, Importcr und Jobber of Goods tor Mmi'b U'tar ha removed to tbc spicioua prtniisi -, 71 & 73 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Mich., And is now manufacturing a very large and hantTgome Jtock of Clothing Fuirable for the Western Irade. - Has alway on hnJ a large and Fasliionable Aisortmtnt (-f ClutUs, Cassimprcs and ïailors' Trimmingi, and a full ti no oí Gents' Furntshing Goods. pARKUGEM CAIÏKIAGKS! JOHN PATTEN & SON. ESTABLISUED IN 1843. Having bought a large stock of material iinee the decline in gold, we are prepare;! to ipTnisb Buggit-a and Carriage at less rates than can bo bought for eliewhere. We cxcfl iu tinisti and durability, wbich has made our work the beet in the country. Manufactory and Ofüce, cur. W'oodbriilge an-l íirush atv DEMOVALI HENK Y WEBER. Wholesale anJ Retail Dealer, and Manufacturar of Furniturc, Pianos and Üilliard Tables, annow remorad to bis ntw tix story, free stoue iront, ilammolh Purniture Establishment. 141, 143 & 145 "Woocï ward Ave., Detroit. And bas adonted the One Prlce System . Keeps aq tx'ï'viö asBortment to sult all, and with ansurpassotl facilitiee, tbe latest and most approved macbinery, dtfies all competiiion. Caïl m.d judge for jourselves. nETBÜlT MACH1NEKY D8POT. jameITjenks, DEaLER 1JV MAC1J1NERY No. 29 Atwater btreet East, DETROIT, - - MICHIGAN. lNQL'IKIEfl PROMPTET ATTEj(DED TO. MACHINE SIIOP AND BRA8S FOUNDRY. Do y.ju want fitst class BRASS WORK OR BRASS CASTINGS Tron Pipe and Fittinirs for GanfPteam or Water, High er Low Pressure 8tenm Enginee and Builürs, Brewbouse and Dtatillery Macbinery, ie. Send for Circular aiid friet List. JAMES FI.OWEK & BKOS., ft Bruh St., Detroit. N, B. - All kinds ff Steam Heating done. T OANS NEÜOTIATED Li FOtt Counties, Cities, Towns, School Distriets and Rüilroads ICounty, Town and Railroad Offlcern, who may lieve I.OANS TO NEGOTIATE, are inTitcii to confer with us. Speciftl attention given to the NLG0T1ATION" OF SCHOOI. DISTK10T I.OANS. WILKINS & Co., Detroit. BII.LIARD TABLES! C. Bchui.exbi'ko, Billiard, f'igeun Hole, Bagatelle and Jenny Lind Table Mauufacturer. Satinfuctiün KuaraQtced. Billiard Goods (if all kinds always on band. Detroit, Micb.,andSt. Josepb.Mo. MAN'TLK.S & GRATES, P. A. Iüilinoi, dealer in Mant lie and (iratu, 29 Wciodbridge Street, West. S nd for Circular. MONCUBNTS AN3 MAKÏI.ES. Pcih-ithüis' Mar ble and BrownRtone Works, coruer Bfttes Street and Micbicnn Avenue. 3nili.'t;. ANN A11B0R CITY MILLS! BEST FLOXJR $3.00 per 100 lbs. OR AS LOW AS THE LOWEST. LEAVE ORDERS AT THE POST OFFICE. J. T. SWATHEL. SEPT.21t,189. 1236tf PRÖCKERY! U CROCKERY ! IN FULL SETS OR PIECES, IN ANYVARIETY.AND OF THE N'EWEST PATTERNS, AT mu, wmsou & e&s. rniiü BiSAJUa AltE ÁÍÍJSAD! JOHNSON, THE HATTEB, E HB just opened a Large Stock of WINTER COODS! IncIiKilng Xcweil Stylci of HATS & FÜBS ! Wliichwill beaold loweb, rrxïjix: ever i ALSO A LARGE3TOCK OF QtOVES, COLLA R8, NECK TIE3, HAürDKERCHIEPS, S.VTCHEÍjS, CANES Umbrellas, Parasols, &c. cMIanduxamiue my goodsbeforcpureha Ing elsewberfc. NO. 7 MAIN 8T., - ANN IRBOR MICfl ÍÍOYembcr, 1869. 1216tf "Sheridan 20 Miles Awaj!7 A. A.. TEEEY, (8UOCB0SOB TO KEMPER ít DiKIIL,) lias od liünd a large and well selected stock of WINTEB GOODS HATS & CAPS! Latest slyles anl best quatit. Ladies' and Gents' Furs, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Gloves, Collara, Neckties, &c. vrhich wil! be eold at the VER Y LO WEST FIGURES! tW Itemember the place, No. 15 South Maiu Street, the old store of John West. Ann Arbor, Dec. 23, If 69. 1249tf r ADIES'FASHIONABLE S H O E HOUSE. 3H.. T.A.IO..A.II.-I'T1. 24 South Main Street , Dculei in LADi't'S BOOTS ANO SHOES, THE NEWEST STYLES Kid? Calí, and Cloth, Alwayson band, and Stock and Work Guaranteed. IF YOU WANT A. BOOT, A. GAITEB, A BTJSKIN-, OR A. SLIPPER, CALL AMD EXAMINE HI8 STOCK BEFORE PÜK CEASIN'G. PRICES LOWER than the LOWEST. R. TARRANT. Ann Arhor.Maj 17th,18f. OËM3BMBBR THAT HULL. BOBI CO. KEEP A' FÜLL ASSORTMENT OF ORO OKIEiEVSr, SOLD CHEAP. 1245 A FULL AND CHOICE IjIIsTEOF GROCERIES! MAY BE FOUND AT Huil, Robinson & Co's. SIUËFPLlTED CAN BE HAD VERY CHEAP AT HÜLL, ROBINSQN & C0% 3ooo FENCE POST3 ! A Qnsn'Jtv of White O.ik Flooring, and 1,000 Corda of Vood, for sale by KGütf N. B. COLÉ. { mmikw PREsoiiiPTioM ' ACCTRATELY AND CAREFULLY PRBPAHED BT B. W. ELL1S & 00., DRUÜOIS7S. JJUY Y O UK Looking Glasses OF W. D. HOLMES, Ann Arbor, KOU 3 REASONS. Firat, bícauFtp !ic kerps th? bet of Importad Glass, a rui .t , ;ittl aiio it MU'ii i o f qya; ainl '.- tup f rntnea, au'l sella OHEAP 1 Secontlly, bfcaunotliey blong to his businOii. lie maketi rlicí.i a fjiocial ty, dotfibia own wurk , aul cau ailoril to mU Thirdly, Beaui( he mfinufactures tliem, and can snd wlll eell the of ny oneln tliocity. Healo selli PICTURE FRAMES! Tbcbeapestof njrbod.v in t he State- asfar as henra frem. NICE OVAL FRAMES FOR 6O CTS. Picture Cord, Tassels & Nails! FBK.VCH KLASS- bj tlielight or box- Forl'icturea orfor SOUSB GUAZIKTG ! 3 KAST HUROK STREKT, ANN ABBOR, - - - MICH. gWEETENïNC ! SWEETENING ! FOR YOUKJ SUGAR and SYEUP GO TO HULL, ROBINSON & CO. I í H pi 3 S ö 2 H Q CD o P , g ij j; J Kti " J u w 8 # - a 1 1 ■ H w i ce , 8 n o O S s tí H g s fe I 2 Ï pOR CASH YOUOAN BUY Lumber, Lath and Shingle i i ATABARGAIN, AT THE YARD OF C. SUTHEBLAND 8c GO. ! Aun Arbor,JaDury, 1870. 1252 T IVE GEESI FEATIIERS ; FIKSTQTTALITY, Constautlyon htmd and forsalcliy BACXfr ATIT.T., ! _- - - - - -- - - - - - n ' Go to R. W. ELLIS & CO's ! for choice Whxes and Liquors ; for Medical Purposes . i t Drain Ccmmií-Moner's Notice. "VOTii i thal the Draln C ii lioner "i w Coiiuty wiil be nt the hunseoí John B. Stark, Lu the township oí'.. t, ou the 28dday of May, 1810, at ï oclock P. M., to rtíes to contract for the excavatton ai ■ n ft ii drafu known eu West Bram b ■ trat Drain, cooiroeucing on eouth u niTioing thenco t-r.t aloi ; Une to C Dtnü Drain Id fiíiiíl TiwnIiii). I will also be a1 the houaeofJohn B. Star! prnship, on the Wth Üayo 18T0, at 2 o'dock 1'. M. Rt whïi wlll xhlbit niftps of tho abovc proponed flrafn (ug to Drvey) au.i devcrlptlon üf :- ■ ■ rfil jmr: ■ '. ■ l :;■!■. ' . and the amoont as 'i 8 and rabdiviaiona i the al ■ to construct] and to the Tov íp ol Aug conetrnct on acCfMinl [ high'■■■] to hear Ti i ol 'I. why roca aiiuurtioumcüt ehur.U be reviewcd and crrected. Aun Arbor, May A . JAMB HALL, 1M8 C'ounry Drain CommJaeloaor. Drain Commiftioner'fl Notice. NOTK that the Draln Comxnïsslonerof Washtenan Coanty v.-ül ;. at the hotel oi H. W Whltafcer, m the townahlp of Augnta,on tho 21 et di'-y of May, 1S70, at 2 o lock partles ta contract for the excavation and constrnc tioii of a ílrain, to be kuowa as the Nortn Branch of Bwhq Creek, commenciog on the Bonth lino of tection No s, running thence Bontheriy on ■ 8, 12, and IStoSwan Creek draln ín sa I vill alsc be at thö house of sald B. P. w bitaker, on ■ dar oi May !s. at 2 oMlockP. M.,at wolch time and place I wil! exhibit mapi of the above pioIroui, faccording to snrvey and levcl), and ï - - ecripti" u;d by mobijneflted thtjreby,and the amount tlosa by dlvlslons and subdlrtslons of tho deeerlbed drain byn ■! ; tUc owimr of each scriptio to conainict, and to the towoshlp of Augusta t contrn t on accou it of sach draln bcn; v. and to heat reasonsj Ifany are offer od why euch appurtionmeni aooiud bo reviewed and corrctted Ann Arbur, May 4, 187 ■ JAMES J. PARSHALL, 12ö9w8 Couuty Draln Comintsitoner. Cltanccry Sale, STATE OV MICHIGAN- The Clrcnlt Court forthe Oonntyof Waehtenaw, In Cha Jacob OrmsluHï, Complalnant w. WUllam Brown, Jane Lew ia, Bllphalet L. Lewl Jamea W. Lewle, andRobert Blnckvood, Defendant Inparatianceand by virtue of a decrea of I culi Conrt nr Ukï Oonnty r Washtenaw, MJi on tlm Uhancery stde ofaald Conrt, mad" on the six teenthday of Deo mbcr. A. D elghteen hnndri alzty-nlne ín a certatn canse theri whcre, inJacobOrmsbeewaeandUcoranlalnaDUand Wllüara Jtrnwn, JaneLewis, Bllphalet L. Lewis, James W. Lewla and Robert Blacxwood, deftndants. Notice is heroby giren that I 6b all m 1 at pnblic auctlon to the bighest bidder, at oclocR noon.on Baturday, the etgbteentfa day of Jare nezt, at the front or Bontb door of the Cnnrt Honve in the City of Mm Arbor in t!i Conn) oaw, and state of Michigan, all thal piece or parcel of Kind knovn and ■ nu follows, to wit: The equnj undividi-d ten eleventh parte of all that oertaln parce] of kind knowu and deacribed as the wesi hall of the easl qnarterof cectlon number one (iï in townahlp ir.nnber one (1) sonth of range mi muer eeven (7j east. In the County of Wathtenaw and St:ite of Btlchigan, oontainlng forty acres of huid, nibject boweverto the interest thereln wbich waa dovlaea to Jane Lewlaby her late hiisbaml. John Lewla deceaed, for aud dnriiif her lifü or while she öhould re mili n :i wldow fl . married Ann Arbor, May4th, a.'D. lVO BT n. taylor, One of the Clrcull ionen tor Wahtenaw County, BUcbigan. Aï.phevs, öolicitor aud of Couusel lor Oomplalnant. 12G8 Real Estáte for Sale. STATF OP MICHIGAN, County o Waahtenaw, ■ . In the matter of the estáte of Thomn Bright, minor Noti - Iveo. that in pnraaance of uu order gran ted t □ of the estáte of sak! minor, by the Hon. rJutlue ol Protmtu for the County of Wnshtenaw, on the èlghteenth da.v of April, A.D. 1ST1, íIhtc will be eoldat pab d;ie, to th hlghest bidder, at the ofllce of O H. Píihner, iu Uanchester, in the Connty of Washten&w, In said State, on Thonday. the twentj-thlrd day of Jane, A. J. 18T0, at one o'clodc lo thti aftornoon of thatday, Subject to all e ncumbr fineer by m or otherwïw existbj{ at the Üme I dcícribt'il real estatd vin : '. bweet qnarter of sectlon thlrty-two, tn townshlp foor woiiüi of range threeeast, In Baid state Dated Uay2d, A. D. 1S68 K1CHAKD GREEN, Guardian. Rual Estato for Salo. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, Cmmty of Wa I tenaw, i O in the matter of the estáte ol Oorc Button, 21. iucorqpetout: Noticc is herebv ,ri on, tlrit in purtannce of m ord r grant d t the anderatgni ':. (H-m of the estáte of sitld incom] ilion Jiidge of Probate tor the Coimty of 'v ashtenaW) on the twenty-lhlrd day of April, A. l I be sold at [mblic veudue, to tho b; r, at the northwost corner of the Bcrlbed, in the town of Northfleld, In tho 0 Waehteuaw, I t, on tiwnthday .hun;, A. I). 1810, at two o'clock In the aficrnoon of that daj i a!l encurabraacís bymortcageor t). Ing it tbc Ume or sij'r;. tii'? rollowins described real estáte, to-wll : The east bal f of the north ttro-thtrda of tlic east hülfof the aorthweet qnarter of sectiou thirty-five, Intownahipone sonib of rangoftiz oast, containing twenty six aud two-thirds acres ol lauU more or less statu Datcd, ipril 25th, A. T. 1ST0 HST SEDUW1CIÍ EEAN, Guardian. Real Estáte for Salo. CJTATEOFMÏCHIGAN, Couotyof Washtenaw, sa. O In the matter of the cstAteoi F"nk V. Qoodale, minor: Nol ■ ■ en. pun uu order granted to the irdtanof the estáte of said minor 1 ■ ■ Ige of Probate for the County of Washtí-ut! . i the twenty iifth dny of April, A, I). 18T0, there wil! ba public vcndiK'. to lbo bighi Qoodal ín the rllli , m the Cuuniy of Wu htenaw. n .. : .. ■. on Pburiday, the slxteentb dny of June, D 170 at ten o'clock in tim forenoon f that flay, Csnbjoct to au e brances by mortgage or otherwlse cáIíIii.;; t the timeof: 1 also suttJect to the rlght of dewer of the viiKw of Norman C. Oootlitle, deceaycd, thoreni), the fullowiog esciibecl real estáte, to wit : The undivirlec onc-eighth of the " Delhi Mili l'ropcr y,1' . ■ ou eectiou twoin the townof Bcio, in iald County, on the north-pide of the Huron liivcr, coinincnciu at the DO corner of the bridge aear the Saw Ulll formerlv owuel by .'acob Oorennif. runping ihonce north üi1teen rod, thence eatt tt4rteen roiN, thence iontn fíf ecu rods the&ce weat thlrteen tooi co thi .ming, containlng oLe acre of land; also the andlvTded one-ghth of i went y fburJnehet laaarvi w B70 cubic iiiche of water, to be meat-ured at the throat of the mili or bottom Oftheflnme on the above decribecl preniies under all tlie head that can bc mised there i with the privilege of making i race puflicient for the water above íiieuiioned fiom the dam ol said Jacob Dorcmua. to tha ptopertj abovo cletcribcd. aud thence to the rlvcr ; ;i]s t he undlvided half of carh of the following described parecis or lots of laud, vïz : Lots uine and t Wflve, in biock fonr aud that part of lot ciht ia block four wliich lies southwesterly of the Michigan ('cutral Bailroad ; ftlso of lot seveu in block uine, and lot ten in block four, all ín the village of Delhi, Couuty and State tfbrmaid. bated, April 2Tth, A.n.lSTO; l-GÏ LIVAIïD L. BOYDEN, Guardian: Real Estáte for Bale. STATE In the matter of theestate of Lewis A. Kuckman, deceased. Noticei hercby giren, t!t;it in pursuance of an order grauted to the andenitgned, Executor of the eftate oi said dace&tedi by the Hou. Jude of Probate for the County of Waehtcnaw, on the twenty-thii-d (!ayof Maren, A. D. 18T0, thcre wlll be sold at pnblic vcndiu to he bigbeet bidder, at the (welling house on the premísea herein described, iu the County oi Washtcnaw, in eaid State, on Thnrad&y, the ninth (Ifiy of June A. 1) lSÏ one o'clock in the afternoo of that flay, Csnbject to all enenmbrancca by mortgage or otherwisu existing at the time of the death oi said deceaseá and also subject to tho life fstatc of hls widow thereia) the followuig deacribed real estáte, viz : The west half of the ïiortheaüt qnart r of aection Beren, iu townshtp four aouth ol r.'i.i-.'e fonr ertst in salci State, ezcepting the part thereol taken froui tho north-east corner by the Clinton road : alno all that part oí thecflsthalf of the east half of the north-west quarter of said section sovcn, which Ufa north of the bigbway, ami oontaiatng íorty acres : also a parcol of land described as coramcncing in ti:e secuon liue at a poiut ten chaina cast of the north -west corner ol the east hnlf of the north-west fractional quarter of eaid eectlon scven, ruiiDiug thence south one derco enst thirty-ium chatna and forty linkd. thence along the north eide of highway north tïity-pix degreep aud thirty minates west bix chaiu& and Üve links to a stake. thencn north one degree weit twenty aeren chaina and nímty-flve links to a utukc iu north lino of suid section 8even, thence alongsald line easterly tour chalni aml niiiety seveu links to the place Of bogJnnlug, containiug fourteen and tliree-fourths acres; also tho west hall' of the north-west fradional quarter of said eection seven, exceptinji and reaerring that portion conveyed by the following menlioned deeds, all rcorded in tncofllce of the Register of Deeds fr said County, viz : By deed f rom Lewis A. Kuckman and Phebe Kuckraan to John W. Norris, recordcd In liber 01 oí Deed, on page 628, ïa deed from William Kuc'man, Lewis Knckinan and James Penlman, to the Michigan Sonthern Iinilroatl, recorded in liber íi(í of Decíls, pape 4' 0. nud by deed of Lewis A Ruckman and wife to Mnry B. RuckmanT recordcd in liber 71 of Decds. on papre 330. WII.I.IAM .r.GREGORY, Exccntor. Dated, March S8d, A. l. 1S70. 1904 JV1 ongage bale. DEPAULT baring been made in the conditions of a eertiiin mortgage made by John Qeorge Klager to Anthony lïuik John IJurkr, Jr., and I Jiinkc dated the ninth ilay of Janearé, A. 1). 1-' s, aud rccordctl on the elghteêntb day ofJanuary, A. D. L808, in the office of the Register of Deeda lor Waahtenaw County, Miclii.L'aii. in Uber ;s of mortgages, on page '235, which :' í 1 1 mortgage was duly ;i by Iheaald Anthony liurkeunu John Burke, the eaid Bdward limki-, by deed of asslgoment dated the (ilfvontli day of September, A. J). I8Ö0, which iissigumiüit wasdaly recorded In the Register1 aforesald, on the eleventh day of October, .a. í i Ld lit)cr 2 of aaalgnments of mortgaffcs. on pa apon whicb mortgace there la nowclalmed to be diw the tan of Uve Utimlml and aeren dollar] b the Bom ofthirty dollars as an Attorney or SoilcLtor'a fee provided for In eald m rtgaj e; nndno suit or prooeedlntES having been Lnstualed at Iaw to recover thosum now (lui: andsecnrcd bysald mortage, or any pari Uiereof, DOW, thereforê, by virtue ol r.. p wei of sale contained in eaid mortgaOi ind by vlrtne of the statateln such caée ma provfajed notloe is hereby glven that on Satnrday, the twentr-flrel day of May noxt, at Ifl ■ iiooii, of that day, at tlu; pouth door of the Coorl the City of AnnArbor. Ooanty of washtenaw. and State of Hlchlan, (beüig tho place ol bolding the Olrcait Coart withl wid Conntyii there will be eoid at pabllc auctloo, to hlghest bidder, the premtoe deeorlbed in said mortpac, orao mirli thereofai m iy be nec Bsary t Battèfytheanionntdne nu sald mortgage, wlth theintereet and coi '■■ ■ IncludIniran Attorney fee ofthirty dolían as aforoaaid, wlüi-h s . ciibed ;' tfl b : Tho lODthwe ■ Iqnarter oi the aoui ; we Mo. twiMity-ci.u'ht. townahip ! o.' i of range tixeast : and md i in width, taken from the Bontn end of the uoi thwost qnarter outhweal qnarter of iectlon No. tweuty-clifhi townehlp one aoath r range tlx eaaf exoept a strip af landt wo rode In wldth. taken from the eaetside of the flrst above dei I; al! the abovedoicrlbed tanda belng In the Beate of Michigan. Dated, February 'Jüdt 1870 BDWARD ni'RKTC. R. Beahan, Morlgasr?e and Asslgnoí. AttoroeyforMortgageftJUl AbBiuoo. 166 Mortgage Sale. D LULT haring been mftde in the candltfon of a certatn mortgagö. ex i ana H1J i of the city of a nu Arbor, Con&tv of Waehten&v on the twelftn flay of July, a D, Laweon aud Prederick Wnreter, of theclty i" Ann Arbur. Coantj ■ ■ ■■ trded In tii ■ 0 cO, or 8KÍ1 O ■ v of Juiv, A. D. 1801, at ;' . ■: iy, in líber B2 oí m rtffftgi ■ . on pace ■r''i ; w ht i i ali ■ lerick Wuiitor, to me the on the ; Oth dftj of Nov ■.' ■ ■ ■ ; iter'fl ofttcc i th . ol April A . : I o'clock A, m ol ■ , in ulier :;■ ■■ ■' '] ; O] . !i moi (ïatc of tliis nolicc, ttio urn of tino handred und flfty-íbar dolían and forty two i tvrentyflTO dollars, Bbotüd any pr tftk a : fH.íl QO f I ' Inge In luw i'r cqulty havlne been lustUut to retneroof, Dotlce is horaby ihat by virttie of the power of aale In laid ■ tnlnod I uhall ■ ■ ■ aoctlon . to i on the 8' ih day of Jaly next, al two o'clock P. 11. of ' al the front door ol ■ ■. House, in the city of Ann Arbor, Cüunty o( VVaahtennw, tho prci I tliitt cortjtin place cr pa land nitnatea n thr city of Ann Arbor, Coanty of Waehtenaw, and State ( UichlLantknowntboand ed, an.l dwcrlbed ns follow: üommei center of aectlon mimbcr (wenty In lownsnlp two BODth of ranee nnmber ix east. and rannlns west tina end thlrtyeeven linke to a btack oak : !it luchee In dlamerer ; tbenci Boatb chzbt snd fifty linke to the uisati rof wid road t the Dortta and Bouth center line óf sald ec ; thence not tii seven chalLa and forty ÜVf . ■ place f beginning Cej and reservfns oue acre of land trom the east elde of the parcel of tand abore deecrlbed.) April S8thv 1870. BARNABÜ8 K. PI BBL B, Asaignee of uid Uortgage. Jons N. Go tt, Attorucy for A?pi;iiec of said Mortgage. ïseï Moriofo Sale DEPAULT havingbeen mnrlein thecondltlon of a : ilq mortgago execnted bj Bliaa lüch to Ilnrríet G. Ashby, ou the twenty-eighthday of September, a. i. 1854, recorded, with the power ol sale therein contained, In office of the Belstar f Deeda For the Connty j Waahtenaw, in tbe State of :i . nt one o'clock p. m„ (id the ninctccnth diy of September, A. !. 1865, In LlbcrKo.Slof moi ■uil by au instrument of asstgnmenï beanngdate the twooty-foarth ;! r. of Jaxtaary A. n nd recorded ia the office of tbeïteglster ol iforesald, it 85oclock p u., onthe secosd d.iv f November, A i). 1609, Id ïiber 2 i - i on page 8?4, duli aestgneaby the Sftld Harriet Q Aahbv to Locy A. Olda ou vrhlca ■'■ thexe ieclalmedtobedoeat the date of t hls notf cet tbe snm of twelve hnurtrcfl and ten ' and fonr centSi principal and interest, nnl itosaH or I tn or in chanccry haVln tuted to recover the sudi 8ü due, or auy pari thereof, , thereforo, hereby elven, thatoy virtue of the pow ■ ■■ninl ; j! ni-,;:r:i '_■■-'. which has oecoMe opentttve by the defnult aforeaaid] mi in pnr-uance of the atatnta in snch case made and provided -the eatd mortgaee il!, at the Courr I in the City of ïnn Arbor, In the CoTinty of VTastateoaw, am . the place of the Circuit dunt withln said Con::: the twenty-thir' tïay of April, A.D.1870, ai i il the forenoon ,be forecioaed by a ilo of the premise :" Baki mort) ■ 'i:iily ae roll r: Bitaate In the township of York, iu theCountv ol Washteúaw, and State of Mie ïertaln tracts or pareéis of land known and deserfbed as the northwest qaarter of thesontheastgaarter, and the southwest qaarter v, the oorlheast qaarter of eectlon iu township foor souih of ranee coDtabticff etghty aeree also one otheradJoining parcel of lana, being all that part of the northeast qnarter of the aoathwest qnaner ofsaid eection twentj two, whlch lies soath and east of the Great Rldge Roadj rnnninfi thTOQffh sald land, exceptree lyintr in the S'iitheast corner thoreof and bonnded north by said roadi east bv the land hortíin dcscribed, and fioaíh bj latid ownad by i ose. Dïitcd, Aüü Albor, January 27th 18T0. I A. OLDS, iiec of Mortgace. B.P. OnANOEE, Attorney. The above sale Ishereby postponed to Saturday Juin' Mi, .-r the same place and time oi day. Dated, Aira Arbor, april 28d I LüCX A. OLDS, Aesigüco ol B.F. Grano, AU lt;; Mortg&ge Sale. DUFAULT having been made in Ilie condltlon 0 ■ nitde and exeented by Davh L. Gates and A;a ir ■ . of tho dty of Am Arlr.ïr. W&shtenaw County, Michigan to A a ron 11 Vanatta, of Northfteld, Couvty a . : -vs.-iid, th day of April, A. I), i recordad In tl ' Ofttca of Deeda for Waehi oo theslxteentl dayof April, A, .o. '20 of mort. . by whlcb the powi r of sa ■ . tt) lic (hu; oii.sniit i: mpanjfng note at the ' ■ '-urn of iïvè haodred and Kixiy-nine dollars and flfty centí and interes!, and the m of rtfteen dollara provlded ín :.n Attoreey fee in cn?e any prold ljr taken to forodose the saino, and ■ eedlng haos been tnstltated at law l tccurud b}' Btid DEtOltgAge, or any j.-trt th r Notico Is heroby jrivpn that on Konday the eieren th day of Jaiy, A.l.13T0,attenodockA. K.ofthat :::■[} i'ourt, House, íti th? ■; rbort in sald Coanty of W&shi e i];iw tli1 f:nv_: li.-in:r theplace i"ir bolding the Circuit Court tot fa UI Connty, thera wlll bc Bold l pnbnJses de. in sald EaortflAgOi or bo muon ti. gut duo on füiil note and mor e no I ■-. wlth Inter.: ■: morij ■-■-■■ . w ■'■■ ! y law, thtrl ' : Ai) that r parcel of land sil tieetty of Am . . ■ . . . I mr (4), IA Brown & V Hert additlon to the villaee. dow cltr of A nu Arbor,aci Sed pial tnereof Datedt Ann Arbor, April Hh.lSTO. AAJÍ0N ii. 'ANATTA,Mort2a''ce. Tb a oí Attorney i 'oo, 1ÏC5 Mortage Sale. DEFAT'I.T huvii: been made in ihc condition of a eertaia mortel I '-y John Dlehl and Margan La wlfe, oi the city of Ann Arbor, q, on the löth d ■■ ol i oí ■;■ - place, flud recorded, i Ethtbe power of sale therein contalned, in the ter of Deeds for the Coanty of Washtenaw, la thu State of Michigan ou the ISLhdayof August, AD löt5, at two o'clock I'. M., in libel 84 of mortgages ou page 161, on wMth no i proraiHiïory note aceompanyiug Che same Hiere tu clulincd to líe d:ie nt thu date of this notioe, the sum ofseveu hundred and niuetyfonr dollars and two cent, principal and interest, besldee the couta and expenses of thia foreclosure, atad an AiiorncyV ree of twenty-five dolliirs, should aay prooeedings be taken to foreclose saUl mortt:aL' autl do mit or proceedings at law or in eqnlty haviDg been had to recover taid rom or any part thereof. Now, therefore, noticeis hereby jjiven, thatby virtue of the power ofeala in said mortgage conUlned, I shiill ell at pnblic atictiou to the hihest bidder, on the 28th day of May next, nt two o'clock in the afternonn of that day, at tho south door of the Court Iïoït8etin the Cityof Aun Arbor, Connty of Wiislitonnw. and ötattï of Michigan, íbeiug the place 4i holding the Circuit Gourt vritMn sfiid County,) the premiies describcd in eaid mortage, or go much thereof a." may be nccessary to sattafy the araount dne on ald mortgage, wlth Interest nnd costsaud expenses allowcd by law, which s:ii.ipremUea are desoribed as followe: AU tho piece or parcel of land bezinning at the sontbeastcrly corner of Traver's Andition mimber two to the village of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Couuty. Michigan, theuce DOrthwasterly nloníí the southcrly bounds of s.iid addition fourchaine, th'-nce uortheaster y alongthe wrstcrjy line of lot number two in said additiftn eleven clinlnt and twelve Hulea to the northwcsterly corner of sald lot nnmbertwo, thence aorth fiftyfonr dearees eaat, one chaln three and a half to landsdecded by Abaalom Tnivcr to Z. 8. Pulcipher, tir oce Kou'h thirty-ix derees eftflt, ainng said Pnlcipher8 land eixchains and twenty-two links to the easterly bonnds of said additiou. thenoe south forty deffreesand flfteen minutes wet, niue chuine and flfty and ouC'hitlf links along eaUÏ eanterly bonnds to the place of beglnnlngi containiní flve acres and fifty-eight hundiedtht uf an acre, be the same more Dated, Ann Arbor, Fob. Mth, 170PHTLTP BACH, Mortcngee. RroiuBi) Beahan Auoi-ney. lfiM Mortgage bale. WHEUE AS, Charlee Scouton, of Grass I.akc, in theCounty of Jackson, anoLtatu of Michigan, on the seveuth ilay of Oc:ober. A. D. 1SU3, executod a mortgage to Charles Whedon, of thc State of New York, to secure ihe paymeut of certain principal and Interest for the parchase moncy ol the premises tliercin nientioned, whlch BU tras recordedlo the ofilce o f the Register oí' Deeoa In the ('nuiity of Wahtenaw,anU State ol Michigan, aforesaid. on tln IStb day of October. A. D. 1888, uc it o'clock A. of said day, In liberal of mortgagcu, on ii!! üü-i ; And whereiis, daftralt has been made fur more than thlrty days lu the payinont of an Instíillment of snid Interest money vhirh became duc on the aeventb day of October A. D. 1809, by reason whereof.andpannantto the termsof said mortgnge. .aiü mortgagee electa that so mach f enid prludpa] as remalna anpald witli all arroaragea of interest thereon.ghall become dne aml payablc imtncdintoly, and whcren?, thcre ia claimt-d lo be due and unjiaid on snid mortgage .".t itie date of thla nntice tho ;im of two thoasand and thirty-íive dollars for prini Ipal andinterett, alaoan Attornejr'a fee oí thlrtj dolían shonld any prooeedfngs be taken t foredoaa :ú mortgage and no snit or proeeedlnga luive been institnted oiílier in law or eqnity to recover the same or any part thereof : Notice, therefore. is hereby (,'ivi n', that on Satiirduy. tin' eleventh day of jone, inx!, at two o'clock in tho afternoon, at che south door of the Court Houpc, in the ciiyofAnc Arbor, belng the bmldlng ia wblch the Circuit Court for the Coanty of Waehteoaw aud State aforepald íb held, and by vlrtne of the power of sale contalned in saii! mortgage, 1 ahall k,-1 1 at public aticiion. to the bidder, thc pr miseá descrlbed in aald mortírjijre to patlsfy the amount of principal and Intereat clalmed as dno, with the Attoraey'a fae f thlrty dollars mui charses oí aale, to-wic : ll those oertaln plecea or pareéis of land altuated in the township ofnharon, and ('onnty ot Waahtenaw, and f BÜchigan. descrlbed as follows, to-wlt: the rat-i part of the Boathwest fraottonal QQartor of section N". aeven ÍTj in town three sonto of range three (8J eaat contalnlng elshty acres of land weel half of the Tsónthweet qnarter ofsectlon Numlier aeven ("!) in townahlp three (Bsoothof range three ('■'■) eaat, containiug slxty acres of luiid, nKiri' or lt -s. Dated, Mnrcli 7th, 1ST0. CHARLES WIIFI10N". Mortgageo. JonN N.Oon, Attorney. for Hortgacee. 1260 Estnta of ThusneMa Sayers. QTATBOF MICHIGAN, Connty of, ■ Nbttcetsho - - batbyan order of the Pro■ iimy of washtenaw, made on the etgnteentn day or April. A, 1). 187O, six monthj trom that date wcre allpwed ítor credítow to present tl tr claims affatost the esta f Thoeoelda . Coonty. d I all creditn ld deccased are re i present thi-ir lI saiii Probate Coort, Proti te Office h city cf Ann Arltor, for oiamfnation and allowanco, onorbeforu the elghteenth clayof October noxt, ftinl that uch clnimy will be I . oí Satnrday fhc ixtepiithíí-y of July. and on Tncsrljiy. efghteentb dy of OctiiUcr in'xt. at ten o'clock in the forenoon ofoach of those daya Datüd, Auu Arbor, April ifirli A. I)., isro. UUt AM .T 11EAKKS, IM Judge üf Probato. Mortgage Salo. "TjEFAULT havlngboen nádelo the condltfam ofn .LS cerlalnmortgagecxecated by PrederlckMaj t ■na Barbar Mayer to Prederlck Scbmid.on the 'Soih day of .limo. A. i). 18M, racorded wlth tl e power of ■ale theretn conttlned lo the office f the Kcister il lh "i Mlehl u , onthei tl da of June, A J j-m' ,t 1:10 o'clock r. M. In llbt ría of mortgnge, on i'"u MS, juni l.y an inttrnmeDt of aoalgDment bearlng ie Sd dayof JnW, a. D. edlpthe offloeo the Beslater of Ik-cds aforeeald on the 8d day Ju, A.D.18TO, al K,; 0clock a. M.. in Hber -' of uslgnmenu f m ■ yaMljrn I aald PrederickSchmW to Bobaeqacntly byanother lntrniqcntofa i ■ .bearine dató thelstdav ol March, A. l. JSTO.and recordedin tlivofllra of ihe iforesaid, on the Sd dnyof ■ loc P. M., In líber " of n mentj or mortgaees. on page 438, duly re-a I HarM HnrbarH Majrer to Bnld Prederlck Sclimi.l :iud a(trwardi, bj a further Instrument of mrutbearing date the id dr.y of March D irded In tbe office of tile Register' ni ■ tbe -UlMliiv of March AI 1810 o'dock A. H . In iiber 8 of asalgnn mortgagca. oo page 440 ngain ro-asalgned ; kSchmldto wld Maria Barbara Maver on whlcb mortgage there la cUlmed lo bu doe at the date of thie njjtlce, the turn of Uve hnndred and IwodolUra and twonty-two cents and ;- ter ireof at the rntc of eGhl ner cpiit . ■ and expenses of tolt torecloenré InclndlnganAttornerree oftwentj dollars fhonld any proceedluRa be taken to (bredose sald mortease and no soll or proc edlnsa at la or In chancery hav' ine been nisiitiiifd to recover the m lo due or any pari thereof: Notlce is. therefore, hcrebv eivcn tluthy vlrtneol the power of sale contained (neald ige. whlch becomooperatlTe by üi-dufault lid and In pnranance of tbe BUtnte In sm-h ladeandprOTlded, I hallsell at pnbllc auctlon, to tbe hlghert bidder onthefonrth day of .lime A D.18T0, attwoo'clockln the r.ftcrnooii ofthatday ut thesoiithdoorof the Court House. In the City f AnnArbor.lntheConntyoí Waahtenaw and State f Michigan, (that belng the place ol holdin the Clrcnlt Conrtwlthln snid ConntyJ, the pn deacrlbed In sim! mortgase. aa follows, v!e : B In theCooptyof Waahtenaw and 8tote oi Mlchlean InBrowná Pnller'a Addltlon to tbc villa"c of Ann Arbor. ,(now city), commcnchii; renty-teven r. ,-t nartnweeterly from the eontherly corner of block number seven In sald Addtüon. o Mili Btrcet. rnnlence northerly alnus Mili strw; abont rixtytwo ftet to the line of Ponttec strwt. thencenorthwaralr along the line o( Pontino ttreet serenty-two net thence eaatwardly abont flfry and one-hall feel thence northeastwardly (irtv-eiiit and m.' imif feet thence eonthweatwardly and parallel wlth n i about one handred and forty-two feet to the phice of Ing, contalning torty rods of laiirï or more. bc the ame more orles, it tbe same pretnfees conveyed by vrarranty deed to the sald Prederlck Haver byVolneyChaphi ml wifr Norman Chapín andwjfe, Chnrlva A. Chapín and wife, on the ïbth dav of Jone . I). 184. JJatid, Ann Arbor. Mlch., Mnrcti i"tli is-n MAKIA BARKARA MAYKR. ltioiURD Bkaiian, Assiguee of Mort.'.icee Attorney for ïssiirnce. MM ' Mortgage Süle. f "IV5FAUI.T havingbeen madciu the condl'lon ora , XJ certnin mortgage exeented by Frederlck Mirar and Jlarla Barbara ay. r. nis rife, to Deusmore Cra mer, on the 10thi:iy of .June, A I). 1-C7, recordad t wltn the power ofsale thcrcin contalned, i:i the office . of the Kcyixter of Dieds fur the Uonnty of Waahtef n:iw, n the State of Michigan, on the loth day of ;■, ovlo-k b M.. in lbrS(ol iKfs, on pnre 77S, and by au instrument of ment bearine date the 2d dny of July A D 9 }89 and recorded in the office ofthn Reélfterof . Il '!-.iiiri's:iid,on the 2d day of July, A. ]) 7s'W 'U , 5 o'clock P. M . in Jiler 2 o aaelgainente of mort . on paire SS'i.doly awigned hy tald Densmore . Cramer to Maria Barbara Mayer, on irhict .ortcaire i thcre la claimed to be dne at the date of I Innotlce liii-fiiin of Orea himdred and one dollars and teu . cents, aml int. lest trom the date hereof at the rate i of tes percent., betiilM ti.e costa and expensesof 1 this foreclosure. Inclndtnj m Attorncy fceoi Urentr. flve dollars" should any proceeilin5 be taken to fore. close sald mortgage, and nu snit or proceediiiKs at r luw or In chuncery baTtng been instituted to maodne or any part thereof Nottceütherer foro,!.that by virtne of the power of luidm rtgace, wblci has become tive by the debnlt aforwaid, and in pursnancf of the stamtc in euch case made and provided I , dhall sell at public auction, to the highest bidder n the tourth day of June, a. ü. 1TO, at 2 o'clock in 'the anemoon of that dny. at the south door of the Conrt House, in the City of Ann Arbor In tlic Counly of Waehtenmv, and State of Htehlsaa fthat benig the place ol bolding the Circuit Conrt withir, saidCounty( the premisesdescribodin said raorta"e asfollovs. vlz: That pnreel oflandbebis on that pari of section twenty lying casterly of Swirt and DenhcIl'H millnond. town two sonth of six east, and State of Michigan, coramenein at the Bontbwest corner of a cvrtain treet rnnniii" from Pontlac strect westrly t- the norlheast corner of land dceded by Norninn Chapin and ivifc to John T Swathel. thencc northerly alone the line of lanrl dow owned by Jacob Beabolt, to land owned iy Jamet M Smith. thence westerlv along the line o f sald BmlUl's land to aald m.llponil. thence southerlv me margin of said pond to land nnw owned bv"said Swathel thence along tre northirly line of said Swathel's land In nu eaaterly direclion to theplaee of bifrinniiiLr. ■ ntalnlngabont Bve ocrea more or Iets always rcseiv:n? the rlght to enter upon s.iid premlataatall Hmea at the weoterly end of the above mentloned atreet ao as to galn access witli a team or riae to the land now owned by said Swathel and lying southerlv from said five acres. Dated, Ann Arbor. Mich., March lnth,1970 MAKIA B.KBAR MA VER, BioiiAitii BrAinv, Asslguee ofjlortaagee. Attoruey fir Asslgnee. 1200 E-ute of Absalom Traver. OTATKOF MICHIGAN, Counfy of Washtenaw, ss. 'JAu session of the Probnte Conrt for the Countv c! Wasntenaw, bolden ai ihe Probate Office In thé City of Ann Arlior. ou Wedncadaj, Um fbnrtb diy of May, n the year oue thousaud eight huudred andaeventy. Present Hlram J. lieakes, Jndge of Probate In the matter of the -'itc uf Absalom Traver deceaaod. Amanda Y. Traver, Ai ;stratrix wIMi the Wlïl annexed, oí Mld dec a ''onu'sinto Conrt and repi: Beou thai Bhe i now prepared to remier her final account as süch Ariniinistratrix. Thcreupon it Isordered.that Monday.thc thirticth day ol Maj Instant, ut ten "clook in the forenoon. be assdnied for ezamlning and Ruiming snch account, and thal tbe legateea aertseeaand heirsatiawofeaid i. and allothcr penonstnterested m saidesreqn) -ed to appear at a session of saitl Conrt then to be holden m the Probate Office, in tbe ■ Ann Arbor. in Miid C'o'.mty, nml show inii.-c. If 'anv there bu. why the saiii acconnl ihonld notbeallowea: And it is forther ordered, tha isaiil Adminitraürx iv. uoticc to the persons Interested iu eaid estáte .■i tnependenc; oí said account, and tbe hearing thereof, by causiiif; a copy of thie order to be ptiblished in tbe Micnga Argut, a uowspapcr printed and clrcolatlng in aald Comity. three snccessive weeka previoaa tu said day of hearing. (A truc oopy.j 1I1IÏAM J nEAKES, 1-C8 Jude ol Probate ! Estáte of Anthony Ely. f OTATE of MICHIGAN, County or WjkHTCTlfV, se - O Ataacssiouof the Probate Court for the County , ofWashtenaw, holden attheProbateOffl;ïntbc City , of Ann Arbor, on Alonday, ihe aecond duy oí ï May, la the year one thousand eight hundred , aiul eeventy. ; Present, HIram J. Beake, Jndpe of Probate. In the matter oí the Eutate of Anthony Ely, deceased. , Onreuriingami fiHng thepetition, diily verifled,ol , 1 Ely, uraying that Iliram Day, rsomeotner 3 suitable person may be appointed Ádmimstrator ol the eptaie of said deCE-ascd f Thereupou it is Ordered, that Mondar, the i thirtieth day of May instant, at ton o'clock' in the 1 rorenoon, ba aatjgned for the hearing of said peti . tion, umi that the heirs at law of said deceased, r and all other persons interestcd in iirt estáte, 1 are required to appear at a session of said Court, then - to bc holden ju the Probate Offii-e, in the City of Ann F Arbor, and ihow canse, il'any there be, why the pray. - er of the petitioner phould not be grauted : And i t 'is j tiirt hor ordered thatsnid petitionergivenotice lo the ï persons Interested in 8Ald estáte, of the pendency ol 1 said petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a ï copy of tuis Order to be publlshedn the Mivhigan . a newspaper printed and ctrcnlating in said r County, thrce succetsive weeks previous tosaid day - of hearing. Atruecopy.J HIRAM.T. BEAKES, 1-iista Judije of Probate. lístate of Susan Elizabeth Nestell. [ OTATE OP MICHIGAN, Coanty of Wafhtnnaw.Bs. ( O Ata tsessioii of the Probate Court for the County [ of Waahteuaw, holden at the Probate office, in tl;c j City of Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the thirtieth day of April, in the y vut one thousand eight hundred and seveuty. Present, Iliram J. Beakes, Jndge of Probate In the matter of the estáte of Susan Elizabeth Nestell, minor. Obediah Prieet, Guardian of said estáte, comes into Court and representa that he is now prepared to 1 render hid dual account as such Guardian. Thereupou it ia Ordered, that Mouday, thethir tieth day of May, nexi. at ten o'clnck iu the foreJ noon, be uslgneaftn ezamtnlnff and alluwiusr BOdi ■ account, and that the uext of kin of suid minor, ' and all othtr persons interusted in eaid ■■ h-:atet are '■ requtivd to appear at a session of eatd Court, then to ( be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann 1 Arbor, in said County. and show cause, if any there be.why the said account should not beaïlowed: 1 Aml it is further ordered that said Guardian, ' rriv(! notice to the persons interested in said estnte, ■ óf the pendencv of eaid account, and the henrlns: 1 thcreof. by camine a copy of this order to be pubÜahedUltOO Mi iiigan Arpns , a newej)aper priufd und ctrculatlng in saïd County, thrce auccessive week previous to said dy of hearing. fA trwe copy.) ÏIIRAM J. BEAKES, 12CS Judge of Probate. Estáte of liates C. West STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss At & sesfllon of the Piobftte Court for the County ofWaahtea&W) boldsn at the Probate Office. Lnthfl City of Ann Arbor, on Satunl:iy, (be sixteenth dny i April, in the ycar one thousand cight hun drcfl and sevenly. Preeent, Hlram J. Bcakcs, Jndge of Probate. In the matter of the estatu of Dates 0. West, decéased. On readlnf and flihig the peUUon duiy rertüedof Ellen Weeti praying that Daniel M. Caldwell or Bom ) other BOitable person may be appointed Ad ministraror of the estat of saiu deceaed. Thereupou ït is Ordered, that Monday, theeixteentb day of May, next, at ti-n o'tloclt in the forenoon, be aadgned for thf hearing of said petitlon ] ml that the hfirs at law of eaid deoa?ed, and all other perrons interested in said estáte, arerequired to appear at a seseion of said Court then to Iv holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be.whj theprayerof the petittoner shoald not be granted: And ir is furtlH'ionieredtth;it s.iiil pettÚoner irive notlce i i QE persons Intereated ín saldestate of the pendoncy of aaid pelition, and the heariop therrof, by canslnga copy of this Order tobepnoUshed tnthe n Argut, anewspaper printed and circulatlnj tn Bafd county, tlireesuccessive week; prevloueto said day of hearing. (Atruccopy.) DIRAM J. BEAKRfl, 1 JüCtd Jndgeof Probate. Conimissionors' Notiec. QT ATB OF MICHIGAN Conntyoi Washtenaw,ss. Ci The undersürned bavlng been appointed by the ProbateOotirt for said County. Commfetslonerfl to rctamine, and ftdjnst 11 claims and demanda oí all persons ngainst tb1" estáte of Ilenry Bower, late of srtid tNnmty, ted, hereby (ftve notlee thai tix months tv te are aUowedby or der of said ProbateOonrt . iredltors topreeenttheli atnsl tbeestateofsaiddeceaaed, andthatthey v.iii meel at the store of said deooased In the City of Ann Arbor, in satd Ooanty . on Saturday, the twentj elghth day of May, and Tbareday, the i of Octooer, next, at ten o'clock A M. ofeacb oi said daya, toreceive, examine and adjuat aaid fifiims. Dauü, April SOth.AD. iro. JAMBS II. MORRIS. ?-, . , 1267 WHXIAÏ (SÜS, ]Commi89ioner8. ttü of Ileury T. Speer. QTATK OF MICHIGAN. Coimty of Wuhtgni Ataaeanon of tha Probate Court Tor the (-omÜ: "i v. Mhteaaw, holden I the i'robate Office in ,;' I i'.y Ol A ii n on Toeedïy, the Iweuty-sixth 2 oí April, in the yeuronethoosaucSciht hundred. l seventy. u'tj Preeent, Htram J. cake. Jndsio f Trobate Iu thu matter of the t-Btate of Henrj T Sp,, Newton Shddon irad David II. Spocr. EiocntoniM the last wil] and testamam of sald deceaeed, comí.!.?' Conrt auii reprewnl tbat the? ure uow preunivii rendet thelr Una] account aa ach Bxeeaton rherenpon t is ordercd, that Momiuy the't, ty-thlrd day "f May. nezt, al ten o'clock in ff' ■ '.ii for examlnlng and alloi„ fiii-ii scoonnt, and tbal the legaieea, dcviacca .,( heirsatlawof aald deceaaed, aml nll other aenmT Intereated In said estato are. roqulrcd to apmu 1 in oí fn'ul Conrt. then to bolden .in,1 Pr.ilmie Office, in the City of Aun Arlio,,' aaid County. nnd show can.( if nnv there' hv.hy therald aeeonnt hoold not be allowed i i J ' Itkfbrtherordered that sald Bzecntora Liv ,55 to tl' Deraont interaated in aaid eatate, of the iW deucy of sald account, and tlie hearing threor u caiwl gacopy of thlü order to be pnbliehed tn iZ Michigan Argta anewapaper prinlrd mi circulan n gald County, three sucecasive weeks previou..8 sauldny of hearing. "" (AtrneocrpTJ HIKAM .1. BEAKES 12 TM Judce of Probt Estáte of Samuel M. Fay. OTATE OPMICHir.AN. Oountyof Washtenaw O At a aeísio of Ibe l'robntv Cunrt for the Uon of Waabtenaw, holden at ihe Probóte Office IdÍkI Cityof Aon Arbor, un Wcdneaduy, the twentvi i'iithdny or A],ril,m the year one tbuuaand lrh uundrecl ami wventy. s ' Present, Hlram J. Beakes, Jadgu ol Probate Iu the matter of the estáte oí Samuel al. Fav i. ceaeedi idlng and fllinc the peHtkm, dulv vcrlíeioi ' Jane Pay, projlng that Ncwtuii Shcidoi 2 other other aultable penen may be auuolou I Adminlstrator ol theeatatsofiatddeceascd. Thereopon tttsordered, thnt Monday, tlic'tweii, thlrdday of Muy DSZt, at ten o'clock in the r ■' iioou, be nesigut-d for tbe of said p, and that the lieirs at law of euid dcceafcd. sndíl other peraona Intereeted In sald ■ ." t :u p, are rcqulnd to nij.-í,r at a Beaiton of said Court, then to be m en, at ti; Probate Office, n the City ofAnnAthor and show cause, if aiiy Hiere be, why tliu pruni tiouer hould not be Krantcd And it i. íc, thír ordered, that sald petittonei ,'ve nottee lou,, peraona Interested In paid istate, of thc vendencrTí snid p. jition . and tlie hearins Ibereof, by causin, copy of this order t be publlshed la !he Mirkii-. i i a newapaper, priuted and circulatia" Insiw County, three succesoive weeks prei lona to ínidV, of beanng. J (Atrnecopy.) 1IIRAM .!. DEAKES MI Jud-c of l'rubat. Estáte of Richard L. Allen. STATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Wanhtenaw At a aenlon of the Probate Court Tor tlic Cou'oï cf Waahti naw. holden at the Probate Office, in ui City of Aun Arbor, on Friday. the turunty sccoin day of April, in the year one thoneand eiht hoi. dred and soveuty. i'rosfiit. Hiiam .7. Beabas, Jutyre of Probate In the matter of the Estáte of Kichard L. Allet Aeceaeed. On readlns and fllinj the petitlon, duW verMi o! Barab O. Allen, prajing thnt Krank Joslln, nrom "Uut shh:iMu pers n may be appoiuted Admiiisirv toi ODSomncb of tbe eatats of aatd deceamd L In the State of Michigan, or sucU other order luihi Court mny (,'rant. Thsrempoo it la ordered, Mondav, the twcnir. ihird daj of May oeirt, at ten o'clock lntheio Doon. ba aulgned for the of .aid pttiüoi and thru tbenelraat law ofiald deceaaed, aniiij olher persons intercstid in fnit ertate. are reqiriej to appetr at a emion of said Court, theu to be hoH. en. at the l'rofcate Offlca, in the city ol1 Ann Arbw and show cause, lfanj therebe. wnj thepmyeroi I Ihepetilionershould not he granted : And it'ifni. thcr ordered, tbat aaid petltlooer glve notlca to He perrni [ntareated in raid estáte, Df the pendenitrof sald petitton, and tbo hnaring Ohereof, by causin( copyofthla order tobe published in the.'.: . ;i nenspapet printed and drcnlatlng ii. n ! County, tbree eucceeaive weeks pruvious to eaid dit of hearing. (A trne copy J HIBAM .T. ISEAKES, 1-';T Judje ol Probate. ( Estáte of Thomas Bentley. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Comity of Washtenaw.M, At a scssion of the Frobute Conrt for the Conntj ■ of Waahteoaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Aun Arbnr, on Priday, the flfteeutil dajoi April, in the yearoue thonstmd. eigbt hundred'nii seventy. Present Iliram J. Beakes, Judge of Probate. In the muiter of the estáte of Thomas Bentlei, deceased. Ou rearliuj and flüng the petition, dulv verifledof Solden W. shurtleft, Adminisirator with the wttt annezed oi ssl deceoaed, prayiug tlmt he niajb llcented to scll certain real tstiiic wherenf said dt. ned siezed. Thereupon it is onlered, (bat Mondar, the thirtieth day of May, next, at ten o'clock in the fon. Doon, bo nssiiiueil toi the bearlng of euid potition. and that the leñatees, deviseea and hriríi nt lawoi said deceased. and all other pcrsum Interettedh Mldeatate, aro requifod to appear at a cesión o! said C'ourt, then to bo holden, at the Probate OIHce, in the City of Aon Arimr, and show caueot ifauy therc be. wliv projer of peti'.iuner BhoïüS not be granti'd : Anl ií h Turther ordcred that siib H'tit oner glVe notice to thd perftona interested in1 uld estáte, of the pendency of snid petltlOD, s4 tbe htarin: thercof. hy OAUftlBg a COp7 of thia nrdeï to be pabllabed in the Michigan Argvg, a newspaptr fn'inted and drctüating ii; said Connty, font bikcmI' ve week previeras to said day of hearing. CA tn.ecopy.) 1IJKAM J. HKAKES, 1-iT JFndce o! Probate. Estáte of ílenry Canfield. OTATE OF MICUIC1AX, Conatj of Waí ' At a somIod of the Probate Conrt for the Coiíd'.j of Washtenaw, bolden :it ProbateOAla City oí' Aun Arbor, üu Monda;, the . . nth d:.of April, in the yeai ose thonnsd eight huidred and aeventy. Present. Hiram" J.ISeaket-.Judge of Probate. lu the matter of the lístate of CaDÍeld. deceüscd. Onreaillnrand filme the peötlon, dnly vprifled.ol Charlea H. Kempf, Adaiabtrator, prav.n thal ti ni iy be liccnsid to ti-11 certain real estáte whcreot eniil dcceasi'd died acizrd. Tlii-renpon lt is ordered that Tiiesday. the thlrty-flrst d:iy of MT, nuxt, at ten o'cl'ock in ai foreuoon.beasííned for ihe hearing of said pttítlon, and that the heir at law of' said deceaeed, and all othr perBonu idterested in said esute, are reqttired to appear at a sesAlon of said Coarc then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor. and show cause, if any there be, why'tbe prajei of the peUttoser should not be eranted :- Aii'l i! üfvnker ordere&% thatsaid petitioner eiu notice to the frsons interested in said catate, of tt pendeney of said petition, and the hearing thereof,by cantío; a COP7 of this order to be publishtd in ihi Michigan Argut, a neivspaper printed and cliCQUtit fnsaid Coimtv, four siiccessive weeks previoup to saitf dnyof hearing, HIRAM J.BEAKKS, .Atruecopy. Judse of Probíte. 1267td Estáte of Orange C. West. TATE OP MICHIGAN , County of Washtenaw, M. 3 At a eession of tha Probate Conrt for the Connty of Woshtenaw, holden at the Piubate Office, intbe City of Aun Arbor, ou Saturday. the eixteeuthda}1 of April, in the year ouc thoueand eight hundreá aiid scvantv. l'rescjit, fliram J Beakee, Jndgc of Probate. In the matter of the estaré of Oninge C. West, deceascd. üo reading andfilin; the petïtion, dulv vorified, of lïattie S. Weet, prayini: that Dantel M-'Ualdwcll.o sonie other suitrtble person, may be appoiuted Ad ministnitor uf the e&late of saia deceased. Therertpon it ia ordered, that Monday, the ?iitt'cnth day of May uext, at ten o'clock in the nonn, be assiipiecl for the hearing of 8id petition, ' and Huil tlic h-irs at ïuw of said dceased, and!ï , otluT pereoii- inturestedin said estato, are reqniied 10 appear at a t-ession of &a!d Court. then tob holden, at the Probate Office, in the City of Auo Arbor, and show cause, if any thertf be, why thí prayer of the petitioner shoold not be erantcd : ADd 11 is fnrlher oidered, that paid petitloner rivenotice ■ to the persons iiurn-su-rt in siud eetatc, of the pendency of eaid petition, and the hearing thtreof, by ( consinc acopy of thia order to be publisbod intbe Michigan Ar#ust a uewspaper printed and cirr.nlatmg in ftüid Connty. three succeisivc weeks previons to eaid d.iy of hearing. Ca trueciipyO HIRAM J BEAKKS. 1'26C Judi;e of Probate. Eatate of John Watling. STATE OF MICHIGAN County of Washteuaw, M, At n gession of the Probate ' üiirt for the t'mmty of Wasihtcnaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the Citj of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the fourteenth day of April, in theyear one thousand cightbnn dredand seventy. Present. Hham J. Beakei, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of Juhn Watüngi deceased Alvah Pratt and WiUiam Watling.ExecntOH o th last will and testament ■ƒ said deceased, come into Court and represent that tht-y re noiv prepared W render their Ünal account as such Executors. Therenpon it is ordered. tliat Mondtiy, the stx teenth duy of May, next, at ten oclock in the forenoon. be assipned for ezamlnfiig nnd allowlng tuca account, and that the legatot-s, devisees and beirs it law of said deceased and all other persons interested in said estáte, are renuired to nppear at a scbHion of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Otflee. In the City of Ann Arbor, in said County. and any there bc, ïvhy the paid account should nut bc allowcd : And il Is further ordereá that gftïd Execntors give notice to the persons inteN euted in said estáte, of the pendcucy of said account. and the hearing thereof, by canMng a copj of thli order to be piiblishcd In the Mirhigan Argus, ñ newípaper printed and ciienlíiting Ín said Connty. thrW BQCCesstvQ weeks previous to phic! day of hearing. (A truc Copy.) 1I1KAM J. BEAKKS, 12(36 Judge of Probate, Estáte of Enoch Jame. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahienaw, H O Ataseasion of the Probate Court for the Couuty of Wu-hUMunv, holden at the Probate offlee in the city of Ann Arbor, on Monday, tin eiirhieenth dy of April, ín the year one thonsand eight hundreo and seveuty. Prwent, Iliram 'T. Hoakee, Jndg6 of Probate. In the matlerofthe estáte of Enoch James, d Ct'iisi-tl. llt'iiry Li Tamee and Lyman D. James, Exec utors of tlie lnft will and testament of said d ceaseri. como hito Court and represent that they nrt now prepared to rentier their rst account ae suci Executors. Thcrcupan it is Ordered, that Ifonday. he ilxteentb day of May, nest, at ten o'clock io the forenoon be awtgned for ezaaüjolns and a'lowing snch account, and that the leñatees, de Isoet and hcirs at law of said deceased, ana all other persona Interested in said estáte, nre re qulrotl tO appeaf at ft seMion of said Court, then to be holden at tbe Probate Office. In the City of Ano AJTbor in 9idl County, and show Miiscïif any thcrbe wby tbe saU aoconnt BbottM nut bc aUowed : And it" further ordered, that sald Exocntors srive notice to tho persons int crost ed in SSld estato, of the pen dencv of said account, and the hearing thereof, hy caiisi'nfí a oopy oftbls order tobe piiblishcd in tne Michigan Argüid oewspaper prlnUo and oircnlatfaf in said County, three aaccessive weeks previous to I 8iA tl.-iv uf hcarintj. CA truecopy.j II1RAM J. BEAKES, 1266td Judire of Probate. PfíYSICIANS' Prescrip tions Accurately and Care fully Preparedby li. W.ELL1S&C0.


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