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B-hllshed rJ Priaayinoniing.ta thethlrfitorj Vl ,' -I '■ek. onn-rot Xlnmarul liaron Strei M "AKBOlli M(OH. Euwancc uu Kuras Street Jflosiie tac Post Office. jjtlBU I!. POÏI, Jidilor and [rublinher. ïernis, f'i.00 a í'ciw in Advance. ÜATES OF AÖVERTISINÖ ! [Jí liuee or less consi.-lered a stiunrej -' "" ..■.!. s w. Sm. 6m. l y. $8JÖ$Ï.OO . .,.. OOJ ::,', L.SOJ . -fÍcolr.!.iM ■-'.■■-"! :■..;."!:..'■' i 9. ■w„;;„i„: I 3.00 J 4.50 i ' fi.00 '. I ■ 26.00 -J",, !'ORY,nottoexceed fourilaes . ar. lrtlsreto thcmrtent of a qnartsr enlnmn in iv ]ontrct,will be entltled to havo thelrcardeln vrettory wlthonl íxtra charge. "'rn ,. Uotlces ten cents per lino for Ue flrstlm ei■ A -;' cents :i Itne rr eaeh sahppqcnt inserS51 bnt no notlc toscrted for lees than $1. a eciíl Ifotlcea ínce-and-a half the rates ofordi..■nts. Terl jivertlaero have llic prlvllojre nfchanirlnï ftrtvertisementfl three times. AdrlítionalchanSfUnbechargedfor. rf dvertisementfl nnaccompánlea bywritten or , hsl jiroctioii wlllbepnbllshed three raonths,and Kjmdáccordingly. ', ,,i idvertlsemente.flrel Insertion T0 cenln per ■te lieenta per folio for eacb snbseqnentinsertloi. 2nkDO8tponeinent i added to an advertisement jJ55olï , vd the same asfor flrst inserIB. JO3 PRTNTING. t. mnWcts Posters, H.unl Bills, Clrcnlars. Carda, n TMtets,'tabeta, Blspkg, Bill Heads, and other of Plain and Fa'ncy Job Printing, exocntöd ■'a.'n'imptneee.ancl in the best posH)leetjrl,e. Rniríle Rotary Card Press, cty ofthe lateot styles of Crd typ Süclieniblee 06 to print Card otall kinds in the ',,„;', e. and cheaper tlrai any other lüwlntheCitT. Business Carda for men or all av. . Rail. WiiddlTij! andVisiHn ited on short noticn. Cali and seesamples.


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