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Tt is undeniablo that the greatcst curi-e resting upon the printers and journalist of tlie country lo-dity, is the acquired thirst for strnng drink. Prom the highest to the lowett rank of the profession, glariug exatnples can be l'oüiiii at those who havo been led away uutil they have so far lost their manhood ai to bi; unnblc longer to control iheir appetitesj and who altérnate betvvoon fits of bacchanal rcvelry at.d times efsohrie ty wheu the r'eoolleotioD of their wenk uess produces a mental ngony wbicl (irirég them to the verge of iui-anity aru suicide. Following iu their footsteps the young men - the mere boys, even - are coming torwnrd to rebearso the foar iul tragcdy oí disajipointed hopcH, blaat cd allectiuüs, and guod ntmts dishonored. At the present rate of progresa in (Lat directiou, in a short timo it will be true, as oíteu esserted, that a sober priuter is an exeepticn to the geaeral ïu'e. Before us, as wo write, lies an oUituary notiea of oue of the most bnlli.'irit men coniiected with the Amerean press, whicli réada thus : "The closing years in the life of a mau so gifted wore pas-ed bcneath an everdeepening clcud of error and niisfcrtune that all but obseurcd the good he had done, wredung tho body while paralyizng tho once brilliant intellect, whieh ■lse might uow. in ïts ful! íipeness, have givon tho woild ia ampie fruition the ch fruits of its cari}' promise." Unly a lew years ago, a young man, a Chicago printer, whom we haveknnwn froía boyhood, stood befere us, talking oí bis own weakness (be was tben recovering from tbe effeets of a tlirce dajs' dübaiich,) aud pledging binisclf to a rcnewcd eöort to break looco from the toils wbicb wero fa6t gathering around hiin. fSaid he : " 'Wiue and Woinen' ia very pretty lalk and very poetical ; but 'Wantons :md Whisky' tell a good fight moro trutb !" Our poor friend, When we last beard of liim, was a hopoless inebriato iu a. Western city; and e espect to bear tbat he, oue of tbe noblest and most gtnerous of meo iu bis impulses, has gone to a disbonored grave, ic can narüiy bo espccted wnat wc say hcro will save any of the older meujbers of the oraft, who have already gone so far as to be hclpless ; but we hope to impress upon the younger men, whose babits are now forming, and nho are sooq to assumo control oí tlie afiairs of ;Lc uountry, the fact that t Ij ere ia no dangcrso great as that atlciiding l.hem when tliey first begin dullying with tbe lempter. It is indisputable that the man who indulges, even modera tely, in ardeut spirits caonot bo trusted at all timos ai,d in all places, even to care for lia owi) oterests, let alone the interests, )f others comniitted to bis charge. Tho jabit of indolgenoa is oce whieh steadily nfic si:.-, nuj grows upon ooe, until at att the fetters are êo strong that to ' - I 1 ! I pUHVl ■■11 (LTS Uuu .. .O when "the prime of manhood" is reaeh 'd, a time when onu's powers should be developed for the fullest usefulnesa tó limself and others, the habitual drinker iuds Limself stranded, broken down, and comjiellcd for the Eake of mere euce, to Bubtnit to tlie drudgery of the )iofi stion, being a hewer of wood and a carrier of water to ono hia inferior o -natural qualifieations, but who, by cteping Lis head c!ear and Lis nerves tedy, has been enabled to soizo the jolden opportuuities vrhich, at ouo time or another, are presented to every man, and su has been borne on to wealih and )ower. Young man stick a pin right herc : If rou have any respect for yourself, auy egard for the feeling of those who are jouud toyou by the ties of kindred or tfft'ctioir, any aspiration lor tlio futuro n this world or tho next, any prido in you criift, atiy love for your country, any hopes for that Ilumauity of wliicli ou are a part,iíwr, never taste of stront Irink.


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