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Picture Of A Florida Town

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ory UJjanus givcs tho following pon-and ink sketch of iho chief eitr of Fbrida: J Jackaonville, wliicli is the most considerable city in Florida, and is growing to bo a big placo. The soil is lonso, white sand, exaotly like our favorite summer re.-ort, and with no grasa to be soen, but trees growing out of it in tropical luxuriance. The Bidewalki over the greator portion of the city ure placked, bul the roadways are left ia their nativo state, which is not conducivo to fast driviug. Camels would be useful down here, though tbü mules seem to wadu through the sand very comfortably, liglit loads being the order. Like most general nnmes, thïs title of "Land of Flowers," given to Florida, is a deluoion. Except the niiignolia and the orauge blosAoms you mrely peo a nowef. I have se en just one rosebush in Jacksonville. The garden flowers oommon with us will not grow iu the loose sand, only the deep rooted vegetutiou thiit strikes the more solid giratum can be cultivated. Occasionally you see a gat den where the soil has evideotly boen prrpared, where flowers are growing. But fur ercry flower garden you fiud in Jaoksouville. you will fitd teo in Charleston, to maku the compaiïson with a Southern city. 8o witli fruits. We are worse off io Jacksonvil e for fruits and vegetables than you are in Brooklyn. I w;is goiug to luxuriaíe orí strawberries and creaiu, on green peas and otber guaitucr daiuties. No strawberries have I soen yct ; we bave peas at thó tablc, but tLey are canniíd uud Carne from tlie North. Evon salad is scarce, aud radishes phenomecal. We bave orane, and tbat s all, and they are dearer in the streets of JackiODvilk, within siht of tlie trees ou wbicb they grow, than they are io New York. pasturage lifcVe," uoasequenuy'Wjxniiriew: Everybody uses condonsedmük, I have seen two or three cows here, most dcjoctcd looking animáis they vrere, raodels for Pharáoh's loan kino. ' Frcsh milk for drinking purposes is served at the hotels, hut it is a very thin and suspicioua Bard. The butter is all imported. You couldn't get a pouud of butter out of a Florida cow ia sevcn ycaro. The only animáis that fiourish here aro pigs. The pigs are one of the feature of Jacksonville. Tliey are about as numerous as its population, and are held in such esteem that they have the freedom of the streets, in rel urn for wliich they do seavengor duty for the city. These pigs interested me ; like the population thoy are of mixed color?. I uever before saw such a porcige variety of oolors. There are black pigs, red pigsj brown pirg, yellow pigs, black aud white pigs, nnd s-peckled of every puttern, and a few white pigs. Jacksonville lias a business street, whicb. b lined on either sido with stores, and is quite a lively liltle thcroughfare. Soinfl of th shops reuiind you of Eastern cities you read about, in having no front, but beiog entirely ppeo to the street.


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