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An Infernal Suggestion

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In a certuin hii'pe nïty theio were two pretty sisters who had married, one an emiocut lawyer, tho otber a diatinguish' ed literary mau. Litorary man dies, und leavos youngor sister a widow. Some years roll away, aud tho widow laye aside her vreeds. Mow, then, it happens that a cer-.tiiu author and critic has occasion, on a broiling dny iu bummor, to cali On the emineut lawyer, husband of the clder sister, lío finds tho lawyer p'.er.diug and BWelteriDg iu a erowded oourt, soes hitn sufferiug dreadful'y frota the heat, pidos bina, rejoioeethat he hiniself i. not a lawyer, and goes for a cool saunter under the shelteiing troes of a fashiouable park and garden. Aaiong the ice-oating', fanning crowd thore, he meeU the youngor of our two sisters, and for a momeui he thinks he is speaking to the eldor. "Oh, Mr. ," auswered tho lady, "how dreadfully hot ifc is liere I" "Yts, Múdame," replica our luckless critic, "it is hot hcre ; but I can assure you the heat of this placa isn't a circumbtance when compared vvith the heat of the place whcre your poor deur hu3baud is suffering today !" A horror-stricken oxpresüion comea over tho faeo of the lady ; s!:e rioe from hor chuir and flounces iudignautly away. And "Mc miseriible," soliloquizcs our wretched critic, "1 havo been niiat&biog the oeo sister for the othcr, and she tliiuks I meaut to sny that her husbaud is - uot in heavcn !" - The Oalaxy. Jerrold 8 ys t'iat yomg boys wlio marry old m iids " jratlie.' in the tpriüg of life, the golc'ea (ruiiB of autumn."


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