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The Late Bishop Kingsley--the Manner Of His Dead

The Late Bishop Kingsley--the Manner Of His Dead image
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A letter just rcceiveJ from Dr. Baniter, the companion of the late Bishop Kiugsltjy, gives the followiug partioulars of bis suelden death. Dr. Uanirter writes : Not the least complaitit 01 poor healtb or bad íeelings did I bear uutil about 9 o'clock in tbo morning, April 6, Some rheumatic pain, as be oallcd ií, tben seizcd his left -ule. His pain iucreased some and he laid himself b tlie bcd. Soon he spoke of it as severo and as going to the arm and fingers ends. I asked what I ehould do. He said , 'notbing that be could think of.' I aeked if he had any relieving medicine for such a case. He aróse, unlooked his satebel, took out a vial labeled 'Paiu Keliever,' applied it to bis side nal arm. He also poured a linio in a glass and drank it ofí. lie was not ularmed, and I was not. I supposed it would pass away after a while. 8ooti I noticed hiin perspiring, and he coraplaiued of cold feet. I ordered hot water to be brougbt in for him to batbe his feet - Perhaps bis feet rcmaiued ten minutes in the water. He spoko of feeling relief, but, phortly, in a low tone, he faid he feit bad again. Adjusting his feet, as I snpposed, to lie down again, I turned from him a moment, and when I saw hiin the next moment, be was staggerirg and sinking to Lbe floor. J flew to raise hiin. In con8íerntttion I called for help. Beforo it carne his eyes opened. seeming glassy and strane, yet 1 hoped he was coming out of a fainting íit merely, and thought nothing of his being dead. We aised bim on the bed ; he ganped heavüy ; still I Eiispected not the cause. - The tlootor, who bad been eent ior, then entered the room, examined bis pulse and heart, aod,pronouneed the inaction of both. lie gasped oneo more and was gooo. A post morttm examination showed that he died of heart disease." The letter further states that he was buried in the ProUatant '■emetery at Beirut.


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