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The New York Judiciary Election

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The World gaya: The Judiciary elcction ia the State yesterday resulted in an overwhelnaing Democratie triumph. Tlie gains of tho JDemooracy are uniform froin all parts of the State, and the country returns are eepecially gratifying The estimatedmajority for Church, Domocrat, for Chief-Judgo ia the Stato is 58,000. Tho Democratie majority in tliis city is 60,070. All the Democratie candiilates for Judges and Marine Courts, together with those for aldermen and assistaat aldermeu ara elected In lirooklyn the regular Democratie tickei for city judges is successful over the coalition ticket. Tho election paesed off very quietly in thia city. The DCgroes voted without molestation except in one or iwo isolated cases. In the 'ower war()8 Beveral negroes were arrested for repeating. Including the balance in tho treasury on December ij lat, namely, 6128,403,237., tho reccipt3 of the government for tho quarter euding March 31st wero $224;847,243, nd the tzpenditures $100,005,029.


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