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- Unlremty ttl? Club stag at Ettlantazoo, to morrow cvcmng. - Mrs. McFarland-Rtch(W(JEB has pubtlshcd a defense whlch has somc vcrjr wenk BpOtS ui t. - By a vote of 40 to 23 the congregation OÍ the Rov. gin and niilk Sinyllic Uas requcstccl htm to resign. - A bandeóme lady promenaded p the nveuue Saturduy witU a cig;u' lu her mouth. Pree Press. Then the old proverb " hancisome Is that handsome does " is a lie, so we doubt both the beauty and the lady. - The coloree! votcrs reglstercd In New York City, precedlnj the recnt chartered elcction, numbcreii l,0ii7. - The Sorosis Club of N. Y. City didu't Hke the verdict of the jury in tb.e McFarland case. What a pi ty ! - Mrs. E. Cady Stanton proclaüns the vesult of the McFarland trial as a vecognition of the property of man in woman. - The pcople liave still got to be bied to support the Frc.udmen's Bureau, but uuder unother name, the Bureau of Education. - Isn't it rather strangc tiiat ourgovernrnent has so mueh trouble wlth the lndians, while the Cauadiau government never has any ? - According to Gov. Engllsh 493 dlvorces were granted in Connecticut during the last year, oue-fourth as many as the marriages. - Humor says thnt the N. Y. Iribwne, paid $1,000 for Mrt. McFarland-Riclianl sou's defense of herself and assoclatcs. Dear llterature. - Scvcral members of Congress, having no white young men in thelr districts competent to go to West Point, propose to appoint negro cadets. - The General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, uuauhnonsly resolved, on Satnrday, against a unión with the northern body. - It is stated that Eed Clond is on his way to Washington. A black cioud has been hanging over the capítol so loug that a chango is needed. - Anothcr brother-in-lav Dcnt lias turned up in California, and is immedlately supplied with a government teat, the Appraisecship nt San Francisco. - Consistency: The Jackson Citizen wants McFarland hung for shooting Rlchardson, but wants Vanderpool set at liberty lor committing a crime of a deeper dye. - In the British House of Commons, on the 12th inst., the woman suilrage bill was postponed for six months, by a majority of 1C2. There's heaps of hopes " nippcd i' the bad." - The New York Sun very unprettüy remarks that the "Republican party lacks both brains and integrity." It is needless to say that the Sun is numbered in lts ranks. - In the American Woman Suflrage Associntion, on the 12th, Ileury Ward Bcecher presiding, Miss Catherine Beecher made a speech against woman suffrage. A significant family jar. - Queeu Victoria Is reported strongly opposed to woman suffrage. What sny thosc enthusiasts who quote herréis as an evidence of woman's fitness for mixing in politics and the affairs of State? - Junius Henri Brovvne has made public a letter recelved by him from Ricbarclson jast after he was sliot by McFarland in 1867, but not oponed until after liis death, vvhich brands McFarland as haviug inherlted iusanity. The readers of tlie Augus ought to know that at tbe ncxt session of the Legislature a United States Senator is Howard. Such is tbe case whethcr tliey know it or not. "We take thia arly opportunity to advise thera, aleo, that thero seems to be do lack of ïladiccl candidateE - -loil men all - anxious to serve their country at $5,000 a year, mileage, steulings in, &c. Among them wo ñamo Jakk Howakd - who can't bear to relax his grasp of the teat; t'othcr Howard - that is Bill the Grand Rápida carpot-baggor and original "Injeauy Banker ; Furkv, now representing tho D'ourth District in tho House; Beamax, of the First District; Duiaos, if he gets through with the cadetship discussion ; and last but not least, "Our Blair." We hope to fiod tirae and room during tho eeason to name tho other "distinguished states. man" who hanker after the ñesb-pots oí Egypt. It is now said the Ways and Means Committee favor retalnlng tlie 5 per cent. incoinetax, but will increase the exemptiou to $1,500 or $2,000. This is not wlwt the people want, but it is botter than nothing. - Detrotl Tribune. Not being "what the peoplo want" is the mero reason that t 8 likely to bo what thcy will get. Congress is looking not after the interests of tho people, but after the interests of party, and rioga, and tronsury leeohes, and dependents, and hangers on, not forgetting tho manufacturera. Henee the incorne tax ia to be perpetuated, the tariff ia not to be reviscd and improved, and poütical reconstruction is to be kept an open question, forevcr. "What the people want" they will never get until tliey riae in their might and eject the corrupt and gorged barnacles froni office. Tuk Senate, on tho 12th, passed the army bill, reducing the troops in service to 30,000, eay after July lat, 1871, and makiogother material amendmentg, A most important ameudment, offercd by Mr. Trumbcll, prohibiting any offioer on either tho active or rotired list from holding any oivil office, was adopted after a hard fight, by a vote of 34 to 21. If the bill shall go through the House, Sickles will have to come home frorn Spain or resign bis eommission - pity he couldn't do both, and Badkau, Portbr, Dent, et al., loave the White House or tako off their epaulettes. In the Honse, od the 12th, Mr. Cox having criticised the word "aluminium," proposcd by Gen. Butleii as an article or tariff taxation, Mr. 13. inquired wbat was his "fault," Cox responded : "Your 'aults ? I eould not enumérate your aults, roy dear sír, if I was to keep penking froia now to eternity. I know hst is not a very good answer, but it is he way you answer ine." Butler Lad othicg to say. _ - . - - ■ - - Undcr this just decisión, makers of aper aro held to have some right„ wbich Bhavers are bound to respect, and nnooent" purebasers will have to ineet:gate Bucb papor before they take it. I Tuis s this way the uokliers in tho Frênch nnny are to beserved for votiu; agniiist the plehiscitum : "An opposition vote puta a black mark against his name, stops promotiou, and is surely folio wc-d by puuisliment." Anclhr evidenou ihat Zack Ciiandlkr exposed to Luuíb Napoleon how the "soldier vote" was manipulated o 1864. We don't yet read, honever, that the Freuch Governnient went as far as ciid onr Government, - arrest and roprisou oiEccrs who, aosing ur.der tho appointrnent of tbeir State reeeived Democratie votes. Wo are yot one ahead of these plthi$cilurn fellows. - Tl)'j must take anolher lesson. In the Judiciary eleetion in New York, on Tuísday, (he Deiuocracy Bwcpt the State, ihe majority boing olaimed as high as 70,000. The snroe was the result iu the New York City eleetion. - The ttadiculs - of course - acoount for their defeat by charging fraud of the grogset kind upou the Democracy. As "Uu rojjue'cr tolt the halter draw, With good opinión of the law," These hone.U Radicáis dou't think it posiblc that Providence would permit tliem to be houestly boateu. In the House, on Monday, tbo ru'ies were suspended to allow Mr. Binuiiam to roport u bill for the enforcement of llie XVth ameudinent, and despito the request for tune for discusión, t was paesed by a vote of 131 to 41. Putting bilis tbrough in that way is an outrago upon the rights of tho minority, aud disgraceful to a legislativo body. - If the bill is of the same eharacter as one discussed the samo day in the Senate, it will furnish a capital model for Louis Napoleon when ha has another plehisctïum to submit, er for the Czar of all tlie Russins. At a recent Woraan's Suffiage Gonveotion, in Nev York, a Mrs. Hazmtt, of Michigan, was one of the bright and shiuiog lights, and ia credited with the brilliant aDd prefound declaration that "but few wives marriud their husbands becauso they lovcd them." Now, who is Mrs. Hazlitt, aud is her "poor, dear husband ' unfortunate enough to be unloved ? We wait an answer in breathless suspense. The United States Seuate have liefore it a probibltory liquor act for the District ot' Colnmbia. It is in eleven very .stringent sectloDB, aiul [orblds the sale of iuioxicat in x llquors In Bnyform except by dcugglsta and theu only tor medicinal, ehemical aud mccliauical purposes. - Iiadical Ex. Certain Radical Senators, in the event of the passago of tho above bill, wil] Qnd no difficuUy in purchasing forty roil whisky and other liquida for mechaDical purposes - their own elcvation. In the House, on Tuesday, Mr. Jdlian, of Indiana, preeonted petitions praying for tbe iiupeachmont of Stepiikn J. Fielb, of California, one of tbe Associate Justices of tbe Supreme Court, anc Ouut.N HoFKMA, District Judgo for California Tl,. 1..1 ' . . the grounds assigned. Cyrus W. Fikld having asked Congress for a land appropriation to aid in layiug a cable frora San Francisco to China and Japan, a nowspaper wag propnscstogrant hint tho altérnate sections along ibe ocean bottom of bis stlected route. YW.l enough if be will not lay claim to tbo fishes wbich may roam over bis domain. The San Domingo Treaty. - As soon as St-cietnry Fisli returns to Washington tho President will communicate to the Senate sundry nmendments to the San Domingo treaty in order to avoid the olijcctioiiH made to it by Senators iu iLa present forin. These amendmeuts were prepared to-day. One of them places the amount to bo paid the republic at $1,500,000, with the proviso that the claims of foreign governuients Rhall first be paid, next tiubjeots of foreign powers, and then domestio debts. The citizens of Sau Domingo are to be fully protected in their civil and religions r:ghts. The friends of the treaty say the prospecta of its ratification are improving. Mining news from Montana and Colorado is favorable. A large amount of bullioD and dust is beingsent East daily.


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