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Kounly lo Soldiois. Ttiose who culistcdin 18)1 on the flrut cali of Preslent I.incoln, and who were honorably dlflCbwgftd efore the expiration of tho term of thelr enlistnent. aro cntitled to $100 ench, ns bonnty. And soldien eulisting uuder act of July 4th, 1864 ro to bc nllowed the unpaid InstulmeutB of bounty f thcy wero dlscharged by expiraUou of service, 'he nbove classes should ïnake npplicaiion to the undersigned: Maren 24th,187. 12C:tf JOHN N. OOTT, Bounty oud Claim Acnt. M'bat a Michigan Oratrcss Says. The Cleveland Leader snys : Mrs. Adela IIa.!elt, of Micliigan, is in a fair way, if she keeps on, lo got into diffieulties. At tlie receut Suffrae Convention in New York elie brought all learts to a uiomentary stand-siill by avowing that "husbanda would be thunder-struck if tliey new how few of their wives rnarried tliem througli genuine aficction." llero Ilien is ricliness. Has the world lived eo inany centuiies iu Uie faitl Chat the love of a woman was the purestand loveliest thiug that wc have any kuowledge of, only to be told at lastfrom a woman suiTrage platform that the dear creatures havo only been tshimming all this loveliores, and that thoy are mercenary, atnbitious and stonyhearted like the rest of us? Attcr all, however, wo niU3t thank Mtb. Hazlett. ïhere is nothing like knowing precisely where we stand in thia matter. Tliough she confided thia startÜDg piece of iuformation not in tbc spirit of a aweet, sisterly philosopbar, but rather as a decisive blow at the vanity of confidinghusbande, it is all the sanie. The fact is tho tnain thing, no matter how we ara enabled to reach it. We Bhall await with some interest tho end of this controversy. Thus far, no odo bas had the haidihood to contradiot the gentle sister from Michigan. It remains for tho ladies to impeach her testimony. For tho rising generation of prospectivo husbands the debate will have a Dear, not to say personal interest. The defeuse now bas tho floor. A beavy hail storm' passed over Omaha Wcdnesday.


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