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Raising And Storing Cabbages

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Last year tho writer succeoded in reismg cabbags of a sire and perfect 00 surpaesing those erf aseries of years previous. Tho method adopted is as iolIow8 : As early in the spring as the gtato of the ground would alljw, tho plat designed lor cabbage was plowed, and sowed with ruta baga turnip seed. These carne up, and by the time tho eeaboü for transplanting cabbages cauie around, covered tho ground with a dense growth of vegetation. This was tlicu epadad undorr-nd bolee were dug for receiving the placts. Into these holes manure was thrown Lnd also into eaeh a rata baga that by chance had remained over UDQsed ia the cellar, and for which there secaed to be. üt tliat lato period, no other use. Although the soil was light aud not well suited to cabbiiros, the resuli was that the phints grew finely and forme'd dense close heads in the fall, of a size as largo ae eould be desired. The unusual growth of tho cabbage3 is attiibuted to ttie docay and decomposiüon of the voge'ablo matter of tho turaips, which being of a lite nature with the fermer, afrorded to them just tüe material needed to make them thrive. Ilaving succecded inraising fine cabbnges, the question aroso how to preserve them throui(h the winter in a cellar so dry that all previous attempts had faiied, a few wuoks hoving snfficed to shriiik aud renüer woribjess al i that were stored in it. As an experiment, soaie long, narrow boxes were placed in tbe cellur, and iu these tho cabbages as taken frora the ground werc Fet, aud soil f rom the ground were set, and eoil from the garden was then placc-d about thoir roots, upon which water was afterward spriukled. Tlie experiment had proved a Buccess ; after a period of three months siuce they were stored, snmo muy be seen nearly as green aud fresh as when tiiken fronl the grouud A neighbor has suceeeded 'm keeping liis cabbafics as well, by digging a trench iü the bottom of bis cellar, iuto which the cabbages ere put, and the eartli sprinklod about their roots, - Wathingtun Star,


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