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. ,.,,,,,,1 -v.-ry FriHymiiriinr,lu the thlrdstor) fwSÏÏHni corner l Main ui Harón Streel '.', HiiK -MICH. Butrance ou Hurón Stroc ■;t ";o orneo. 'MUÍ B. POS! Editor and PublisUer. ftrms, $'i-00 a Year in Advance RATES OF ADVEUTISING: [12 Unes or lesa considere (1 a sduarc] """"J - i u . 6m. 1 y. -oaré" I í ■:' i ï-''1' ' I2-?? ! '■Ol' ' :í'"'-"" 'i.9!00 -HqnVr.-s I l-;" 8-WI W9I W?J s-'" , 8.001 4.5 r7.6OllO.OO 16.00 Ï.60I S.60jBÖl 9.00 1 18.00 BÖÖi ,■",., mimi I -■""! ■'■■'" W 1 10.W ;: ■SSí ;■■" '■■■:' ■'■■"' ■ ■ ■ 118.00 18.00 ■:■■.'■ tOM [6.01 rtRBOTOKT,nottoexceo4fWirllnei l níiayear. rtlwrftotliocTteiitof aqufirtfr column nuil i ontr.iVt wlll be gntltled to-hare thelrcardeln SlSorTWhontextrachar?e. . „({cea tes cent per lino for the nrsttoeer -,', ík centfl Une for p.'iHi nbet]pnt nser':"'í'u no notlce lnerted tor lest tlmn 1. I'0"' fjolices oiice-and-a half the rates ofordlicnts. . 'v '"'■"' '■"■'' ""' pr'TÜeíw nrchanïiiif.' liavertlsenienti' thrce times. Adilitionnlchan5lVllbechrgedror. v.rrt3cme!itsuuaecom;nio(l by vvriltcri or . me willbepabllshed threc months,and ílrrtíaccordingly. ■ " , iiivertl8emente,flret Insertlon T0 cents per Snt per tollo for ech sabseqncntlnjertlon. '"'.oostponemenl i added to an ndyertísemenl "rtóiewiU be ehargedtlie same asfor flrst iiiaerB. JOB PRINTING, Posíors. ftand Bills, rircniars, OíinlK, WL.'l,íbele,Blanki) Bill Reade, and other Bl!' ■, if pi-i:n aml Caney Jol) Pnnliiitr, ixocntcd "SrM-Wc aveaRmssrles R .tirj Oard Prpa, 'i i.rcv.iri.'tv ofthe Iitest styles of Cari typo 1, kïiïblMnsto print Cards of :il1 kinds in the ïïwtposBlble Btjle.and cheaper Oían VBJ other .Ine, carrií for men "f all - ;fé8lone.B(iH.Wdrp api Viril ta(r ,n short noticc. Callandpoiimples.


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