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My Lovers

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In the early golden roornlng, Waking at the break ot day TYhile my Httie, youogest dading Close besiile ir nestltng lay, Fearincr to dlstarb liis gleeptng - Fea ring happy dreams to break - Loy 1 there and softly watched him, Ère 'rom slumber lie should wako. One small hand his check supported, One was t-lirown across my breast ; Soit and gcntle was liis brealhiog, As a zephyr sunk to rest. Ou the tlieek, ialr, sllken lashes, On the lid, a nmiie of llght- Azure veins I foiully uoted, Noble brow, and tresses bright. As I looked lie sudden opencd Lyea Uiat instant soumin my own - Ejes that ïillcd wiili tender love-light, Whlle he spoke in cooiiis tone, "Fatber made a good select, "Wlicii," saitl he, " he s'lectcd you ; For," lie addcd vvith (leep fervor, " You are good and pretty, too." Llttie heart, so fond and faithful ! Otliei' overs, where are tliey, Who woold t hink il naught, tliat beauty Time is siealing last away ? Naught the eyes despolled oí brlghtness? Naogtat Üie cbeek less round and (air? :t the fooCstcp robbed of niitiu'ss NaOfiht time's povvder on the half Oh, my little precióos dariing' Oli, my little lover truc! Aiv.ays iln.liii}.' In his mothcr Wiiat is best and fuirest too ! Canyiit 1 him wilh smiles aml kissw, Clásped I liim with Bpfingtng tears, Thauklng Uod for such affuction To enrteh my future years. Answer me, true-hcarted mothers ! (Mauy such, thank (Joil 't tlierebe): .n your fairest, rosiest girlhood Fonder lovers did you see? - Gave they deeper idmiration - Choicer, teoderer, ur mor; gweet - riian yon now have froiu your children, Than your sons lay at your feet? :'our such lovers God hath glveo me, And 1 ve him' fonrfold praise ! franquilly, '.luis love-envlroned, On tlie future 1 can gaze - 3n the future, when liie's taper Kliali be rtickciius dim and low, SVhon the autumn lints have faded Into winter';; oold and snow. Vh, my sisters ! ah, my sisters ! Little know ye what ye do ; ;, refose the. loy and beauty Of a love so pure and true ! ["o wbose Btrauge, perverted visión Ohildless wifehood seeineth good - ■ Who desplse that crown of sweetness - ISoble crown of Motlierhood !


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