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Bonn Platt On Colfax's Deposition

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The publication of our excellent and admirable Vice-Trcsiclínt's íiffidavit, er, ns it ia called, depoeitiou, toucbing the vindic;ition of the infurintcd busband, in New York, Í8 a great relief to the social, poütical, agricultura! and pomological tíreles, squaies and triatiglcs of this incorporated congloméralo of popular folly and sinl'ul fashion, kuown to the world as Washington City. The Hon. Sehuyler luis been so prominent in (mes past as a free-eoiler, that a miil BDspiciou, not to gay faiir, feil upon the moral community here, tbüt he might aleo be tinged '.vith free love. It soeiijs nuturtil that a free-soi!er should also be a free-lover. Our Muugen had sonie painful doubts touching the matter, and old Jerusalem Smith went about with bis iotcllrctual browa eorrngnted, like a fluted shirt bosom or a rufflsd skirt. Ah o Vico President is putcly ornamental, lie, as a neressity, becomes a model, asit were. Wheu admiring multitudes look down fiom tbo galleiies upon the Vico President, tJioir minds aro not dit-trieted fiom his imosirig presence by any sense of duties, and henee there is a coDcentration on the man that miikts it necessapy that he should be mildly dignified ii mnnner, ind a dragon of virlne in moráis. A J'resident may have his little wcaknesses, and a resgrnaü is ajjt to bu vicious. But túese are lost in the grave respongibilities and work iuijjosed upon such pub. funes. Bul your Viee President is elevated and invites seruliny. 15ut we breathe easier. Thfl üon. Sehuylcr has taken a swear at the case, and comes out trumphantly. lie sits aloft, like Patiencn on a monument smiling at Grief, the wliicb alwnys struck me as very aggravating to Gricf. But tho war? of culumny that overwhohned i he renerablo Greeley, and uwept over the pious heads of Beecher and Frothinghatn, and submerged the tall forras of Til-too and Whitelaw, beat haimlcssly about the biiRo of the monument on which sils Píitienee (Schuy'er aforesaid) siriiling at grief that ie, tireeley, Beecher, TiltOD, el al. The Hon. Vice PresideDt first of all eahaly and with dignity ewore to his ge. He had anived al tho ago of discretion. He was forly-seven and upward, which means moro or less, as it were. He then proceod3 to tcll na tbat bis acquaintaoce with the McFarland family was slight. lie was at a party


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