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We picked up a letter in the streef, the othcr dsy, of wliich (ho following is a copy, cscopting the addresscs. The owner onn havo the original bj oalling at our office : Dbar Brotiikhs, Sisters, Cousixs, Aunts, Un'cí.e?, etc : - I now take mv Beat and set down to fake this opportunity to inform you that I am "])at!d," lint is, I Buppose I am, for Abbie has got a rice fat b:iby, and we hope these few lines will fiud you onjoying the ame great Messing. Now this is to be ítrintly a business lelter. lurstly, ns I gaid before, Abbio has got as nice a baby a ever mada u) (aces. Nextly, I have swapped awayold Buckskin, and Ithink I have got a protty nice horse; is a littla girl and wcighs riine poundn ( mean the baby), and in as fat as butter, aud lias got a good strong pair of luugp; t-ho is red and got a bobtail (the hor?e I mcau), and a white stripo in her face, and is a good driccr; sho has got blue eyes atid a dimple in her chin (I mean the baby uow), aud just the prettiest mouth tliat ever was (o courss), and judging from ber téeth 1 sbonld think she wiig nbout six ycars old (I inean the hoise now) ; eho is sound, smooth and (I mean the liorse or baby eilher now), atd the dostor enys she is the fairest ho ever saw, without any exeeption (he means the baby). I got twenty-iive doilsrs to boot, not in the baby ecrape, tho', for the boot vas on the othcr foot, uid two or three ssizca ]rger, aa near us T oaofiod ooi, I am going to ]];irncss the horse now, acd go after motber ; - sho was born Jast Wedncsday night, tweniy minutea past nina (I hope yoa dou't think I mean mother or the horaa, ! mean the ba!y.) Slu; is as henrty ri. i pig, ate an egg, a bisctiit, and drank, three cups of tea for her diimer (I mean Abbic). She isgetting aloog niccly, and f she don't havo any bad iuck sha will et a!o:ig fustrato. She is ralher ieindy, md thoy eay that is o. sign of cholic (I neao the baby). I hope it is, for the ïurwe says Goïicy babies never die. Sho ;alks througli her dezg (nose), and ihe :akcs snull' (the mess j mean now). 'J'here, I've boen readiqg this over, wd I sce plainly that I ain't fit to write The aranuDt of it is I am ilustrated ; I im daddy, and that accounts f(ir it, go fou. must excuse me this time. ïour, SAM, DADDY.


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