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A Free-and-easy French Woman.

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Madame George Sand has lived a romance, as well ns writtea many. By crookcd paths, such as groat families rarely traverse outsido of France, ste traces her lineado b:ick through niisolli anees of nobles and shop girls to Marshal Suxe and the famous Aurora de Konigsmark. A wifo at cighteen, a mothcr at ninetcen, geparnted frbm her imsbaud nt twcr,ty-?even, she bcgan her literary life in tho true style of the distiogaisbed author of Uro novel and the melodrama, in a Paris attje, dressin in male attire, pnrtly for ecónomy's sake, partly for freedom, and partly for saleiy,' liviDg on five francs a week, and ïoding it hard work toearo that. Tlie critics did not receiveher kindly, and for a yenr or two siie had a hard 5ght, not for faine on!y, but for lifo - Hor mother-in-law luid orfancied that sho had srae shadowy connection wilh noble iamilies - her husband was a colonel in army - and thought that publicity would pollutc the family name - 3o Mad.ime Dudevant gave up even her liusband's name- abr.ut all lie had ever givcn her - and to the public became George Sand, the ttle by whieh all die world has ktiown her ever siuce. About the süine time that she wou a verdict íb the court of the entice, she wou a judgment in the Parisian courie, where she had lonp boen bnttling her husband for tho possesion of her obildren and her gran d mot her's estáte. - Since tlien she has continuad to livu ut lier chateau at Nub.tnt, whero she stilt, ut the age nf sixty-five, writes romauces of love and marriage. A' dumpy linie woman is she, Ptil! full of liíe and vigor, an-1 like to be to tho last, who, if lumor doe? not bolie her, spends upon principie all her incorno ms tut as eba receives t thnagfa by no mears all of it upon herself ; does all her writing between the hours of miJniglit and bíx in the inorning, in her toihile de nuil, and alwnjs with the lid of the inseparable companion of bcr library, a package of cigarettes, uid finds her chief amusement in supplying the fish for hor tablo with her own skill and by her own band. - Jlarpers Monthhj for May.


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