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Sunny Rooms

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Every wonian is wise cnough and ïareful enouo;h to secure for her hotisejlants overy bit of availablo sunshine Juiing the cold Winter monlhs. Great loint in taken to get n southern exposare for tliem. Indeed if onc enn secure ao ot lier than a north window for lier [ slic ha too mucb leve for these uneouscioup, nniiuate things to keep ihem at all. She woold ra tb er lenve tliem out in tlio oold lo Au; oúíríght, thfln linger oút a warUr exietence in tiio .l:ide. Folksnced sunshine quite as much as ilan:s do. Men and omen nho havo a fair degreo cf strength and Ibe usa of tbeir legs can et out ioto tha world and pet aglimpsfi of the Bunshlno now üiid (hi'i), !ind if llicy clioose to do so let them livo in rooms with only a norlhern exposure ; but if it is possible, let us pecure rooms into wbioh everv ïay of siinlune that falla in Winter may enti r, for the it'.lo babios who ore fhot up in tbe house, invilids who;. leavc their rooms, autl nged pcople wlio ar& tou inCnn to got out doois. Let us ieflect for a moment that theso claesus oí pereon if lelt in rnöms wrth only orth windows will suffer i ust as mueh frotn the abseiicc of fuiisliine, as greiin growing p'.ants would do in the snr.e roou:s, atul tiieir utlering is of account, ifi proportiou íis a human being is bet ter than a geranium or a faschift. Peryhody knows liow a bright sunbT doy in Winter gladdens every ono who is situatcd o as to enjoy it. Let ua make forn:: Bfterifieee it' nood be in order to givo the féeble ones their mcasurc of sunsliinc. - Laics of Life. A lítÜO '■ ' "lüceticut lv-, ::s!:i;)g a mato who Good Friday wch. reúCÍTeá the withering rcply: "Well,yBeo home and read yoar Itobiueon Crusoe. "


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