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The Gambler's Passion

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A New York correspondent tells this of the downward progresa of joung men in the city : "New York i full of young men who are oompolled to be idle, nnd hay'mg no cmploymeut, ore drWcn to crime to upport lifu. Hneh young nicn ea briog money to the chy aro quiekiy led into tomptation. Tho adroitneas with which thcy ure roped in is almost garprising, aud when once thej hare taUd lbo Ciroenn cnp tho power oí reaistance is lost. The brothel, tbe luw concert room, the drnktng honses and gambiine aslooas of this city Imre done a larger busi-jíM during the past winter than ver licfore, and hsnee the season bas witnessed a great degtrnution of life and cSflraeier. Por inslanoe, a eonntryman who, with his wife, waH stopping at the Asior, vra rcctritlj led into John &lorri8iej'g gnrobliiig heil in Broadway, iií Union Squar?, and pluoked of S4,0üy. Tliiü loss cm'.y esoitod hit f:e:izy, r.nd in hope if retriüTing it, ho brrroAcd L2,000 of bis wife without explaDation, and lost that a!so. Tlie pair were lott utterly destitute, tind as a matter of CDurae, tlieir complaiat to tbc pólice was a wasts of worde. "Another instance which carae to my tnowledgé, was tbs!, of a young maa who canne hcre to bay goods, and wl;o also was roped and cleacsd out. Such was bis distrcf that he at otice took passage for Havnnn, and dicd on Ebipboard of fevcr. I presume tliat not lest tlmn 8100,000 per wcfk bas changcd bands at the variou bells in tbia city during tbe past nintor. All this is dnr.o in the faca of probibitory kws. Uut wbat are lawB in a place like this, where moacy and politics ecpally dofeat jnstice ? Our pólice Í9 too vfoll paid by our princoly biackleg? to interiore with tbo operalions of the lat ter, unless forced to do so, and tlien they ooctrivc to eend word of their approacb. "T he passion fnr pambüng is prnbably tho most invinciblo and abcorbiog of all the masters of the soul. I bayu known anumber of zifled business moo who W(re ttcr'y incapable of resiating it. Ilerp, forïüstanoe, is II L , wbc is so heifcleis that he can not be trosted to oollcot a bilí. is a capital rnlesman in a large jobbing t-tore, but if any of the country customers wbo meet hira at the hotel should pny bim au account, be rushes nt occe to lbo gambling room and tries big lucV. In (hit wny he hng utterly lost oonfidepo, and it can nevr-r be rcgaiceJ. Onet nigbl I was awnkened by this follow with aa ap peni for a loan, All he waoted wus 610. He was in intense exci'ement, sntl said thak he bad boen plajing end lost all, but ho knew thst if he ■ bare playpd twice more luck would have tumed and bo would bave brokon t'.;e bank ; and. as it was $5 a throw, $10 would Buffice. Reaaoning uiider suob cireumstance wp in vsiu, acd my onlj way of getting rid of the fellhw was by giviug consent. His wfvtch- a cheap thing - wa left as secui it.y, and baving got tho money, he dartod off in high spirits. I did not see bim ngain for six inonths, nnd I need hardly add, the wiHeh was never rudcemcd. This ruined youth pogsessed rara abilities, but they were all wrocked by tbe absorbiug passion."


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