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A Hard Random Hit

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"Many a thnft at random sent" bits bi soniething or otlier which "the arober" he ittlo meaut to touch. Wc h;we hoard of 3n anccdote Ilustrativo of tliis truth, in vhioh bas probably Dot appeared in ed print beforc, and which has been lo!d us co, is a pieco of genuioe history. It hHppeneü ia a large city - aevcr mind what úty. There werc two pretty sisters wlio hnfl pi marricd, one an eminent lawyer, aud at tbe other an eniiiieut literary man. Jt Literary wan dies aud leavesthe youngk ar Bister a widow. Some years ro!l 13 iway, and tbc widow kys aside l;er Ie weeds. Now, tben, it bappens thnt a fe cevtain autbor iind critio bas occasion, '' du a broilitig day in summer, to cali on w the emiuent lawyer, husband of the eider t sister. ai He finds tbc lawyer pleading and fc fwe teriug in a crovrded court ; sees tliat na tbe Jawyer is sufFering dreadfully froui w ibe be;t, pitios bim. rejoices that bimself ei is not a lawyor, and poea for a cool sauns' ter under tbe sho-ltcring trees of a faehfi ionablo park aud gardeu. s' AmoiiGT tbe iec-eating, fanuing erowd C ihere bc mcets tho younger of our two sj sisters, and for a moment bo thinksbe is speaking to the eider : u "Oh, Mr. M ," answereó tbeliKly, E "bow dreadfully hot it ishero 1" "Yos, n niiidanie,'' replies our luckless critic, "it si is bot berc ; but I can assurc you tbc s' beat of tbia plnoe isn't a circumstance s' w'tien cDmpared with the heat of the j place Tïhere your poor husbaDd is sufl'ori' ing to day!" e A hoiror-stfiekeQ expression comes c; over tbc face of tbo lady. She rifes o from her chair and flouuoes indignaoily " aay. xAnd, "Mo mieerf'.lile !" so!:loquizrs ! our wratched criiic, "ï lnvo been misb taking tde one sister tor the other, sbe thiiikfl I rr.eant to say that her huaf' b:iud is not i;i hoaven !" '1 Among tlie war relies in t)r at. 'liR United States arsenal, in tlii city, isa gun to whtob ii nttackcd card, foui 1 Muy .r, 1866, under tho butt. plato of tho gun, beüring tliis agB bit of history : "ïhis gun has l'iss'il tlirougb t.ho following bittleo, in the handa of Sergeant Norer of Ms: teors: Horge Sft(iO Bei ng, Campbell'i Station, Enótvillo, Wildorncss, Cald Harbnr, Petersburg, Jac' Ab'iiso!) Station, and ETioe?8 liluff." Lot ï-'crftannt ba held ra grateful femembrance. - Spritipfield (.Mms.) liep. Over niño tliousan I e::iigrants avrivod nt Now York f rom Europc lat weck. - Vi'fi loarn, too that the Paf-ifi.; mR;.l .-((■amor Japan, whici arrivod at Sau Prancifleo last FiiJay, brought foartcen hundrec} passengers, thirtcen hiindréd (sf woöui wcro ('hiniic èiuïsrants. Tlius !o of populftVJon i ■ : B of (lic coi:tiii(Mit. t of the shailswfl i I ) n t r tes our path t!ironi,'h life nre causad by our i ?!au ing ia cur own ligbt.


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