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:s ono ál thct mutubly conl, audaoioua ciass of wea who irili, without tbc least hesitation in tho vTorid, po anywbfro and do nnv'biDg ofwhich t;uy are capable, without, regard to "titoe, plao, dpgree, or manncr." Happeuing in a Wostern oapit&l during the session of the Legislatura, he hcard soui of Lis ucquaiataücee complaining at the brcakfait-tablo of the unr.ïccsfary eeverity Trilh which the sergeaut-at-arins ouforced tho rn!o excludine a!l o!rn" than niembcrs fi"ra tho 'oor. It euemed that the rule was oca ol long standing, but that until the ses"iou thcu in progrcgs ihe indulgencie of ': ■ i -ieera haii ollowed it to be evaded n some csfca, Now, however, it as ising rigidly enforeed ; and tho remarks .bat D?.yo heafd obon.t tho nrrogncco and insolcpce of this paW incumbent. dressed in "a litt!? brief anthoriry,'' Würo stro: g ar.d bitter. "I '.hink he'll me, Dave obícíved. "I thini; ho won't" was ths pcsiiive rejoincjer. "I iiiw him turn away a United States Senator and an Ex-Governor yesterday, o say nothipg of tlie best peop'e of the city.11 "Bet you ten dollars that I go in," siid Dave ; and th'e raouey was immcdiitely put up Aft-cr breakfast, Drvo gtroücd over tn tho K'ate-house, with the oiherafollowing, curious to 830 the reeult of his attempt. Astsuming an important aud knowing look, our adventurer pressntpd hiniself at tbe door of the hall with several mernbers who woro ibout entering ; but the lyrjx-eyed sergeant failed to recogniz hiin a member, and stopped him with the lalatation, "I say, sir - who are you ?" ''Davo ü , gif," was tho ready response. "Oh, you aro, aro you?" eneered the macebearer. "Have I secn you here before, I'd lifee to know ?" "Very likely, vcry likely," replied Dnve, in his brisk, eany way. llI thÏDk you bave; but I've met so raany smull men about here that I cau't sny for certain." The official ptood fighast at the nonchalant imnudence of the rcply, and Dave elbowed his way in, and won his bet. - Lippineott's Magazine.


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