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Fire At St. Louis.

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About balf-past eight o cloek thig evoning a fire broke oui in the bindery de partment of ibe Missouri Republican office. The flamea spread wilh mazing rapidity, and in Ius3 tban ten uiinutcü tbe eutire building was a sheet of firo, and at this writing notliing is left of the oSiee but a mass of ruins. The losse are as follows : Ono eight cylinder press, 835,000; one four cilinder, $20,000; job room, $30,000; ncws room, 810,000 ; bindery, 810,000 ; psper, etc. 610,000 ; building, 840,000 ; library, 85,000 ; total, 8160,000. The four cylinder press, which was not in use, was in a íire-proof vault and isprobably safe. The largo press may al se be sarod in a badly damaged state. Tbe private library of Win. Hyde, managing editor, valued at l,5C0 was al?o lost. The Queen's Warebouse of Heinke, Teil & Co., North Maiu street, the rear of wbtch joined the rear of tbe Jlepub lican office, took fire and was damaged about 525,000'. The stock was valued at 860,000 ; insured for about g25,000. Tbo building waa owned by the Republican Compauy, ncd was insured for 5,000 in the Homo Mutual, of St. Louis, and $7,000 in Easteru Compauies. An adjoining building on the south, occupied by A. Jubel} & Co., notions and fancy gooda, and the Merchants' Paper Collar Company, wcre badly damagcd by water. The small tobáceo stnre of William Baoh, on Chestnut street, across the alley frora the llepublican oflice, wns erushed froni falling wall. Dumnge to stock and building about 3,000 ; ineured. The Wcstlkht Post newspaper, on Chestnut gtrect, opposite the Republican, was badly scorched, but was saved by the tiremen. The licfublican will itsuo a fmall sheet to-morrow, and thereaftcr continie its piiblication as usual. The publicatiou of tho Irish News, which was priuted by the lityullican, will be suspended for one week.


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