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Pat On Woman Suffrage

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Iliirrsb ! for tho íido ís comin,' 1V'l.: tfoe ladlea shall vote Hke the min. Och woih't the pools bo a biooinlu' Wtth featbcr and crinoline thln [ Electlon day. t'iiu, I nm thlokln', Wlll ba tlje praat rtay of tliu yinr ; Wliiii lusos aa' lacls will be drinkiu,' Togetlir tbe oiinüidatt's beer. WhaVs (he ose to wrnnffle wid RIiTdy A bout who the liviii' símil mata? Au.' sine, ir 'i will piase lier.I'm rldtly Tó jivcjip tlie Iioil for lier sake; An' stayi'i' cll clay at the shunty, Tó tiin1 to cfomest'i ftffairs, A bolin' the balf and pctatie3, And iiaeucïiu' tbe rips an' the talrs. Thln, whin election approachcs, An" tbe ítsses aru marchia' tlie etrate Vi"i bi;r bands of musió an' torches, An' Ridcly standin the trato. Pil bc ou the sidewnlk hurrahjn' For me oirn darliif Bicíiiy McFlynn, - Wtí a chile in ras arras, an' drawiu' A cab with a ufther oue íq. Au' wliln she is makiu' her spache, Belore the gTeat oues of tle land, that 1 vriU lend her my brachei, An' slt by her side on the stand, An' after she's done wiil her talkin', f)ch ! thin liow the peoplc will cheer, An' off to the pools be a walfcln' An' votiu Íot B!dily,'iny dear. An' whin all the rotiu' is over, Au' IJliKTy's electedj sure thln Tt live libe a pií ia the clover, Wid lïdnora'&e 3r. MFlynn. "The ühanty 111 quickly be larln', An' livin' wld Higant taste, Wid a horse in a sliay for roe driTla', An' a nagur toTTait on the baste. It's nli'er a lie I mn spalíin', But truc Iv'ry word tïiat I say; It'g not mcse.í twould be taklu' Tho r'íriits of tbe lndies away. H' r. lawle, thhikia' it proper, Should sTiotilder the irmrtar un'brick, trJ il ut huk'to the ttuuf rrmild ttitqyher ! l'd' black iiib two eyes purty quick. The way is for all to kape alsy, An' ;ive to the ladtat üheirway ; Tlxiy'H stiy ni an' voíu like a daiy, ïfo matter wliat " IHacTcguards may siy." An thin sliould thcy offlee bc sakin' ()r twlrlin' the piek or tlie sphade, An' for us no tivlo bc makln', Who cures, so the liviu' be made f


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