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Drainage In Houses

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Thia is a matter that is far too much Tieglooted, not onïy by farmers, but aleo by tljos.j Yiviag in towDS and citics. It is nc uncoiüir.on thios to fintl familie sv.ftering greatly from sickncss, even Lo the leagth oí' deat!: to some mrrabers, snel running ap a bilí for medienl attendance from uo oMiflr causo than such a siinplo nn lightly thouht-nf matter as a few iaches of water in the collar in early ■winter or spring, aftr goma unusually hiiiX.y ,-.'. fail. Last year there was iii'io!; mcfe of this to complsin of than usual, üTi'ag to tuo wetuess af tlio seae n, and in instances that carne under aor noties it seoined to bo regarded as almusi a personal r.fïront to teil tha inatatai of a aickly bouso tbat a few dollar.; spent in drairing tbo cellar vrould restore 'V""" to healtli, nnd save ps.vrr.cnt of a heavy medical account. It v.-as tot so uueli tbo mere presenoe of water tfiaf roised tho trout Te, as tlio fact tbat tbe water was foul and etagnant, nnd iac jcjomo mprcsalcd with bd odors in tbc form of gases, arising froro 4he do'jomnsition in it of vegetable raattsr, euch sa half-rotten potatoes, 011Í0U8, iürni'ps, cabbaes, oto., nnd also tli? (eo:!76u vrood of the bottom or sides of cellar, wbich in muuy farui-houses tra constructed of loga nnd plauks. Tha door yarü, iu too maiiy cases, is lso a Lreat source . of unhealthinesg. A!l tl'.c tlirty waler ia unceremoniously thrown out a1 the bck door, wbere it collects ia a littie pooi, to be dabbled in by gocsc and .iuoks and waüoned in by pigs, sonn fetiorir. into a mass of pollution, the vvv smell of which bring discase to those who may h&ve to pass in i"d out r.ear it, as wel! as to the auimals which frequent the spot, It is noihing bul thoughtles9LeiS, perIiaps, in seme cases we niiv say shiftlessritfes, that would rauso any persou to put up witb 8Ucb a cooetuut source of ñnoyanco fiad ill-hcahh to bis farialy. It is of tbe first importanco to secure proper drninsge to every dwelÜDg-bouse nd to mako provisión for the comfort and hefiJth of tg uníales, by seeiug that lts wbole surroundings are kept clean nd in good order. If a furmer can uo íkivo dry cellar, or ouo that is wel drafned, be hr.d better have none at al to bis houie, but ruther have one under the baru, or make a good root cellar near tho barn ; and aa for the slops o Ifee house, it would be but littlo extra tronble to throw tbem in a bariel, to be eiuptied when full on the yard manure heap, or usod to water the garden with


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