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Sandy Soils And Muck

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The power of fertility which exiët in tlie silicates of eoil is uiiliniited. An tmproTid agriculture munt depend upon tbe ekill with which this is brougbt iuto nction. It eau be alone by tbe cor.'junc tion of palts, geiue, juck and plants Barren sauds are worthlcse, a peat bog is littlc better; but a practical iüustra tioo of the prinoiples which have boen rcaintsined is afforded ïy a very sandy Inoll made fertile by spreading wamp inuck rpon it. This is giving geine to bilioates. Tbc very act of exposuro o; this mvnmp ruuck has caused an evolu tion of carbouic acid gne; tbat decoraJio?3s the eilicütcs of potash in the Band ; Uié potasb converts tbe itiíolublo inte eotuble manure; and lo ! a erop. Dry crops ploupbed in, no matter how scan y, their volame cooattntlv wil] increase, td can Bupply the place of swaiup nuek. Of all soils tobe cnHivited or restored, Dona are preferablo to tbc tniidy light boiIs By tbeir porousness irce accoee ia given to tho powerful eifeets of tlio r. Tbey are naturaüy iu that s!ae t which tieuchirjg, draining and sub 8oi ! plowing nre reduciug the Btiffer lands of Kngland. Mannru may ai wel! be tbrown into the water as ou )snd undorlaiu by water. Drain tliis, and no mnüc: if tl;a upper saud be almost quhliGaiiJ, manure will coovert it fnto fertüe, arable land. Tho thin covering of iuo)t Epaicely an inch iu thickesH, tho srodnee of a centnry, may bc Ubltated b Btadyingthe laws of ita forn;nti.n. TLia is tlie work of 'vBTaluré' lice hand." JTaio la loug been fcír jonrceymín j and öow, gnidtd by ttience, tlifi farmer becümes tln niastci' ■werkman, and produces in om year (uite s nvQoh is tl b] prentjeo muda in ieveii. - Th CivmHry of Soil.


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