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French Method Of Raising Tomatoes

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As Boon ss a cluster of ilowers iro risible, tho tem is topped down to Ihe cluster, 80 that tho fiowors termiuate tlio 8'cm. The effect is that tbo sap ia iinpelled inlo the two buds next below tbe olustcr, whioh Boon push strongly and produce anothcr clustur of flowers ench. When tlioso are visible, the brnch to which thoy belone; is nlso topped down to tbeir,level,arjd tbia is donosuooogsive-. ly. By this means tbo planta become stout dwarf bushes, not above cightcon inchos high. In order to prevent their falling ovifi etiok or striogsare stretched horizontally along the rows, so as to keep tbe plants erect. In addition to this, all the laterals that have no flowors aud aftor ihe fifth topping, all laterslu whatsoever are uippcd off. In tbis way the ripe eap i directed ioto the fruit which acquire a beauty, I1U ond exwllenoo unattained bj othei means. - Horticttltuntt. Under inatruotiong. the officinla of the rarious Britieh embassies, legntions, and oonsulatcs havo been forwnrding of laic to the Foreign Ofiice d mnss of very intereBting ioformntion rospecting the tenure of lands in the countric lo which they are accredited. Especially from the United Statce aro the returns f uil, aud in these reporis the irriters laygreat stress ou the easo with which any Amorican tenant onu turn hmso!f uto a land. lord - an ease, pcrhnps, that will Dot muoh -ontlast tliis giooratioo, we roay say, if the gig.intic land robberiea dnily abetted and doubticss shared in by Con gro8sarenot checkcd. Already milliuns of the best acroa in the far Wcítcrn country are n tho of huLe oorporations. which aro oble to thue do awaj to considerable extent yith the chaap land system heretofore characteri tic of thoso regiona. In time tho irj'irious effects of these monopolios wil! nppear much moro distinctly than at prasaot, though even now tho thoughtfui obscrver inay note thoir bad infiuence Much as is said of the v ondorful, even magi(; growth of the extreme .it, the faot m that the figures íliow oometliing wrong California baf;i]lcu off,. Nevaii.i ha talIon off, New Mexioo fliiS fnüen nff; and even whero there liaa tieon an incre;!seit seems o great pnrt attained at the expcoie of ttie loeiditiea showing a dccrease rathar thaa f rom a bealthful !rowth. Tliere are, do doubt, othcr causea at work, but still tho gathcring up of the choioeat land.i into tlve poirer of giant monopolie eatniot be r.'garded ks operalbff dftriinoutally upoa the West- Ar. Y. World.


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