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Pitiless Fate

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ï saw in my dronm a wondcrful stream. And over the etream was a bridfjo eo fleutler, And orer the white there wu scarlet llgnt, And over the scarlet a golden Bpleucïor. And beyond the bridcc was a goodly ridpe Wherc the beet mivio houcy and e om wasgrowing And down that way, throuh the lt; Irl and ;ruy f A gay youuff mau in aboat was rowiug. I Gould Eñe froni tho shore that a rnne he wnre Stuck in hib button hele. rare nu the ïarctt; And siuging a songj and rowtng alonp I guuüöfU. his face to be fair a tho laireat. Anrt all by the corn whcre the bene nt morn Mado combs of hom-y - witii breat.'iinbat, I saw by tht; ttream (it was only a drennij A lovely lady that watched nud waitedThero were fair green lea vos in ler rilkeu pleevas, And Ioopo locks in the wind wei e blowÏDg, And ehe kisscd to land wttb her ruilk-whitu haud The gay youuj; uiau in the boal a-rowiug. And all eo Ttiht in her apron white She caught the little rad 'fe he capt her. And '■ haste !" aha ciied, wltb her avms so wide, t "Hitste, swectheaït, haate :" but the bout was pas her, And the gray uo co)d ran over t!ie goldi And ehe eijjhcd, with only the wiuds to hear Uer- "Ui' Love me ÜU -itid h rowod with n will, But i-itilea Fate, uot hf, was the ateerer." And there till the morn blmhed over the corn And over the bees ju tbelr bweet combe humminj, Iïer lockb with thu tU'w divnchcï tluoogb aud through Slie watched and waitetl her fulsu lover'scütuiug. Hut the znaid of to day who rcads my Iay May kei p her yoanc aeart llght as a fcather- It w&8 only a dream, the bridge and the stream, Andthü lady uud lover, aud all togethw.


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