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A Young Lady's Soliloquy

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Cselessly, almlessly dr.f'in: tbrotïgb lift, la; was I boni for ? Fur Sorue joi'y's wifc," [ am told by inytlicr. Well, that belng trae, "Süitiubütly " kefps hlmself Btrnngel; frozn lew And if DAagbi bul auniaffe wíl] settle mj fat (1 l belicve 1 BhaJJ die in au uusvttlcd state. Por, though T'm not aglj- pray wbat woiQAa ia ? - Vou mlgbt aaaUy find & more beantiíul phlz : Aud tiiuu. as for temper and manners, 'Qa piala Ie who Beeke for p ifottiim wlll BCek hert in viin. S'ay, in ü])iti; of tüese drawbacks, iny hcart is perverse. AbcI I sh'-uld uot fcel srat6tal "for bctter or worse,'1 fo tako the fti%t lïooby that eraciOQsly carne Arid ofi'ercd those treasares, lii.s home and lii name. think, ilicii, iuy chances of inurriae iru emiill, ;ut why should I think of Buch chancee at all y Iy brother are nll of ihcm younger tban I. l'cI they tlirivt' In the world ; why not let me try ? ', know that in busineeá I'm not tin adept iecause f rom tuch matton most BtlïcUj I'ra k ]jt, ïi.t - this ia thequesihm that puzzles my Blind - Vby om I not traincd op to work of BOtne kind ? Jseleaiflv, aimleealj drliUns throngh llfe: y'hy ííhüuUl I watt W) bc "boniübodv's wifef1


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