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A Thrilling Scene

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A letter to tho Omaha ITerald, dated "Oíd Militia Camp, ou tho Ytllowstone, May 11," eays : A party compoaed of Julos Parrar, Pierro Oernard, lko Iledac-s, George lleuden, a Crow Indiau, aud ihe underfigned, lelt this placu on the 13th of March for a trip to tho almoat uuknown falld of the Yullowstono. Ou tho 2d of April, about 10 a. m , we haltad at tho baso of same foot-.hi!ls, ibero being soma signs ofgold, and commenced slnking a hole. Wc hnd no' procceded long with our work before we were utartled ly seeing our Crow Iudiun running awiftly townrd ys. He reported a small band if Indiana, known as "Sheep Eaters,1' distant about four miles abovo, and in tho gamecanoo. We felt no great uueas:uess, huwcrer, koowÍDg full well that vvith our improved tirearms we vould be onaDlcd to ovíicooo 50 of tho snoiiking red devüs. Tlie same uight our pack horsea three n number, wero run off by the "Sheep Ea'ers;" wa 8ír,rtod in. pursuit before daylight, and the sun was uot more than fifteen minutes' high when wo struck their tra'l. I'Yoiu the appearanco of the same, it was evident that they had at least fuur hours the start of us. Upon questiouing our guide, we ascertained that the valley we wi-ra in, and which their truil foilowed., was bordered on both sides by precipitoua niountaine, and there yus no possib'e modo of esress save by the upper ODd of the ralley, which opeued to tho Yellowstcne but a short distauce abovo one of iho falls. No Booncr wiis this information elicitod thau away we sped in pursuit. Aflor nearly three hours' sharp riding, we oame upon the band, and, ia a nianner as to cause us some surprise, about inidw;iy in the stream, where could be seen a hastily-construoted raft, composed of drift-wood joined together by thoogs made of buckskiu and buffalo robes Upon this etrango craft were secn, u the center, thirteen bravea, while fiva squaws wcro cssaying to paddie tho uuwiuldy craft to tho oppusite shore, vvith pieees of bark as substitutos for paddlcs. Our pack-horses were iu the river, and also wcre tho Indiau ponies. Four of the lattpr roaohecj theopposite shore. This strange sight bursting upon our view rendered us, for the time being, inoapable of actioo. At aglanco we could see that ibey wero gradually going down strearu, dospite the efforts of the squaws, and although our seuses for the moment forsook us, the sharp crack of a rifle, and the yell ot a "áheep Eater," told that tho oquaniirjity qf Qur Crow guide was well preserved. At this juncture Pierre Bornard shoutéd out, "ForGod's Biikc boys, dou't murdor them ; they are bound to go over the falU." We looked, and a eight mot our gaze which was fearfully impre-aive. Tiio raft hoving boen caught in an eddy, not a vestigo of it was to be seen, it baving sunk several iaciies below the surface, and the Indians seetued to be like so aiany weird spirits floatiug on the rushing waters. Ono of the Indiaus rose, and, bsndiug Lia bow, shot our Crow thïough the arm Tho shot was returnod, and again a yell of pain wa hcard proceeding from a "Sheep Eater." Bernard then told the erow, in his own dialect, to stop firing, but he paid no atteutiou to the oommand. Again he raiscd his rifle, but a lari&t akillfiilly thrown by Pierro held bim fast. ïhe sceue uow presented was one which thoso who witnessed will uot forget to their dying day. The mid-channel, in which they were no swiftly gliding down, seomed to be clear of obstruotions, while op either side jngged rocks peerod out fram the foaming water. When about fifty yards below where wo were standing, an old Indiau arose and stoo# ereot in the center of a circle of bravea. Hu spoke a few word, turned his faco tcnyards the sun aud seemingly bade it farewell, then wrapping his robe arouud him sat down. The sqiïaws immediatoly flung their picces of bark into tho river, threw theni6elves ou the submerged raft aud oommenced pulling out theirlong tiesses, in the nieanwhilo soreaming and howliug more liko demons thau human beiugs. Indians seatcd in tho oircle shook hands, and tlun commenced wuiling their always mournful death-aong. Noarer, nearor, they aj)proaphcd the fearlul ahys?; still not a movement was perceptible on the part of the bravos. They sat as immovable as statucs, and did not (juake with i'ear aí the near approach of the King of Terrors. As they shot swiftly down the stream, our party instinctively raiaed their hats whilo looking at them, and I doubt if there was one, except tho Crow, wbo did uot show signs of visible emotiqn. We turn from tho spot with indiscribablfl faelings. As wc tako our last look at the tieauherous etreuai, where 18 rnortals passed from life to death, we discern hoTering oyer the fatal precipice two large eagles, whoje snreams resound above the nuise of tho water?. The roar of tiic sa tara et aud the eagfee' scroamsl what a fit requiem for theie departcd rad cliildron !


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