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Padding And Painting

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Conoorniny; the delicate tiueslLoi o padding tba íegs and painting the face Miss Logan onlers intoporae eurious details. " Ths woman," she saya, " or tbe mao either, who cannot cxhibit a shapely figure ou ibe stage, has certainly not lcarned the way to tbe chop of the padmaker. Thero are quite a number o] tlieso ' professors of syiuiuctry ' in tbis oountry, but they are most uuraorous in I'hiladelphia. ïbey advertise quite frcely in tbe theatrical journals, and no ono ceed ba ia ignorauco of their wbereabouts. They tio uot buldly advertiré pudding, of courso - tbe popular term tbr padding 'u ' symmelrical goods. Miich ueed not be here naid of tbe modus operandi of the pud-mker. Tbe foioncu iius in weaving leggins or ti"htb in Lueh a way tbat (bey shall increase Uu: tiiick.iess of the cr.lf, tbe thigh, &c , and woven putting Blik or cotton in the place wbere flesh is wantod, aüd thus conct alluanness o? deformity. Thtis a tragedian with lower limbs like pipe stoma cm pull on bis tights and stuuc bcfore a,n aclruiriug audiuiicc with tbc Bturdy lugs of an alhleto. " To iual;e up the faco U one u: subtlest ar',8 of lbo nctor. Who that bas wituessea the acting of Kistori in Queeu Elizabeth, but will romember how f rom act to act sIio visibly gtew oldtT beioro our eyes ? Not only by voioo and marnier, and gait was thig ohatigo effcctcd, but lier face, bright and joyous at the boginning of the play, becaaie grai]u:,lly wridjcled, pale, and oareworn ; her hair grew grayer and r, until at iast, as she lay on tlie couch represonting the djing Cueen, she seem ed reduced to a skeleton and livid as a corpeo. ïhis w:is brought about solely by her perfeut kuowledge of how tu make up the face. " I was behiud the scones of the Freneh Theater in New Yoil;, when Ristori waa playing Elitaleth, and when I carr.o to look closely at her face it seemed a nieaninglcsa maps of white and bliek mar ka with deip daslies of rtd uuder tbe eyes ; but at oue stvp of the efffiot was woudeiful, It is easier to inakc up the face to look old thau to look young; neverthiilef-3 a oareful mingliug of pink for the cheek, white for the forchead, black for the brows, and carmine for the lips, will go a great way toward niakiüg au old and Lomely woinan look liko a young and handsoino one. Lauguahi.u Anï(;doib ov Dn. Cooikk. - Dr. Cooper, of the South Carolu.a (Jollego, was ono of thj best naturtd old gontlomen that ever lectured to mie;bievous boys. On oqo occasion, wben ho eutered the leciure room, be fouud tho class al! seatod with most unwonted punotuality, and looking .yoridrous gravo. Miscbief, it was the cause, and it was apparent that tbey were prrpared for a burst oí' laughti'r as tbe old doctor wad(lled along up to tho professor's nhair, for thcre sat tin old he-goat, Lolt upright, lashod in the chair. Jiut they wcrii disappointcd in their fun, for instead of getting anj;ry aud storming at íhein, ho iuildly i emarked, "Aha ! young gentlemen ! quite republican I see, iu yyur teudencies : foud of representativo goverumeuts - elevated one of your number to tho chair, ha! Well, well, it is allright, I dure ay the prestnt incumbent can üll it as wc-11 as any of you. You may listen to bis lecture to day. God bye ! Don't fee! sheepish about it !" And away he went, without leaving a single smile belaad hiui.


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