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Greeley's Views On The Bahamas

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Says the Boston Post: Greeley, who Las been sojouroiDg fof a short time iu tho Bahamas, writes a column of Lis " idoas " to the Tribune upon malteru and thingu ia thut hoaltli giviug seution of the West Indies. Aftor olu-cidat'mg and succinctly describiog the geographical aad agricultura!, features,, of the Bahamas, he touches upon the " idol " which for years ias boeu the; principal " god of bis idolatry " - thOt negro. After tiiiity years of freedora, he tells u, tbcy cviuco uil the goodani bad qualities of their ancestry. They are docile, kind, civil, pationt and bn-. maue; are uot generajly pioyidunt, energetic, nor aspiring; and content with iittle, which ju gome maner they gener- ally secure ; are not inclined to ï?urk, and. very fow of theni acquire wealth. Fifty ceuts per day in town nüd twenty-fiva in the country are tho usual wagos paid them, and there aro always more wantjng; work thun can get ït eveu at tlieso ratas. Ti.e philoHophcr is forcad to adrait from, whal hc haa Been tliat tho jluutatiooa which wero productive and ÜouriBhing under slavery aro wholly dest-rted and useless undor freedom. In eumming up his " iinpreasions," he teüs wbat liU tlo hu kuowa of fairping in t!t sectioa and " hazards an opinión " that pine-apples, bananas and other tropical fruit may bo grown on ths islo, with profits by proper cultivtion. lie thinks now ia the " accepted timo " to commencs op erations in that line, for, from their tbree years' debauch of blockade-ruuning, tba Bahamas have nearly recov-t ered : the gold that overllowed her atreeta and jinglad ia every poseket hivs vanished liku a beggar'a dretvoi of aplendor. All thut is uceded to inake the country truly the " land of milk aud honey " ii. a fow industrial chiefs and organizora, Supposicg you eaigrate, Horace,


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