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Butler Aud Bunting

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The Washington corvcspondeut of th Cinciunuti Times, Kepublican teils thefollowing auccdulc ol Gen. Uutler : There are men whonty ib'ot h is A good iLing is told of hitu in t h i h direction. A year or twci ago, during the diaoussion of a tariíf bilí,, whsn the paragrajh m bunting wn reaobed, 'lis paf that Butler aroeo to higher ilijhts (of eloquoace) ihan werft cer Boared by our proud Atnericatvbird ; that he apostrophized YankeeDoodie with erandiloquent emj basis; that he utigmatized it as a burning sliame ibat we chould be compellcd iq bay the very bunting typical of our glury cf tho mODapht; d Europe ; Uierslore he proposcu, out of g',ishing love for tlie Vunkeo caglo aud the üag of our Foiirth of July, to doublé, ay iuadruple the duty if necessary to pro tect our glorious bunliug manufactures, ïho effect was electrioal. IJis proposition carricd. Joke. He ownea 'the onhj bunting mannfactoxy, if tlie United States.


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