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A Subterranean Outlet To Great Salt Lake

A Subterranean Outlet To Great Salt Lake image
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Corrine, Utah, May 9. A Pubterrauean oullet to Gieat Salt Lake has been founU opposito Corrinp,. and butweea Frcmont and KimbaU Iilanjg, ïiio echooner Pioneer, Cap-; tain Haiinul), sailing in the vicinity laat Tuesday, was drawn into the opening which s au immense maelstrom, or stn pondous whirlpool, aud the descent and circular inutiiiu of the ater were jq rapiil aud violent that the vesael ws made to epin arou,ud ia it witli J'Wghtful velosity, anj ft was oiily with tlie bigh wii)d prcvailing at (he time, that abe was euabled to sail beyond the inf}uenc$ of the ;av#! chasm. Captain líannah. reporta tbat he has no doubt whatever tbat tbis opeuing, uever bcforo discovercd, is the grand outlet of the Lake. A party of fyientifiü men will leave berp af once ou thesteatner ijate Coimer to iu vestigata ibis grealest of wondera. fhe, result wíl 1 prubably fhovr how, fir age, the accumulation froui a tbouaand mountaii) treams bas disappeared through the earth's surface. ♦ ï ■ - A corlain oki olergyman who had tj most unboundtd faith in Watts' hviniibook waa fond of saying that he could uever open to any pago without finding au spprepriata hyiuu. A mit-ebievoua son of his thought ii would be a good joke to test bis father's fitith. So he took an old soDgand pastod it on one of the pages of the book, over a hymn, so nicely that it could not be eiisily detected. At church, on Sabbath morniug, the minister happoned to open at that very page, and commonce4 to rcad : "Old Grimes is deacl" There was a sensation in the audience. He lookcd at the choir and they looked ut him ; but sucl) was bis faith iu Watts ' hymus that he uudertook it ngain, comincncing with tbe saino line. There was auother sensation in tho audience. Looking at }t agaiq, and then at the congregation, and then at the choir, said ho, "Brethren, it is here in the regular ordor iu Watts' hymn-book, and we will eing it, any how." Toucuiko Triuute. - Tho New York Commercial closes a touebing tributo tp tho meuiory of Charles Dtekens, thus : "How much the Tiny Tima, aud Li: tle Nells, the Poor Joe?, the Mai chionesses. and Smikes that still go roying wbefiieuded through lifc, have sufiFered from this calamity they will percliance iievep know - but those whose heurts bleed for their wretchedDess, whose tearsflow free-: ly over their wrongs, may ooe day point theiu to the grave of Charles Dickena as to a epot siiiiclii'u-d as tho re6ting piauo of one who fought thtir fight, and gavo up his life on tho battlefield He haft 1 moved on ' to take hij place besido the simplo lad of Torn All Aluuo'e, thoogh no uiinistoring 8nogsby chcored his shadoy reireat with the old inau's nffering of an uoselfish afleotion. Tho blow was too suílden, or a wond might have hung upon his parting accounts and implored the ruurcy of tbe destfoviuji angel."


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