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Senator Howard In A Tight Place

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Tho Washington correspondent of the World e a y s : ïl)orc was quite an exciting soeno in the San Domingo committee to-day, wbioh shows the way the admioistration has been working up this San Domingo business. Consul Perry was on the witness stand. A niember of the committeü put substantially this question to him : "Were youever approached by any ono to influence your aetioa in making your report to the State Department on thu imprisoniuont of Hatch ?" ïhü witness replied, "Yee, sir." "Who bj 'r' "The witi.css answered, "By SeDator Howard." 'In what way ?" Mr. Perry replied, "Senator Howard cana; to my room at Willard's Hotel, vvhile I was writlDg my report, and asked me what I was doing. I told him. Ho said, 'ïs'evor miud, Perry, don't writo that report. I will see tbe President and make it all right.' " Senator Howard, who is a wember of the coniixiittee, jutnped up and suid, "That in not truc, sir." "It is true, sir," replied Perry. The chairman of the committee coinmauded order. Mr. Perry very coolly look out of liis pocket no lees than three visiting cards of Mr. Iloword, and on ono there was a memorándum asking bim to cali at Iloward'u rooms. After ail it may yet be very fully proven that very improper iuflueDcea have been used to negotiatu tho Kan Domingo treaty aad to secuto its ratification. The esports from tho port of New York for the past week, exclusive of specie, are esüaiated at 83,370,711. Junius Hcnri IJrowne, the journalist, and Miss Lillian Louise Gilbert, ei.ster of Mrs. Calhoun Itunkle, wero uian ied at Jersey City Weduesday evening. Accounts from tho cotton crops in Georgia aro unfavorahlo. There has been too much rain, and the weathcr is yct unsettlcd.


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