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The T. A. A. And N. R. R.--4 Word To Farmers

The T. A. A. And N. R. R.--4 Word To Farmers image
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Mu. Editor : In auticipation tliat tlio farmers of Wsshtenaw may bo o;illLjipou to contribu'o llieir mita Wa;Js ecuring the Toledo and Aun Arbor Ruil lload, o faw words in regard to tho advantages and profiiM which this olasa of cómmuuity wijl derivo trom sucli a road, inay not bu inappropriate. Whilo the citizens ot Aon Arbor havo responded nobly to tho different committcos liaving Uña matter in charge (with n iew dishonorable exceptions), and have raised by Bub8oription more tlian would havo beeil raised by tas, hud tho decisión of the Supreme Court been otherwise, it is fearcd tliat he wliole project will fall through, unless those who may bo expected to dei ivo as mach benefit from tlieroad os tho citizuns of Ann Arbor, will choerfully give their as.istance, when oalled upon, to complete the cuntract with J. Conant & Co. In tho opiniou of tho writer of this article it would uotrequire uiuch of an argument to provo tliat tiie farmers of Wash'euaw will recoive infi:iitely more benefit, by a coinpeting line with tho Michigan Central, than the citizens of Anu Arbor. This, howevur, would load to a dissertation, nt prcs?t foreign to our purpose, and wo shnll be content in ostabüsbing such an equaüty of interest as ought to induce tho farmer, as well as the citizen, to contribuye abuiidnntiy in aid of ihis great project, upon tiio succofs of which their mutual welfare find rrosio;ity for tho future certainly dependa. It is difficult, Bomctimc?, to get individuáis to render mataría] aid townrds an undertaking of tliis kind, until faots and figures aro preseuted whieh must conviuce thcm.jboyoüd arcasonable doubt, that the saiue must be a profitable investment. What benefit, then, will the Tolodo and Ann Arbor Railroad be to the farmers of Washteuaw? In nnswer to this question wo shall ndvauce twu propositions : l'irst, On all cercáis tho farmer will recavé at the very least, an average advancc of fi ve cenls per bushei more than at pie.scnt. Sacond, A saviug will bo made of at. loaat five por cent. 011 all expenditures. A careful iuvest'gation of the s'ubjcct must satfy the most incredulous that the above propositions are Bubstantially correct, and that the pereentngo is the lowc-H pO8sible csiirnate. This calculation is 110 guess work, but is based upon nctusl datn, furni-hed by the known tiiriff cf freighis between Ann Albor and Detroit, and a comparNen of the excess in theprioepaid f-r vheat at Jackson over other places along the Michigan Central duiing llio last year. Now, lot an npplicatifm be made direutly to tho producís of the farmer and his lowest estimated annual expenditures and what Í9 the resul t. The producís of this county, in bushcls, (taken from tiie etatistios of Michigan, 1864,) in round numbers for 1870 is 1,500,000. Add fivo pur cent. and this ivea 75,000 as tho advuntag'j tho farmer will certainly reeeive each year from this source, wlien the new road is completed. Again : The population of Washtonaw may safely be put down nt 40,000, ono half of whom, say, are farmers. Estimating the per capita exponditures at the low smni of $25.00 - dcducting the fivc per cent. as stated, and this givcs an nnnual saving to the farmers of $25,000. Here then, in two items, is n yoarly addition of $100,000 to the stock of funds of the farmers of Washtonaw, saying nothing of an increased market for hay, wool, pork, halter, cheese, and whatever a farmer has to sell. Let the farmers ponder these th'iDgs understandingly, and thoy will consult their own inturests by etrikÏDg hands with Anu Arbor in aid of the proposod road. Now is the golden opportuuity, and now or ncver. Obseuvek, The Democrats of Fairfield County, Ohio, are ertdited with liaving resolved that : 'lWc aro u fauor of disowning the bonded dubt, or, in other words, aro in favor of repndiatiog it ; and, if paid, wo are in favor of lotting tho Abolitiou party and its negro allicspay it." Which resolution must havo been drawn by a Radical emissary, and tho Democrats who voted for it are fit candidates for an iuaane asylum. So long as euch. worse than nonsenso is uttered by Democratie conveutions, so long may the Demoêracy of Ohio despair of victory. iW-t - -C- a- On ME 15th inst., Attorncy-Gcnoral IIoak tendered his resignation, whicb was forthwith accepted by the President, with "assurances of personal esteem and friendship," but without a solitary expresbion of regret that tho Radicáis hnd made liis couch in the Uw offiue as uneasy as a bed of thorns. Gkanï iiomediatcly stole the march on tha politioians by eending in the name of Amos ï. Aki', of Georgia,- tho head of the Ghant Electoral Ticket in tho lato election - as his successor. Akerman's "disabilitics" having been removed by act of Congress, ho is now supposed to bc "loil," wliother capable or not. Jkkomk Napoleon Bonapahtb, son of, youngest brother of Napolbon L, and Mies Fattison, whosc marriage the Fronch Emperor rofusod to recognize, died in Baltimore on Fridny lait, agod 05 years. His mother, once tlie bello of Baltimoro and yet bonutiful in her oíd age, survives him. Ho leaves two sous, Jkuomk Napoleon, educatud at West Point and now serviug in tho Frcnch Army, and OhaslEb Josepii, Etill a youth. Sexatoii Ramsby failed in getting his bill abolibhing tho franking privilege attachcd to the Pcst-office appropriation bill. It was amended nigh unto doath, and tlien killed outright.


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