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China And The United States

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-Wc hftví now receired Dr. Speer's work, Chtnt and the United States, a notice of speclmei chapterg of which appeared Ín thlsjonrna a fortnight ogOi Tiie favorable opimoi tlicn exprassed is fully bonio out by Hit completo work, wlilcH is onc of great valué Snd iloep interest throiighout. Publishec iu Chicigo, by Jones, Junkhis & Co. Sok by snbscrlptlon. Energetlc and rellable eanvassera wanted everywhere. IIkahtii & Home for thisweck, (Jatee June 25üi, contaitis the ílrst of a series o sketches entltled Jethro 'Ihroop's Night Tkmiglils, by John Thomas, who is no other than Petroleum V. Kasby. The great humonst will tuke an liouest country boy to the city, conduct liim through tlie usual expèrience, and restore hlin to h!s home a tadder and wfser boy, satisfice! that thc peaceful, honest and températe lifeofthe farmer is the best and safestlife that can be llved. The Northern WJiig, publishod nt Belfast, Iretand, notiecs the death of 3Ir. -Maiiy EmvAnns Thompson, niothcr of the celebratcd Mabia .Mimes, second daughter of the Hev. James Sinclair, of Glastry, and aunt of our late fellow-citlzen, 'i. JI. Sinclair. Tiib telegraph crodits Iíutlkr witl reportiog, on ïucsday, ';a bilí for a ful nnd general grace, amaesty, and oblivion' of wrongful and rebe lious acts, bufc a synopsis of tho same in anotlier column will show that n Butler's dictionary full and geuoral aro words with a limit ed meeting, the exceptions being numerous enougli to íeep the real leaders of the SoutU out in the cold yet another whüe. Thk Seuatc has not yot confirmed tho nomination of Mr. Akerman to be Attfirney-General, or had not at our latcst Washington adviecs. Th Crcat Sagucnay Vire. An official iiiquiry Dto the resalta of the Sa;ueiiay firo has boen irade by M. Boucher de la líruerc, by command of the Minister of Agrioulturo and Public Works of tho Provinee of Quebec. Tlm total nu mber oí famiiiea rondered Lomeless and entirely destituto sfivo hundrod and fifiy-five, and one hundred and forty-six fiimiliea havo lost houses and other baildings. In thesteamer which conveyed the Cotnmissioner, a quantity of goode for the use of tho suü'erers was carried clown, consisting of licen, hardware, seed, grain, and useful nrticlos of both a personal and domeetic nature. - The localiliea devastated by tho iire wcro the following: Chicontimi, N. D. de Lattierre, Kinogami, St. Jeronie, Metabetehonan, La Poiuto aux Tiembles, and Pointe Blou. In his report the Commiasioner thus describes the cenes b3 witnessed. I everywhere found the most completo ruin and desolation. Animáis, houses, fences, growiriíí crops, forenta, all, had well uigh wholly dieappeared. Several persous periahed in the iiaines, and a great number of othors were seriously injured - The great proportion of thoso who cbcapsa death did bo only by ilyiog to wcils, cellars, and decp holes iu the carth or by taking refugo in their boats and pusliing into tho sircams. TJpon the ruad I ciieountercd the dostituto families of tlio uufortunate colonista, some of (hem half i: ■'■], and nll of them waitng in anxioty tiie arrivsl of Jood aod succor. In oue underground chamber wliich I visited four men had taken rcfugo and wero burnod to death. Tlicir tubes were afterward gathered togather. ün the way I was cmitinuaMy ttopped and begged of to visit tho sick and the wouiuled, aud I complied in each case, giving them all the consolation in my power, and promising them tb(moit prompt aid possible. Tho roports pinlisbed in the nowspapers, far f rom beiog exaggeratcd, catnc, iu my view, short oí' the reality. The extent oí country ravaged by the firo cummences at the Kivcr Miitanini, at the head of Lake St. John, as far as Ha I Ha ! Bay, a distance of twenty-five leagues (seventy-five milos). In this district the number of families who havo lost everything and are ruiued is fivo hundred oml liftyfive. Two churches were bnrned to the grouud, as well as sevcral milis. Iu tho of St. J crome, on a road built up ou the east sido for a distanee of not less than niuo miles, only two ovens were found standing. Next follows an account of the distribution of Buppües, and tho (Joinmissioner continuos: I am unable to rettniio tho expresaion of my admiratinu with regnrd to tho conduct of the clergy acd otlier citizens of the ravaged localities, Iheir zoalnd readiness to help being apparentlj without limit. The more fortúnate have freely sharcd with their des'.ititute hrethren uil thuir lincn, grain, provisious and mone}'. Wany poor people must of ne cessity have died of hunger had it not been lor tlie charity of thu people belongiug to Herbertvillo and Chieontimi.


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