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With raiu-clouds íiyiug about ia abundance at the cuuinienccmcnt of the pust week, ouly a few good showers havo partiully fallen, and thuugh these havo refreshed the follugo and the grass, thuy have gong very littlo way iuto the soil. A raiu of about forty-eiglit hours is still wanted ; and our neighbors the Freneh it seems have had very similar weather, and show their increasing feara by the rise in their prices and ckmand on our stores. A considerable quantity of oats has agaiu been takeu on Freneh account, and wheat not eo threatened there by the weathur has boen relative)y forced up till English prices have ief.t suffioieut margin tor business in thi graiu also ; indeod, medium qualtty California white has been taken for Havre at 52s. per qr. free on board, and Nb. '2. red American has : been shipped for Antwerp, tle ready transit aiaking our markets more eügible than those moro distant. There aro still indica'.ioni of rain however, and should it come we may expeet a littlo reaction, more espeoially in spriug eorn. Yot onts havo been so low, and our o,vn s'.ocks so cleared out, that we cannot expeet them to fall back to the extremely depressed prices from which they started. As it respects wheat, we take up this grain on the broad ecalo of o deficiënt" erop latst year and probable abort eupplies from the Baltic. Ya have alrondy reaohed the turning point, our last average being 45s. 4d. ogaiust45s. 2d. in 1869. After toucliing 4ÜS. 9d. tluiing tho second week in March, we then liold it a very possible thing tbat ratos before harvost might move upwards - lliey have abuut reaohed half way and are still rising; so any rough weather or foreigo caunalty might easily fül up tho complement, and then thero would be somethiug better for tho farmors, without any pressure on the commuuity. If Franco sliould keep outbidding us and buying ;oo, the matter would ba very easily ataiucd, and tho fact that, bol'ore the lato start, cur low qualities wero goiñg off ;o Oeotral Europe makes it euificiently clear eitber that the erop tlioro was not rood, or that farmers iu theso countries declined pelling on our terms. The ransiont dream, thereforo, 6Ï overoaded granaries and cndless supplie.s seemii uow fadiog away. Siuce the ibove as written, huyera from Eranco ind el6cwhero huvo fuithor ecut up irices.


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