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rjIVIDEND. FiRbT National Bank of Axn" Abhok Aun Arbor, Miel:, Juno 2-íth, 1870. The ïïonrd "f Diroctor have this day dcclared Setni-nr.nHl DiTldendof Kiw ■ ; percent., V. S. Tax, payable on and aft.r the lst day of Jal uext. The Transfer Bonks wiïl bc closed from the 2öt iust.nmihuut day. 1 I.'W. KNIOIIT, Cnslilcr. TJEPORT OF THE CONDITION OF TUE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF AÏIST ARBOK, In Ann Arbnr, In the Statn of MIcMflDi at tliü clo of business ou tne 9th day of June, loIO. RESOURCES. Tj"aiis and DigcouDts $lDÍ.24r.í) Ovcrdrafts B mdfl t.o fcnri' circulation 1(W U.S.): redepoMti 50 other ytotks and Bond iso.i Due from lieservc Agents TB,1(2.' Daefrora oihcr National llauks 11.U94.Ö Banking Hoom $'d.05i.72 FnrnUore and Flxtoies 2,MM.68 18,992.3 Current Expenses 2,190.07 TaxeePald 800.00 2,490.9 Check and other cae h ltemi and Revrnue .Staml)f 9.r.7.S Bills of othtT National Banka li.".( Fractional Currency fjncludlng Nickel?J I Legal Tender Notes. 28 Bills iu Truniíit 1,000.7 Ï432.3T0.4 LIABIL1TIES. Qapttal Stock pald ia $160 noo 00 Bnrplaa Fnnd 4JSt9A Intereat and Bxchange $10,367 sCi Proflt and Loss 3.9K.87 14,100." Circulatint; Notes received from Coniptrolli-r teO.OOU.PO Leas niínint on hand 1,275.00 fiR,7-5.oi Individua] Deposita #.... 90,740.5 United Status Deposita TS.834J ÍI32 S7O.4 I. J. W. Knkíht. CasMer of tlie First Naüona Bank if Ann Arhor, do solemnly snear thatth above statt'iiHtit ia tnte, to ttie Ucst of my kaow] ed?e and belief. J. W.KNIOHT.Cashler. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) CoDltTT "i' Wá .im:"w, f ' Kwornto and subscribcd to, beforeme, thlsBtli da of Juno, 1S70. KOBERT .'. BARRT. ïiotary Public. Correct. - ttcst : I'. VTELLS, ) P. BACH, 1 Irecton C. H. MILLEN, ) fn TEA. TEA. C. A. LEITER & CO. OF No. 1 GREGOIIY BIiOCK, hold the Solfl A gene y of tho Great United States Tea Co 01 N'cw York, for the City of Ann Arbor. This Cumpany deal fxclusively in TEA andCOF FKK, andpurchasethiir Tea by the Cargo. Thei Superior Knowlecïtfe of thb Class of Goods, and unu sual (aoliitiea íor purebasing Teas, give thera A GREAT ADVANTAGE over smallor dealers. Tliesa Tea are put up In Poun'l Paoknjfes, (dOTn ireightj and the price aud kind markfi in pinin p:int and tteurea by the Company on cach package, so ther sball bö NO PARTALITY L PRICB Olt UAI.ITY. ANY TEAS PURCHASED OF US NOT MEETING REC0MMENDATI0NS MAY BE KETURNED AND THE M0NEY REFUNDE, As we BlitUI not ell ny adultarfttod nriicle- know ingly. We feel couüdent that 25 to 333Í Per Cent. eau be Saved Iïy 1'urchn.sing Thepe Tea. TB, 1T THEM 1 Aan Arbor, Juuo -4th. 1S70CA. LEITER & CO. 1275tf Drain Gommissiooer'a NoÍwjo. TVTOTICE U hereby glven that tbe Drain Comraisil Bionet of Washtenaw i ll! at t'" .To:u v. NMiirv.iii i h; townahip oi Snpelor.oatheüdday of Jnly, J8i. nt - o'clock r. K, o meel porties to con traet tot the eicaratlon and nstroctioo of a dratnknowjo u the nming Creek )niiu, commendng near th nurth line ol seetlon ir, running thence northeaeterlj on 9,4,11 un) 'J alongañd '■'■'■ ■ nriy, n bleet to 8ncb varlatl y doem oeceasary !ll rl'iv Ol [wlllalaobi attbebonei .."Sumy, on .ny ot.ïmn1, 1S7". üt -' o'clock p. m.. r irhicb Ime ftnd 1 will exhiblt ma; of the aboi tosed draln. and dtscrlptlans ol tho eereral : Manddeemed by m; benefited thereby, and ih' monnt and descrlplions, by divisiona and pobdtvlIsions, ol the above '' dralu, bj I to owners of cacbdcacrlptionti "'n p i' Bnpertor I q acoooot of aneb lr?ün benoflttng hiffbwayii hear reaaona. Ifany are offere I, whj sucli apporonm-.'nt íaoald be pevlewed ind currocted. Anu Arb(jr,Juno lotli. i UTO. JAMES .T. PAB8HALL, 12T-1 Cüunty Uraiu (Juuiui'üííüuli. rrM EICHEST VARMING LAK DS " -L TUK WOliLD. 1,300,000 ACRES FOR SALE T'J ACTUAL SETTLEH3 NEOSHO VALLEY, KANf Ao Uaion Pacific Kailroad Co., fouthern Brad, ' ..-.„■in.;: i VALLKV-thericW f-'. lOïllUg VHlmy fot Kttlt,,,,.,,, :„ , .f ,;,,„'" reqnir.lith7" , : ■ -,i "" P. Kor orcUn], gr-pe cnllnt . IEBI1 ANDPENCINfl nf . „dDC, " "' "1 pi credltofteii fW)yV.' time. P ") TWU18 Oí SAIj;-o,,,.,enlh í'own lt tiu, , P" .:neut1he,c,,.1J jer. One t J Cf8 '.IMNT' EmCE Moe,t,í ,JfNcrIOl ji-or furihuí r fbrnKtion.addn Bstate of Zenas Burd. CTA.TK OT' MICHIGAN, c.mnty of Wartlh. „ O Notlcela berso giren, thatby sn orderotii orthe Covntyof Wnshtenaw Ï on the sixteci.'h !y rr .Tune, A. 1) Igra j month from thatdate were allowed for CTcditni,1! Huir dalmi againat the ntate ofSS te of ald Conuty, : „d t,,, , crédito ofsaid deceased are reqnlred ;o ilr,'J m to aald Probate Conrt. t rh Pnii? the c.üy of Aun Arbor, tor exarainatio; allowance on or hefore the otxicenth daj of! cember next, nnd that snob claims vill he cinii. fotp 8!ii'l Probate Conrt, on Saturday, tbtj Vngnst, and on Frlday, tlie TÍ tccuth day of December, nest, at ten e'clock in-i forenoon of i laya. Dtttcd, Auu Albor. June óili 1-T! ,._ . HIKAM .1. BEAKES lg'o-4 Judge of ProSu, Commissiouers' Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty ol Washtem . O The nnderaigned having been appointed bri Conrt lor friiil County, Coi . cetve. examine, and adjust all clnfrue and dimiu o f .ill persone againat the estáte of Calvin K BeS late of sed, ber I that (lx montha from date are allowed by ord,,', ■ala Probate Conrt fur creditora tu present ;kr clalma agalnst the eetatr of ent decuaerd, ndiL ■ at the ofllco of Qoorge V. Tnrnta onnty on Tneaday, thetwtm lxth day f July. and Monday, tl-.o r'iiitrcecth L of Decomlier, next, at ten ovfork A. M. nl tta, tlioic daya, to receive, examine, and aciiustu claims. Dati 1275wl" II R [TH, ) M '■ NO1 t Commissionn L011EX BABCOCK, ) Es1 ate of Irwin P. Baker. IAN, Connty or Washtena . tUntby an order all Probate C tyol HTnahtonaw maii.,. ntleth day of Jone, A D. ' 810, ,-ix moiutúf ■ red rorcrediton to claim agalntt tha i ,■ P. Baker, latu aald t'onaty. deceaaedt and that illcreditorn of tú I nre reqnlred w present their claimt i aald Probate Court, it the i'robate Oillce. ii City of Ann Arbor, for examinados and allunju, onor beforé the twentieih day of December, next that snch clfltma wilUbe heard befur Conrt, on Satorday, tli twentloth tlayol Taeaday, the twentleth daj or December, next,u o'rlork in tli' foranoon ofeach o; Datcd, Anu Arbor, Juue 'i th -. i IIII.WM 3. I1EAKFS, 1-ÜW Jiule ofl'robjte. Estáte of Al'igail C. Ncrtly. STATE OF MICHtOAN, Connty of Wuhtem,t At a aeaalon of t!i Probate ourt for thet'oMi of Wasbtonaw, holden at the l'ioijute Oflice.imi City of Athi Arbor, n Thursrtay, tiu twentj-tté day of June, in theyear onu thonaand eigtitio drt-d and aeventy. l'n sent, Hlram .r. Beakee, JiuIrc of Probate. In the matter of tho Kstnte of Ablgall 0. Kolk B id. Bobert Nortly, Admini-tr.ntnr wlth the wül b I deceased, comes Into Court Rndr ruscntn ' w prepared to render hu ta acronnt Then ■, [ Monrlny, theeiji teentti day of .luly, nözt, at ten opdoek In ihcfun aoon, be asslgned for examlnins and allowiugsd acconnt, and that the légate e dei Iseefl and heini ceaaedi and all other person ínter eated in aald estáte, are reqnlred to appear at Blon of ïai! Coort, then i be holden at the Frotw OfHcc, in the City of Ann Arbor, In said showcanse,il any therebe, whv the said accoa ghould nut beallowed: And it iiiiirthororderedtk s:i:d AdmiDlrratorLl to the persons Ui eated In Bald estáte, oï :tw, pondency uf sidaccoaK ond the hoarti ■ can-ing a cupj of Ui order to be pablished i:i the Michigan .' paper prlnted i ug In mnü Conntj, to Bacceaeive weekti previoos t( gaid drty of bearbg. (A trae Copy.) HIBA1Í J. BEAKES. ÏJT:,1 Jadüe of Prubi. Estnte of Buama T Fuller. CJTATB OF JITC'IIIGAN'. Connty of WashtcniT.I O At a aesnon of the Hrobate Coort for the Iodbij of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate ( itv of Ann Arbor, on Frlday, the teventcenth 6! In the year ouc thous;md eight hnndredu; ;ïy. Present . Hir.-im J. Benkes. .Indge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Knama T Pulk deceased. Jonn T Fuller. Ejecutor of the last will anii tamentof snid deceased, comes into Court and rt sent that be is now prepared to render tui acconnt na süch Exccntor. Therenpon it is ordered, thnt Mondar the ? teenth day of July, next, at ten o'clock iD t ('. lor vxamlnteg and alltiwii; snch account, and that the leñatees, deviseeí heira at law of sald deceaaed, and all othtr piuto Inte'rested lu Batd estáte, :ir' reqnlred to appear ü' seasion ofiaid Court. tben to be hoUie at it' Probaie Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, nitv. and show canae, if any there V hy the said account uhonld notlbeallocd:i ttlsfoxther ordered that said Execntor vive wfa to Che persons intereated In ■ ofthepf-" dency of ?:iiil account, and tbc heartne thvrwf.j1 acopy of this order to be imblished it t; Anewspaper prlnted and chaM in said Connty, three succcssivc weeks previousaid riny of hearing. (A trne copy.J IIIKAM J. BEAKES, KTHtd Judfic of Prolt Estato Ljdia Slocum. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Washtenaw.n O At a session of the Probate Court for theCnm? . holden at the Probate Office, li City of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the tvoM day "i Jnné, In thoyear one tbousand eibt tw dred :::i!Ï sevenly. Present, Hlram .1. Beakc!", of Probnti. In tho matter of the estáte uf Lydia Slot deceaaed. dlnK and flllsg the petltlnn duly nij Orzilla Et. Sloc m, ; n ring ihat ho or some oIb Baltable person may be appolnted Atlmiuistraioi' the C.-it:ir o!' B ipon it la Ordered, that Monday, thett tceutli day of July, next, ut ten o'clock in forenoon, be asaigned for the hearing oflj petition. and that the helrs al law of i.aiddec and all 'other pernan lnteieated in said_e are reqnlred to appear at a session ofsaioC tin-D to be iioklen al the Probate Office, in tuecuj' Aim Arbor, and ahow cause, if any there be-V' per of the peUtloner ahould not I i And it is fortherorderedthat sald petitioner ítiví-' tice totheperaonsiütereated Inaaldeatateof th? dency ofsald peUUon, and the thereolt ■i eopy of this Order to be published M r prlnted and circuí1 in n:iid connty, three succeasive weeks prariiü" eaiU diy of hearing. (Atruocopv J IIir.AM J. BEAKKS. 1 2TStd ■ Judgeof l'rotl Eetato of Robert McCormick. STATE OF MICHIGAN', Conntyf Waihrcnw. Ai :i Beaalon of the Probate Court fortheCorc teuaw, holden at tin; Probate Office, iu City;ofAnn Arbor, on Friday, thu tenth o.'; June, In the year one thoiisaud eifht hundrectseventy. Present. IHram J. Bcakcs, Jndjre of ProbnleIu the matter of the catate of Itobert McCoro Ou reading nnd fliinj the petitlon. dnly reriiwj Ellun McUormiGlc,Bxecatrls, pniylngthal sheic. In real estáte whereoíli1 upoii i: i oráered, tbat Sfonday, ttie Vfjfifthday of July, ncxt. at ten o'clock ta tt Doojit be autehed for tue hearing of s.-iid p?tlt" and th.'i: -. devisees ! helra t '. said deceaai'd. and aHother persona intcres"0 reqnired to n;n"ir at ees' irt. Li-.-n t. be holden, at the ProbateWJJ in thc Citv of Aun Amor, and show cauíe, B? . why tbe prayer of (he petillonwiJJ no! be granted: And il rs (terther ordored thiJ petltioner glve notlce to ih' persona interes'. te, ofthe pendenpy ofsald petitloftj In i Iberoof, by cauílng a coy of ibis r;, to be publisliüd 11 thc Mick printed and clrc ■ i.nty, four 6U" [ve reekt previoua tu taid day or _o (A tcneeopyj HIKAM J. BEAKK81ÏW ;e of Proba, Estáte of Samuel D. Mcüowell. STATE OP MICHIGAN, OoimtyofWashteBjj! urtfor thetC;. .holden at ihe Probatu Ofllcí.'", Cíty ufAnii Arbor, on Wedneeday, the 'weíJM onü doyol theyenr one thonsand e's"' ! seventy. Pres at,Blrun J. Beafees, Jadge o f Proba ! ; In the mattur of tlie estáte uí Sf.murl D. y 'l. Onreadlngandttirngthepetltlon.dnl] John S. McDoweli. praj Ing thal ■ cortain 1MJ y l.nv ,111 lile :l lliii L'lllllt. ; I hC.'.V '',,, i edto pri lat admintotratlo .' ';,■ ata uiay begrantod liim or somu other euiW"'" pon it IsOrderod, thnt Moa. tMfi eenth day of Jalynezt. al ten p'clocklnjj ,rm;ofaaiílP' lint the légateos, deviseee and litir al l oneedaml all otlier persona !nlcBtediuMi reroqnlredto opear ata sesfion ol aifl ■ [U i be bolden at Probate Ofllce, in """Sáníf Arbor, and show cause, Ifany th irebe, w'!-v!B.í(il : patitiouei shonld nol be gronted s"fv # irthcrorderad, that saiil petitionerírivo '■■ itato, "i tbPl lid, and the opy ol i be nnblbhéd '■J!.' rotu. r newspaper nrlnted and clrcnlating r ,11..! v. throe succomHc weoks ureviou '(py, „UUM...


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