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At An Adjourned Railroad Meeting

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jeld on Weduesday evenlng, the conmittccs on stock reporled Bubscrlptlona to the amoiint of about {130,000. It was resolved to continue the work to a satlsfactory reunlt, luid a comiulttee was appointed to coufcr witli the Directors as to tlie best neaua of ratsing the requisita amouut. Anybody can talk, bilt it takes monoy to bulld railroads. "Wc shall not, thercfore, go over the ground again, and reitérate the nrgiinieuts we have so often u.-od in favor oftliis roail. We believe, as always, that it Isthe best propüsiiJ route in the State; we believe that itn benefits to oor city and the surrounilllig country can hardly ba estiraated ; and we know that our peoplo can cciire it if they will. I!ut to do so there must be less time spent In lookhig afler $10, i'25, and $50 subscriptions - whlch to collcct will cost more tliau they come to nd the #500, $1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 utecrlptiona must be made more immerous, or dovUcil vp. Capitalista, both real and moneyed, business men and isauntacturers, have bnt one interest, and that is In getting the road. "We si.e no mans pile, bot the subscriptions are not ; jet lurge euoujjh to comnuuul success. Don't Wttit, gentlemen, to brlDg op the rear, but take the buil by tlic horns at lirst and the Jjattle is wou. - The town of Ann Arbor had a meeting on Saturda' last, and appointed a comluiltee. OtUf r tOWBS are also inoving. - The eyes of the State are npon Ann Arbor. Mea iu othcr towns aro langhlng in iheir sleeves. T)iy rfou't believe our citizens mean business, they sneer at our Jack of enterprise, liberality, aud wisdom, anti predict fallare. Will our men of broad acres, to be advanced ia price by the road ; ur capitalista witu money Boeking iiivestnent, and whlch can beat bu Invested )y promoting the growth of our city ; gratify Huso lookers on by hnsb&ndlng thelr rcsouvees too closcly ''. There is trutU iu the ld niaxi'.n. "Penny wise aud pouud-fuolish," Enongh for this time. - It is peiiiaps well to say Iiere that the City of Toledo reserves 00 cr cent. of lts rallroad fond, or over $120,000, as a guarauU;e for the coinplction of the road to our city by Coiant & Co., if the proposed terms are complled with, that Is $250,000 stock taken, froin and incluiliug our city to the State line. With such guarantec failure would be the more dlggracefol.


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