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Wanted His Change

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-One day, Fitz Greene Halieck, in his capacity of clerk to John Jacob Ástor, called on a rich but miserly oíd fellow to collect a dratt. To 'make the payment exact, the merchant needed fax cents back, whioh the olerk did uot happen to have. Ho ulmost nsistod that Halieck should go for it to tho oöice, which was a milo away, but finally conseDted to wait, on the Btrength of Halleck's solemn proraise that the money should be paid. Halieck happened to know that the old man was a late riser, and very averse to being diaturbed. The nest morning, at day break, he was at tbemerchant's door, and told the muid servant that he must see her master on important business. The old gentleman got on hts olothes and oarac down orosa euougb, vvhen Halieck, with his best bow and uweetest suiile, hamled him four penco half-penny. 4 ii i- il Somo years ago there lived in an . EaBtern town an old man who had a propensity for " hooking " ginall and portable artioles that came in his way. As he was poor and past labor, and well known about town, no further notice was taken of his peculations than to keep a eharp lookout when he was round. A dealer had a quantity of dry fish landed of on the wharf at an hour too late to get them into h3 store, and as he was about covering them with an old sail cloth, he espied old B., apparently reconnoi tering. Selecting a couple of fish, he said : " Here. B., I must leave these fish out hére to night, and I will give you these two if you promise me that you will not steal any." " That is a fair offer, Mr. A., but- well - I don't know," with a planee at the offered fish anii thea at the pile, " think I can do bitter"


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