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Harnessing A Horse

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A correspondent of tfee Utiea Herald talks thus sensibly upon thïs subject :g Let me eay a word about the correct way to harneas a horse. Very few of those wlio are accustomed to use horsus from year to year purforru the operatiou scientifically. It in truc tjiat man y get a harneas on a horse, and it uiay fit well, and it inay fit liko fathcr's boota ou the little boy. It requires mueh more soioQco than raany parsons imaiae. I will mention a few material pointe important to besecurod. The collar is the first pointof importanco. Tbathugo thiug that will admit a buadlc of straw botween it aad tue neck of a horso is totally unfit for a horse to work in, The collar sliould fit as ïuatly aud closely to the neck as a pair of boots to the feet. It will thcu seldom gull iho skin if the hames are properly made and corrcctly adjustcd. The hames ehould not be too far apart at tho top ; this is often the case. See that the staplcg wbich hoid the sido strap and traces are uot too far up at the lowor ends, It is impossiblo for a horse to draw with ense when the traces are attached near tho top of bia neek. It will invariably gall the upper part of the neek. Should this be the ease, take out tho staples und place tliem lower in the harnea. If the bnok-bands are right for a wagon, they will be too short for plowing, and will bo very liable to gall the hips of tho team. Lot the hip Htraps bo properly adjustcd, otherwiso thuy will gall the parts of tho horse. While the horses are at tho plow, there is not that relief in rirawing as wboD attached to wheels. On this account the neecssity of harnees fitting properly is imperativo.


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