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A Remedy For Insects In Plants

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According to tue uardcner s Magazmt, hot water rnay bo rmployod for tlio destructioD of the inseots that most oommoDly infest pla::t-. Aphides quiekly perish if immersöd in water heated to 120 degrees Fahrenhcit. Wo obtuïned from various sourees plants infected with the groen fly, and oleaoaed them all by the simple procesa of dipping, lt bcoame desirable to aseertain the degree of heat tho plants cou!d endure i:i t hu dippÏDg procesa. A nua-.ber of herbaceous nud soft-wooded plants were therefore submitted to the proces of immersion. We fouud that Ifuctiits were uuharraed at 140 degrees, but at 150 degrees the youog leales wera síijrhtly injured. Calceolarias suffered at 150 degreen, but the plauts were nut lulled, thouh their sof tops porishcd. Pelargoniums were unhurt up to 150 degreea, but the slightest rise beyond thut tigure killed the soft, wood and the young leuves coinpletely.


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